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the skinny friend who eats so much!


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anyone have these? hahha

its not fair when you see slim people who eat so much!
my close friend is so skinny but yet she eats tonneeees!
sat in mcdonalds with her whilst she tucked into a large milkshake and a deli sandwich smothered in mayo sauce. then to a sweet shop..oh and then she went and bought cookies, not to mention her NON DIET COKE
hahaha i wish i could do that without gaining pounds!! ;)
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She might not be putting on weight but her arteries will be getting clogged up!

It's not fair - but unfortuantely there's nothing we can do about it. But you're right - it's not fair!


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She sits and watches me eat carrots while she eats chocolate. I love carrots by the way ;)

She tries my food all the time and has learnt to love some of it but the fatty foods will always be her favourite


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i actually feel sorry for people like that - because they are slim they don't realise the damage they are doing to themselves -nor do they have the motivation to give up their naughty treats! (lets be honest here - if i could eat crap and be slim i so would!)

i had one friend that ate so much and never budged from a size 8 :mad: YET, all her family had heart issues when they hit their 40s/50s.


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She may have worms :cool:
but does she eat like that all the time? It might be that generally she eats well but pigs out every now and then and knows when to stop. I certainly know with me I just don't know when to stop (or do know, but carry on regardless!). Not only this, but people don't generally eat what they want and stay slim unless they are active as well. Most of the skinny people I know are skinny because they work at it. They eat well, they don't worry as much about how much they're eating but they're also exercising.

Sorry, if I offend, but I think it's easy to sit back and say it's unfair, but at the end of the day, most of us are fat because we eat a lot more than we put out (exercise) and these people are slim because they overall consume less calories than us and do a lot more exercise (or are more active than us).
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My son is super skinny and I have to constantly make him eat lots of meals just to keep any weight on him, his ribs poke out. He just dosent care about food, it just dosent do it for him, food to him is fuel. I constantly encourage him to eat bananas, milky drinks, avocardos etc, he has a good apitite but I am always trying to get him to eat more. Now my daughter is like me, she looks at a potato and gains 6lbs! so I have to constantly slow her down and try to get her eating friut etc if hungry, she adores food and always thinks of the next meal. She is only 8 but I dont want her to end up like me and work hard with her about portion control. So everyone is different, even full siblings can have a very different metabolism and attitude to food.
Absolutely, if you measured her fat percentage it could well be through the roof.

Although I was amazed last night at WI, one of my friends, a target member is struggling to maintain her weight as just can't stop losing, she had cakes for breakfast that day, white bread rolls for lunch with loads of mayo, easter eggs all weekend, take away pizza etc and to try and stay in target limits she also wore a huge fleece and still lost.
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There was a programme on a couple of months ago about the reasons why naturally slim people are the way they are. There were some interesting conclusions. Some to do with metabolism, some related to appetite and the hormones that send 'full' signals, some people fidgeted a lot and burnt more calories that way...loads of different things. It was really interesting.

I agree that slim does not always equal healthy! (Anyone ever see Super size, Super Skinny?!)
The diet of a slim person who can eat whatever they want and not gain weight is probably less healthy than most of ours...
But then, in some cases, they will cut back (not always consciously) on other days and on average, consume less calories over the week.

There are many different versions of slimness, like there are many different versions of fatness, I think!

That is my profound statement for today! lol!
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My sister is sooo slim!! Always has been!!!:break_diet: she can eat loads!!! She does eat healthily (most of the time) but she can eat soo much more than me and get away with it!!! S'not fair!!:break_diet::D
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Everyone's different though and you just have to concentrate on what is good and works for YOU!

However, if your friend eating "naughty" foods in front of you is winding you up / distracting you from SW / tempting you too much, then just have a quiet word and I'm sure they will try to help you by not eating these things in front of you so much.


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There is a really good article in the new SW magazine about this- basically saying are we REALLY pre-disposed to gain weight, or are we just kidding ourselves.

I have always thought it was more difficult for me because all my family are overweight and it must be in my 'genes', but this article is a bit of an eye opener- more like overeating is a way of life in my family- but I AM able to break the pattern.

Having said that I do think some people's metabolic rate is much higher than others *sigh*.

Girlies- at least when we are thin we will truly appreciate it unlike our thin friends who completely take it for granted


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My figure is, sadly, the double of my mum's - pear-shaped. How much of that is genetic and how much is that she used to feed me when I was a kid and that's where the high-fat food she gave me went (my hips and thighs)? Whenever I go back to my family's I'm constantly amazed at how bad their eating habits are, yet they think they have a good, balanced diet (it's one of those no-tea-without-a-biscuit houses). Cocktailprincess is right - for the majority of us it's not genetic, it's that we overeat. Even on that documentary, the majority of very skinny people who ate more than their body needed put on weight. It was only a small percentage who didn't (and I have the voodoo doll out for them, jammy beggers).

I had a friend who ate chocolate all the time but what I never realised was that sometimes she didn't eat a meal (she was one of these forgetters - how can you ever forget to eat?). When she married and her husband wouldn't let her forget, she put on weight and now is a size 14 and has to watch her chocolate consumption.

Slim people don't have faster/higher/stronger metabolisms, they just instinctively know when to cut back if they've overdone it.
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I've got 2 friends who are really skinny and can eat what they want- or so they say. Then I actually took notice of what they ate and one hardly ate at all- 1-2 meals a day, and the other appeared to be eating a lot but it was mostly veg! Plus both did a lot of walking as part of their general daily activity. They can eat what they want because they don't want that much and they exercise- mostly without even realising it! We all know through syns that we can eat chocolate and lose weight, the difference is that overweight people eat more than they burn off, while our skinny friends do not!


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My OH can eat whatever he likes and not put on weight. He has a washboard, flat stomach, lovely fatless back lol...Being my partner, I find it hard. When we were eating the same and I was wrestling, I piled on weight and he didn't lol....So,even when I am active and eat the same as a slim person, I pile the weight on. So, I need to eat healthy and be active....Just how it should be for everyone!lol


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I have a couple of friends who are extremely skinny and for them it is as bad as we think being fat is. It has been proven that it is harder to gain weight than lose it and I feel for my mates. It just shows though that things aren't always what they seem and that for some being skinny isn't what they want.


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Yeah. A lot is to do with leptin and other hormone levels, which mean they often have a better turn off switch and they are less likely to put on weight even if they do eat more.

Also, many of these skinnies appear to eat more, but often dont when you add it up.

Life sucks, but hey, we have more in other ways than most.

As my doctor said to me. You put on weight because you eat too much for your body. Not for your friends' bodies, but your body.

Good point eh :D

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