The Sites not letting me addd Reputation!!


Well Im one of these people who always likes to add to peoples reputation when they encourage me etc. But every person I go to add reputation to, it tells me I have to spread some around!! I have spread reputation around about 30+ people before coming back to give more in some cases and it still wont let me.

Does anyone know exactly how you can keep track of this or whether the site is just a bit dodgy with regards to giving reputation. I once got a pop up telling me that I had given too much reputation today already and it wouldnt let me give it!! I wouldnt mind but when someone is genuinely encouraging then its nice to give some back.

I know that I have encouraged over a long period and not been given any in the past but Its not about receiving and the darn site wont let me give!!!:mad:

Rant over! But can anyone else tell me if they are having the same problems.
Hi Im not sure I know I get told I cant give certain people rep at times as I have already?But Pierce will help you PM him?