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The temptation of food

It's day 18 of SS for me, and I have found that over the past week I've been more tempted than ever to "cheat".

Week 1 was not a problem for me. I felt like CD was sort of made for me, because I breezed through the first week.

Week 2 I started to get cravings.

Week 3 and I'm at my most tempted to eat. Not that I'll give in, but I thought CD was supposed to be the other way around, so it's difficult at the beginning and easier as you go on.

When do/did you feel at your most tempted?
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surprisingly... it was this week.. after i came back from hols. we did not eat anything out there.. but since i have come back i cannot stop thinking about food. i am actually sat in an office full of left over cake which isnt helping!!! lol.

yday my cdc said that if i want to i can eat a bit of chicken now and then.. now that i have done a month... but i said i dont want to. i just want to push myself as much as i can. and if i ever get to breaking point then i would consider it.

but yeah craving bad this week! all sorts of rubbish... even a bloody boiled egg the other day!!
it comes and goes. i think there are provocative contexts. so this week i've been craving a bacon roll at breakfast from the school canteen, which is because it's much colder when i'm getting in to work.


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I think the cold weather definitely makes this diet more of a challenge!

Keep reminding yourself of all of your goals. Keep your mind distracted from food!
Hurrah !!! it's not just me then this week !! I think we are at about the same time along our diet and i've also had a tough week even though i've stuck to it i have been dreaming about warm food i guess it's just because it's winter and dark and miserable lol !!! :sigh:
Hi there,
I've noticed I have the same problem too. I'm 2 weeks into the diet. The first week wasn't easy, but it was easier to resist food and there weren't particularly any cravings. But this week, especially the past two days have been horrible. I'm tempted by food everywhere - even watching TV commercials has me drooling! :( And I find I'm hungrier this week than I was last week. I thought it was supposed to be reverse? Isn't the diet supposed to get easier? I thought as the weeks went by you got less hungry ... :S It doesn't help that I'm the only one in my family doing this and when we sit down for meals, I'm eating soup/shake/bar while my dad eats regular food. :( I must admit tho that my folks have been very supportive, but it's just been hard.
I had my first honestly difficult two days after a trip to London and I'm nearly at week 12. Lots of free food on offer at the training course I went on and because getting the train down to London was such a faff I felt like just giving in and having a chocolate bar more than once! Managed to fight the demons though.

It happens to everyone! CD's not exactly an easy diet to follow when you can't have even "a little of what you fancy"!
I have been struggling this week was on holiday last week so I ate, but this week I think I'm being good but my scales keep going up? I have added the veg drink mix and that is lovely so fingers crossed it helps.
Hope everyone else is getting on ok x
I too am struggling this week. It is my day 11 so I am not far into this diet yet but I too believed it would be getting easier by now and I don't feel that it is. Everywhere you look there are adverts or cooking programmes, I just hope I don't fall off the wagon and be tempted by them. I am even dreaming food .....

I drink my water and have 3 shakes/soups a day but am sooo hungry, I wonder if I should have a tin of tuna or piece of chicken just to stop me cracking big time and diving into the biscuit tin!

I must be strong, I must be strong ..... x
Im craving big time this week. Its killing me watching xfactor because the dominos pizza advert looks sooo good! I havent even given into having a paracetamol...we must all keep strong :) .... I to had a dream about food. I was eating a muffin it tasted brilliant! Haha x


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Ah yes, the cold weather does make you hungry, however think of all the tasty porridge & soup you can have to warm you up :)


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first you might want to have your shakes quite hot, although not boiling, but it will force you to drink them slower (I take at least 30 mn) and help with the cravings. it's really delicious hot and more filling.

Then you need to take into account that the road to being slimmer is not a straight path. Sometimes you will have cravings, sometimes you will feel great and not hungry. All of us have been in bad days, in broader paths, in temptations....what is important is to have the goal in mind, always, no matter what.
Then you need to take into account that the road to being slimmer is not a straight path. Sometimes you will have cravings, sometimes you will feel great and not hungry. All of us have been in bad days, in broader paths, in temptations....what is important is to have the goal in mind, always, no matter what.
Very true. Crazylilblonde posted this great picture that sums it up perfectly!
i cant stop thinking about food this week. almost at the end of week 5 and feel like i am being tortured. there is food everywhere i look! on the way to work there are two bakeries with the most amazing smell and yummy cakes on display and it hurts me everytime i go past and there isnt any way of avoiding these two roads. !!!
I'm also getting cravings, not for warm foods tho, but for chocolate, cupcakes and ice cream. Have been looking (drooooooling) at the Hotel Chocolat, lola cupcakes and ben and jerrys website.

Must resist....
My dreams of food have now stopped! And I'm quite enjoying cooking for the family as I know I'm not eating so I can do them anything they want and it won't effect my weight. My fridge + cupboards are looking quite healthy too - no more naughty purchases like cookies for me! Shopping bill has gone down a bit too although obviously I'm paying separately for my stuff.

I've even started sorting out cupboards at home, got heaps of stuff to take to the charity shop and have things (at last) listed on e-bay!

Finally, I am halfway through a book - unheard of unless I'm on holiday .... so things are looking up!

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