The suit


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I bought a suit in the M&S sale three/4 sizes smaller than where I started from. It nearly fits. Buttons won't close quite yet on Jacket or trousers....... I reckon I will be wearing it to work by Valentines day...........So I am throwing down the myself.....Anyone want to join me in an item of clothing. xBettyboo
Me, back into my size 16 jeans again!!!

I miss them:(

Love Mini xxx
By the way..........I didn't mean physically get into a piece of clothing with me..........but maybe at the Dublin meet in July someone will be able to climb into my old jeans with me.xCiaraP
lmao.....I had visions of you in with someone else in there clothes then...... I think there may be room for you to share my t-shirts now......they are well baggy now.
It wont be long until you have those buttons done up.
Yep, let me join too - I wanna be in my new size 14s (bought in the sales in Next) by Valentines ... I will get there!!

Any ideas where the Dublin meet will be?
Hmmm - Temple Bar where no Irish go??!!!

Forgot to say well done on getting down three sizes .. that is super ...

Are you proper motivated again this week?
Yes I am and sticking to it. My own scales shows me 6lbs down already.......but won't comment until my official weigh in on Saturday.


Well the suit jacket buttoned this morning. I am not happy that its a nice enough fit yet that I will wear it to work. Another half a stone or so and I will be in it.


I bought 'the dress' yesterday in a size 12 and REALLY want it to fit...its zips up a bit so will see how I am in another stones time but I really want to be able to wear it when I go home paddys weekend!!

I bet the jacket looks fab really soon!!
Way to go Bettyboo! Its such a boost isn't it? I always think its so hard to see the difference in ourselves but at least we CAN see it when it comes to clothes.

Hmmm, see post above about my ebay purchase....

I wanna be wearing my bought from ebay 'next' long jacket by valentines day...

Oh I'm having such a good time today! and to think just over a week ago I was on day 100 and feeling a bit down!

Well done Magsx. Thats brill. Can't wait to be down to the 12s........I have at least another 100lbs to go and at least 100days'


Its amazing though Ms Boo, how quickly it passes isn't it?

Before you know it you will be looking at the end of the tunnel! with smaller sizes waiting for you to slide into!

Oh and lots of high boots, cos I know how much you like em!

SO IF THE SUIT FITS WEAR IT. Well the trousers fit.....and are very nice !! BUT THE jacket is never going to ever fit me unless my arms shrink. I bought a regular and should have bought a long.......will have to swap it.......the jacket slides on and buttons over my chest !! instead of at my waist.


hope you get it swapped and its all lovely looking!!

The coat I wanted to be in by valentines day.... I think I'll make it!