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The thing that puts me off


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you can go to the pharmacy and get them to do a BP check and stamp your book... this is perfectly ok... don't know if this helps? it is only once a month (you do have to get the doc to fill ya form in though):)


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Lloyd's and Coop pharmacies both do it in our town, I am sure you will find a few in your area.

I am fine with the GP, it's just the whole thing of having to get BP done at all, when other diets dont need it.
Has anyone been refused by their GP?

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Don't know if anyone had been refused but I know that some people have been charged to have it done.

To be honest I'm glad to go, my practice nurse does mine and she's really supportive and always want to chat about it and how I am - but the main reason I'm glad is that by having it done I know that my bp and pulse are alright, I'm happy to have that checked.
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I think it's very important to go. That was one of the things that made feel more comfortable about doing this. This is a pretty hardcore diet, and it could perhaps have an affect on some peple that my not be positive - so important to be monitored to make sure your body is not having any ill effects.

Why is it you do not want to face your BP? Are you worried? Other diets probably don't need it because you are usually eating conventional food I would guess, so less shock on the system and stuff like that? I don't know if CD requires it, but I am happy to do it.

Hope you don't let that stop you Louise - its so worth it!! x


please try again
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cd doesnt require it as such ( thats why we have aamw ) but i go to my gp every 4 weeks to be checked so i dont do aamw
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
cd doesnt require it as such ( thats why we have aamw ) but i go to my gp every 4 weeks to be checked so i dont do aamw
Hi...just out of curiosity, what is aamw? :confused::)


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blood pressure is important whilst doing a vlcd, as has already been stated your surgery nurse or certain chemists can do it for you.

Good Luck


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Lloyds Pharmacy do it, then yo'd only have to go to the docs for your intitial medical form.


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I was refused by my gp to do the diet as he doesn't agree with them! However other than that one thing he is a great gp......... I cried my eyes out when he refused me even in front of him..... but i call my LLC and she gave me a number of a gp privately and i had to go and see him, have a complete medical and he charged me £50 to do my inital form then every time afterwards for my bp i used to go to the chemist Lloydds!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have to say my gp was completely amazed when he say my weightloss and when i told him how i had done it he wasn't impressed and when i put all the weight it was kinda told you so!!!!!!!!!! other than that he is a great gp.........

He just isn't very good on weight issue.............

But I just go to chemist now and have my bp taken they are great!!!

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