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The Ten Whys That Everyone Needs To Answer!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor

1. Why are you afraid to tell yourself the truth?

It's Amazing that people never tell themselves the truth, i.e not wanting to step on scales after you know you have been bingeing or not admitting to yourselves that you are actually FAT! :eek:
Remember it only takes a split second to make a decision and the second that decision is made, nothing in the past matters! Its what you do from now on that really counts!

2. Why do you allow your friends to counsellor you about your weight?
Oh boy! This one really get me animated :mad: imagine this!
Your at the point in your life when you say Enough is enough! I have to do something about my weight then you take Action, now your seeing Results, you actually feel happier within yourself! then a friend says your looking tooooooo Skinny when your still clinically OBESE! Then you stop doing your diet!
When you were gaining 2 stones per year, your so call friends were not giving you advice then but now your actually doing something positive EVERYBODY has an opinion about what you should be doing!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

3. Why is it so easy to give into peer pressure?:gen126:

Sometimes we have to learn to take time out for ourselves, when I go out, I'm normally the life and soul of the party, so when I decided ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH I have to sort my weight I switched off my mobile phone and in the evenings and plugged out my house phone BECAUSE I WAS ON A MISSION AND I WANTED NO DISTRACTIONS!
I made a decision to use my personal power and just get on with it! The parties, the clubbing, the FOOD! will be waiting for you when your finished I PROMISE YOU! The comforting thing is we all know how quickly the years fly by so if you were to take out 1 YEAR for YOURSELVES to reclaim your body not only will you surprise yourself, your friends will have total admiration & RESPECT for YOU!

4. Why are you NOT consistent with your diet?:cry:

Believe it or not, those of you who start, stop, start, stop, start, stop! Your actually stronger than you think! Everybody knows by now that if you are sole sourcing, the first week is hell week! but how many times have you been through hell? 6,8 9, times? WOW!! Now if you were to change your Focus, ie Learning to be consistent that means following through week in week out! doing what your suppose to do best of your ability. That is when you gain momentum and a sense of pride, remember everyday you complete without CHEATING is a step closer to your target weight! some of my clients have lost 4lbs in a week even though they have been nibbling but I won't let them off the hook because ultimately they never gave me 100%

5. Why do some people take away the letter "T" from the word "DIET"?(DIE):(

Would you believe that some people go into a state of depression before they start their diet or they go on this massive food binge the day before they are about to start, If you tell yourself that your about to lose something or your depriving yourself of course your gonna feel depressed! But if you were to change the meaning ie a Lifestyle change then look at what your gaining ie, confidants, vanity, health, role model, you then become excited. Imagine not being 10 stones for the last 15 years and you are now about to revisit your youth by weighing 10 stones AGAIN! doesn't that excite you? :D

6. Why don't you understand the importance of water?:tear_drop:

Some of my clients couldn't wait for Christmas so they could Stuff themselves silly and coming from a West Indian background I can totally relate to this but since water is the key to life, why do you suddenly stop drinking water? Is it because that 2 litres of water would be taking up valuable space reserved for your choice of alcohol?
I strongly suggest you do a mini research on the benefits of water, at least that way you will know why its so important even after you have completed your diet why you should continue to drink a minimum of 2 litre of WATER per day the list is so long but I will leave you with one and that is the prevention of saggy skin!

7. Why is food apart of your emotions?:eat:

This must be one of the hottest question on Minimins so let me give you my take! Comfort is a human need period! so is love & connection, we also have to grow and contribute but the question is how are you meeting your needs? so many people have tried to cut off one of their human needs then realise that they cant live without it so how about changing the the vehicle you use? Soooo if your using food to give you comfort YOUR USING A POOR VEHICLE AND YOU NEED TO CHANGE IT ie Music or going for a walk buy yourself a punch bag( that one I swear by) THIS IS SOMETHING THAT REQUIRES MAJOR ATTENTION OTHERWISE YOUR HEADING BACK TO SQUARE ONE! food is only for fuel & nurishment NOT A PLACE YOU GO FOR COMFORT

8 Why are you afriad to use your personal power?

Personal power means the ability to act, the ability to follow through. People tend to think that failure are the big things in life that we don't achieve when in actual fact it's the little things we fail to focus on, not drinking your water, picking throughout the day then rationalising always telling yourself a story as to why you cannot focus! Understand that it's those same stories that are stopping you from using your PERSONAL POWER!

9 Why aren't you giving yourself the life you deserve?:king:

Some of us have been Physically & Mentally abused all our lives from childhood then it was the teenage years where some of us were getting bullied because of our Size, now that we are adults, some of you are still getting some form of abuse from certain sections of Society so now your living your life constantly feeling sorry for yourself, then your caught up in this vicious circle because the one thing you know gives you instant relief when your down is FOOD!
but is this what your really about? please know that we are all unique and we all have a purpose in life! Nothing in your pass matters! Now is the time to step up! Challenge yourself! Shock the world! Keep looking for the next Level! When I became a Counsellor the Question I asked myself was, HOW DO I GET AN ENTIRE NATION SLIM AND HEALTHY? So even though I might never meet you I hope That you might come across this article and it makes you sit down and think! Have the pleasure of knowing that everybody and I mean EVERYBODY can make this journey but not everybody is Ready to start so when will YOU BE READY??

10 Why do some people learn nothing after doing the diet?

This question I thought I would leave open to everyone who visits minimins and might stumble across this article. I thought if I got everybody to start mapping out their journey, everyone would take a methodical approach towards making this your one and only diet.

Laurence & Sharon
aka Dynamicduo
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Finally...Life begins
Wow! A fantastic post, thank you so so much, certainly hit home with me. Will be printing that off and putting it up on my wall! Thank you :eek:)
Thank you for sharing that with us. :)


Silver Member

Nuff said really - thanks for posting that!
oh yeah!!!! Spot on lady!
Thanks for that, im having a bit of a bad afternoon/evening, and that has really made me stop and think!


Staff member

Blooming marvellous! Just wat i needed after and exhausting day :D:D:D


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Totally agree with Hels....I LOVE you guys and have to thank you for sharing with Minimins the stuff that we get to see all the time....YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! :D :D

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