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  1. Hoping4a2nd

    Hoping4a2nd Full Member

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and have been lurking and catching up on people's stories. I thought it was about time I joined in!

    I've been on the tablets for 6 weeks now and combined with a few pounds i lost on my own previously I've now lost 35 lbs (tip of the iceberg really but small steps make for a long walk)

    Anyway, I feel really confident this time that I'll be able to do this.. I've tried before and my weight has been up and down a couple of stone on and off for years but this time since starting the tablets something feels different. Maybe it's the gritty truth of actually seeing (in the toilet) the excess rubbish I'd been shovelling into my face. Three years ago I quit smoking and had this same feeling.. I knew for sure I wouldn't smoke again and now I know for sure I'll never put this weight back on again.

    I have some major motivation too ( like when I quit smoking) back then I was hoping to have a baby...I quit and got pregnant and my little boy is now 2 :D my name will already have given away...we're hoping for another :)

    So best of luck to everyone here in their own journeys to better health and thanks for reading all this!

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  3. jaxmummy

    jaxmummy Silver Member

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    well done on the weight loss and hopefully the patter of tiny feet soon x
  4. flabbybumbum

    flabbybumbum On a mission

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    We could be two peas in a pod!! I lost weight to have my son (now just turned 4) and gave up smoking then too!!
    Battling the weight again but undecided about another baby, i had a terrible labour and PND.
    I always joke that by the time ive lost the weight I'll be too old to have another one!
    Anyway - sorry - enough about me:blahblah::blahblah::blahblah::blahblah::blahblah:..................

    Well done on your fantastic weight loss.. You really sound 'in the zone'. x
  5. fight_the_urge

    fight_the_urge Full Member

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    Welcom to the site :flowers:

    Firstly can I just say, :0clapper:WELLDONE :0clapper:on your weight loss so far! 35lbs is great!!

    I know exactly what you mean about it feeling 'different' this time! Thats how I feel. :fingerscrossed:

    Goodluck and keep us posted on how you are doing;)
  6. Hoping4a2nd

    Hoping4a2nd Full Member

    Thanks everyone :D

    Flabbybumbum.. age is just a state of mind lol! I'm 39 (not sure how that happened!) so I think that's what's motivated me so much this time. I also had a terrible labour, we both almost died and i spent 6 weeks in hospital following his birth. I had an emergency section and cos they thought i was gonna croak it they didn't fuss too much at how much damage they did.. i survived (obviously lol) but got a bad infection and after almost croaking again with septic shock i had to have a second op 5 weeks later. They damaged my all my abdominal muscles beyond repair which has caused my back no end of trouble and my arm and leg muscles have been damaged with struggling to just get back to normal. I've had physio and i'm on the mend slowly with a series of muscle strenghtening exercises to do every day...onwards and upwards eh?!

    Anyway the upshot is too short to dwell on the past and i know that if i don't do this and try for another i'll regret it my whole life..

    H :D (who's just back from a 20 minute walk with a 2 year old.. a major accomplishment in my book!)
  7. SacredSilence

    SacredSilence I

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    Welcome & Good Luck x
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  8. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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    Welcome Hoping4a2nd!

    Well done you on your terrific weight loss already!

    35lbs is a brill achievement!:happy096:

    Also, Well done on giving up smoking!:winner:

    Love Mini xxx
  9. paulieD

    paulieD New Member

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    hoping for a 2nd too

    I have also been reading this site to get motivation as have just been on Xenical for two weeks. It has been great and after reading your post thought I would join in for the first time.
    I also have an energetic two year old and am turning 39 in September. I have struggled with my weight all of my life and since my sons birth have not been able to get baby weight off. Keen for number two but concerned about carrying at current weight. Concerns about blood pressure as this has been an issue since last pregnancy.
    Anyway here it goes with Xenical and feeling really positive. Have not seen a huge amount on the scales but clothes are a lot loser.I went to see my doc yesterday and have arranged fortnightly weighs with the nurse.
    Anyway thanks to all the inspirational people who are part of this fab community. Keep up the good work!
    It is great to be part of a wordwide support when I am downunder in Little old New Zealand. Really interesting to read about products not available here! Quorn!Had to google what it was!
    Bye for now
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