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The something that has motivated you today thread

Do you ever see someone, whether it's in real-life or on the TV and think "God, look at them, I feel all motivated again" only to promptly forget them?

Does someone pay you a compliment that makes you feel good for a while....only to forget about it?

Well - post it here! Then you can re-read the thread whenever you feel down, and remember what made you feel motivated!
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...and my motivation of the day actually happened yesterday! I went to pick the kids up from school and as I was waiting for the eldest lad, one of the mums of the girls in his class came in (lets call her Diane). I don't see her very often as someone else usually picks her daughter up because of work committments, so I haven't seen Diane in ages, but I always like to see her as she's laugh-a-minute.

Anyway - she was looking fantastic, she's lost just under 1.5 stone. She didn't need to lose weight if you ask me, but now she has, she looks terrific. She's been doing Rosemary Conley, and going to the gym twice a week on top of the RC class.

She was wearing some black combat pants, with a long sleeved jumper and fur gillet - which is a look I love - and looked great! I thought "I want to look like that" - then went home and had four toasted muffins and two evening meals!!!!


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I feel motivated today because I did my 1st of the month weigh in and really expected to have gained about 4 lbs. In fact gained just the one! So I feel like it's worth making a bit more effort without being obsessive about it!
Today's motivation is realising that it is only 11 weeks and 5 days until I go on holiday! I really need to try and lost that 20lbs (or as near to it as possible)!!! 82 days and counting
Today's motivation: Realising that the mild weather will soon be upon us and the fact that last summer's jackets will be too tight
The thought of the warm weather coming is definately motivating me. I'm going to Cornwall at the end of June and want to look slim on the beach. I felt really big when i was on holiday last year.
I'm also motivated by the thought of spending the summer without my thighs rubbing together and getting sore.
Today's motivation is wanting to be able to wear a bikini top with a mostly flat stomach in front of my BF and his best mates in Leeds festival. Will be our last weekend together as we've agreed to split up this summer.
Awww Sara, have I read that right, you and BF are splitting up?
In the summer yes, its a bit complicated!! Agreed last year that we knew we werent ever going to get married etc so said we would split at the end of the uni year, and I carried it on for an extra year because I knew I would miss his company. But its pretty much definite now that we are probably going to split in june and then have one last weekend reunion in the Leeds festival. He had to resit a year so he's staying in uni while I may or may not be doing a masters. If I do get accepted then I'll be staying in cardiff but mega busy, and if not I'm probably going to have to go home to save up. Its not a big issue at the moment, just enjoying the time we have left :)
Ahhh bless you for having your head screwed on! Well, it sounds like you know he's not Mr Right, so enjoy him being Mr Right Now!!
My motivation is getting married next year, 16 months to go! I'll have to get my dress way before that too so that is really keeping me on track...plus i've got *loads* of gorgeous clothes in my wardrobe that don't fit me...think of all the new outfits I could wear if I got comfortably back into 10's :D Currently in snug 12's/loose 14's.

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