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the tale of charleybabes slow weight loss!!

well ive decided after a pretty ropey weekend foodwise.. ( think crisps, chocolate kebabs and vodka not to forget the chips aswell!!!) :(

that im going to write a food diary so that i can keep on top of what im eating and also so if anyone stumbles across it they can point me in the right direction if im heading off course!!

i tend to do green days mostly with a few red days thrown in at the weekend ..

monday 7th November

lunch - home made soup ( carrot, celery onion, garlic & chicken stock cube )

dinner - mushroom and bacon rissotto (bacon hxb)
28g parmazan cheese for topping (hxa)

drinks so far today 3 pints of nas squash... ( trying to up the water intake aswell.. !)
4 coffees using milk hxa

night time snack - 2 alpen light bars (hxb)

i know there is a lack of fruit in todays plan but we are all out and i dont go shopping until tomorrow so thats why its a bit greenery depleated!

syns for the day = 0
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hi there - just dropping in to say hello!!!

Can i also ask - is the Risotto free on green days - i have a feeling it has syns in....(could be wrong though!!!) xxx
tuesday 8th november.

have woken up with a right upset tummy today.. feel rough as.. i think its all the bad food i ate at the weekend .. my body has not been use to it !!

coffee (hxa milk )

3 pint of NAS squash

Lunch - home made soup ( carrot, onion,celery garlic, chicken stock ) FREE

Dinner - asda meat free burger 1syn wholemeal roll (hxb) 2 kerry low low slices (hxa) portion of paprika and black pepper wedges (free)
side portion of salad

just had a chocolate mini doughnut works out at 3.5 syns... gorgeous

bed time snack 2 choc and fudge alpen lites (hxb)

am aware that ive hardly ate any fruit or veg today ... i really havnt been hungry or wanting to eat much today anyway due to feeling a bit poorly in the old gut department.. tomorrow is a new day!!

syns for the day = 4.5
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Wednesday -

todays the day i get some more fruit in my life!!..

coffee - (hxa) -
i tend to have a few coffees throughout the day and then any left over milk i will have a little glass of it when i go to bed.. do i sound like an OAP..! "oo i love a glass of milk at bedtime!"

3 pints of NAS squash

Lunch - home made veg soup, carrot onion celery garlic and chicken stock(free)
6 whole grain cracker breads ( hxb) with 5 laughing cow lights (hxa)

dinner - stir fry - home made sauce of garlic,ginger, chilli and soy sauce
stir fry pack of veg, beansprouts and dried noodles (free)

pink and white wafer 2.5 syns

bed time snack 2 chocolate and fudge alpen lights (hxb)

finally went and did the shopping before so now have lots of lovely fruit and veg back in the house!

syns for the day = 2.5
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loving the donut syns!!!! but scary cos i used to eat a tub of mini donuts to myself!!!! :D xxx
i know me to .. or at least have about 5 of them "because they are only small!!" .. it was nice eating one though it felt like i was in control!!..
Thusday - cant believe how quickly this week is going..

breakfast - bowl of crunchy bran (hxb) with milk (hxa), cup of coffee and apple

3 pints of NAS SQUASH

Lunch - bowl of home made soup free
..it was sooo hot because id sprinkled chilli flakes in and the top came off so there was tons of chilli in and i couldnt get it all out.. wooo mouth on fire now!!:eek:

4 mini cheese scones made with onion and chive cottage cheese,eggs and smash - free

snack - pink and whites 2.5 syns

Dinner - qourn spag boll.. sauce was made up of courgettes, onion, carrots mushrooms garlic and tinned tomatos -free
parmazan for topping (hxa)
linguine -free
this was so gorgeous i just want to eat it again!!

bed time snack- 2 alpen lite bars (heb) and mini doughnut 3.5 syns

syns for the day = 6
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how do you make the scones Charley? they sound good....! xxx
oo they are gorgeous and soso easy to make .. i just use 300g pot of onion and chive lf cottage cheese.. use the hand blender to mulch it up a bit!.. then add two eggs and mix again... then add 100g of smash and stir until it becomes thick and dough like.. then just roll into little balls

i got the recipe from this thread here


have a go at making them they are lush!
friday -

today is another green day ofcourse!!

coffee (hxa milk)

3 pints of NAS squash

glass of diet coke

just about to do a half hour walk once dropped the kiddies off first time all week that ive been out due to my little one having bad case of chicken pox.. so hes being looked after this morning so i can actually get out of the house.. trust the OH to be working lots of over time this week meaning hes hardly been here meaing i feel like ive been locked up!!!

Lunch - left over qourn pasta bake with 4 mini cheesey scones all free

2 apples

Dinner - warburtons square wrap (8 syns) pizza , tomato puree (free) cheese (hxa) ham (hxb)
spicy home made wedges with paprika and black pepper (free)

late night snack!
1 merangue nest 2.5
12g low fat squirty cream 1
7 mini marshmallows 0.5
= 4 syns

syns for the day 12
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Saturday -

coffee ( hxa milk )

3 pints of NAS squash

Lunch - bowl of home made soup with 3 mini cheese scones ( free )

2 apples

dinner - stiry fry home made sauce made up of garlic, ginger, chilli and
soy sauce
stir-fry pack of veg, broccoli florets dry noodles - very yummy and
all free!!

saturday night snack time - bag of ryvita minis (hxb) 2 alpen lights (hxb)

4 vodka and diet cokes (rather large measures) 32 syns !! ( only used up 52 syns all week )

syns for the day = 32 :eek:
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Sunday -

coffee (hxa milk)

4 pints of NAS squash

1 apple

bowl of low fat super noodles (free) with brocolli stirred through

1 apple

Dinner - roast dinner, frylite roast potatos, parsnips, steamed brocolli and tenderheart cabbage, chicken (hxb) syn free gravy

merangue nest 2.5 syns
12g anchor light spray cream 1 syn
asda bubbly bite grated over top 3 syn
7 mini marshmallows 0.5

pink and whites wafter 2.5 syns ( was calling me from the cupboard i couldnt resist!)

2 alpen lights (hxb)

syns for the day = 9.5 syns
Syns for the whole week = 66.5
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monday - red day

4 pints of nas squash

breakfast - 42g crunchy bran (hxb) with milk (hxa)

lunch - layered salad with chicken bacon and grated cheese (hxa) was very yummy!!


dinner - 4 morrisons eat smart sausages 2 syns
swede mash -free
roasted courgettes and red onion - free

didnt have any other veg in so just thought id roast this... it was gorgeous.. this has been a very filling meal .. i am in love with the sausages..cant believe they are only 0.5 syn each!!

1 chocolate biscuit - 3 syns
1 pink and white wafer 2.5

syns for the day = 7
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Tuesday 15th November

breakfast - coffee with milk hxa

4 eat smart sausages (2 syns)
roasted courgettes and mushrooms

4 pints of NAS squash

Lunch - chicken and bacon (free) cheese (hxa) salad (free) massive plateful.. oh it was just so gorgeous ..


had parents evening tonight so was quite late for tea.. we went to asda afterwards as i really fancied tuna steaks for tea and they didnt have any.. im still pretty full from my lunch which is so unlike me as normally im so ready for my tea by the time it comes!!...
so walked around asda and couldnt think of what to have.. so just bought some wholemeal pittas

so dinner is : asdas own wholemeal pitta (hxb) ham and chicken with salad
not at all exciting but i just couldnt think what to have and im pretty tired so i might even go to bed in a bit anyways!!

2 alpen light bars ( hxb)

options hot chocolate made up with hxa milk - 2 syns
12g squirty anchor low cream - 1 syn
7 mini marshmallows - 0.5
asda bubbly bite to dip in - 3 syns
= 6.5 syns for gorgeous warming chocolatey goodness !!! (much needed !)

syns for the day = 8.5
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Tuesday 15th November

breakfast - coffee with milk hxa

4 eat smart sausages (2 syns)
roasted courgettes and mushrooms

1 pint of NAS squash
Hi hun, doesn't look like you've eaten a great deal today.

How're you getting on?

Wednesday 16th November

brrr very cold today hate hate the winter ..only like it when im sat inside with all my candles lit!!

anyways heres todays food... as its the beginning of my *week i was feeling a bit rough and really couldnt face anything to eat first thing,other than a cuppa!!

coffee (hxa milk)


Lunch - low fat noodles with big chunky bits of broccoli stirred in, grated carrot, apple,

Dinner - big bowl of sweet potato chips with paprika and black pepper sprinkled - free
couscous made up with a chicken stock cube and roasted mushrooms and onions mixed in -free
( have no veg left as we need to go shopping so i had to make do !!)
6 cracker breads ( hxb) with 5 laughing cow light (hxa)

2 alpen lights (hxb)

3 pints of NAS Squash
diet coke
4 coffees

syns for the day = 0
thursday 17th November

coffee hxa milk


Lunch - home made soup with 4 cheesy scones - free


pink and whites - 2.5 syns

dinner - mild cheese and broccoli pasta n sauce - 0.5
parmazan cheese for topping ( hxb)

ryvita minis (hxb)
2 alpen lights (hxb)

3 pints of NAS squash

syns for the day = 3

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