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The struggle....

So, I started TFR on Tuesday and I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s been horrendously difficult. I am no stranger to this kind of diet, having lost 5 stone on Lipotrim a couple of years ago, but this time around seems like torture. I caved in on the very first day- I’d done well up until 5pm and as soon as I left work I headed to the nearest shop and came out with two Cornish pasties which I demolished in a matter of seconds! The funny thing is, I don’t even like them but at that point even the thought of eating a Brussel sprout was making me salivate in anticipation!

So I got home and felt pretty annoyed with myself. But it didn’t end there. The sloth on my shoulder was telling me I needed more so I thought I would counteract the calorific pasties by having a healthy tea of fish and vegetables. Except, the only fish in my house was battered in the freezer. Three visits to three supermarkets later, I came home with Thai fish cakes and corn on the cob. Again, I’m not a lover of fishcakes, but they looked so delicious! Having eaten them, I felt ashamed! I’d ruined my first day by eating food I didn’t even actually like. Usually at that point I’d have headed straight for the biscuit barrel and cracked open the hob nobs. But for some reason it got me thinking:

“A moment’s gain isn’t worth a lifetime of pain”.

I’d craved food so much, but once I’d eaten it, it just didn’t seem worth the feelings of disappointment and upset. So, I made a pact to myself that I would remind myself of my epiphany every time I felt the urge to eat. It sounds pretty drastic and like it’s from the mindset of someone with an eating disorder, but from past experience I know that a TRF diet does indeed mean what it says on the tin and for it to be successful I need to be disciplined.

So I’m on day three now and it’s still as hard as it was on day one, but I just have to keep reminding myself why I’m doing it and that keeps me going. I’m going to be tempted, probably every single day, but the long term benefits are so going to outweigh the short term ones of stuffing my face....
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G: 10st7lb
hello and welcome to diary land :) Just want to wish you luck, you'll get lots of advice and support on here, keep posting and good luck for your first weigh in :)

Brain not working today, please remind me what TRF is? is it a meal replacement plan?
Hey thank you very much Hun.yes it's total food replacement.I felt like it was the only option at present.just hoping I don't fail at the first hurdle.extremely pessimistic I know but if you're like me and failed more diets than lady gagas had hairstyles it's hard not to be!ru dieting?x

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