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the totally bouncing excited christmas thread!


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ok, so i dont know if its the effects of my beloved friend ketosis and my general increased boinginess and eagerness (words?) that i get from it, or the fact that i'm totally happy that i'll be slim this festive season, but i'm INCREDIBLY excited for christmas!! i can honestly say i could quite happily put my tree up now and it wouldnt feel weird! i was nosying around the dress shops in town today (on the hunt for THAT xmas dress), and 'last christmas' by Wham came on and i almost wet myself with glee! people were wimping and moaning about the beats but as i see it, its 7 weeks today away, less than 50 days (YAY).
i just wondered if it was just me or does anyone else feel the christmas love yet? i cant wait to feel comfortable in pics and just, well, relax! instead of the usual raiding of the wardrobe that goes on for xmas nights out before i come to the conclusion that nothing at all fits and my new years resolution is to diet. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :xmassign:
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Well usually I would say bah humbug at this time of year, but I have to admit I'm off to buy wrapping paper tomorrow to wrap up all the size 12 clothes I keep buying that I live in hope will fit by christmas.

In justification of buying myself clothes and wrapping them up, I work on the assumption that people will give me money and this is what I will buy.

Perhaps the Best Christmas Album will come out too... or perhaps not quite yet!.... but your excitement is contagious.
Hi Minx.. I am restarting CD tomorrow after an awful year healthwise. I went shopping today and bought some Christmas lights, I could of quite happily put them up, I switched on the LED glowing snowflake table centre I also bought and It's still on :) I too hope all goes well and I can at least shed a stone.. that only leaves four stone to loose.. nothing wrong with abit of Christmas cheer ;)


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hi ladies :)
thats good thinking about the clothes chlo!! i see by your stats you've done really well, well done!
sarah lou thats what i'm like with the xmas things, i keep buying little decorations and somehow they just end up staying out on display hehe.. good on you for re-starting CD and glad youre feeling better, i'm sure a stone will be the least you'll lose!
i was thinking.. maybe its the credit crunch thats making me feel the christmas cheer just now? theres been so much doom and gloom in the news, i'm probably just happy that my favourite time of year is coming up.



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oh im such a christmas Person my tree was up by this time last year I love it :) I have resisted putting it up so far but was very tempted today, by christmas I will definatly be my smallest adult weight, very exciting, i cant wait xx


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I go through phases with xmas. There are years when I put lots of decorations up and years when I hardly put any up at all. I hate taking them down after xmas cos the place looks so bare after all the colour. I am not quite sure how I feel about this xmas yet. Once we get into December I shall start being more sure of how I feel.
One thing I do know though is that I am having a new tree this year and this is part of the CD effect. I find that I am throwing so much stuff out that I don't use or don't like - not just clothes but everything. It's like along with losing the weight I am getting rid of everything else that is useless. Renovation in all aspects - so the xmas decorations will be renovated this year - new decorations to go with my new outlook on life.
As far as presents go - I have bought my mum's and something for one of my friends but that's all.


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I love Christmas and I am looking forward to it even more because I will be slimmer.
So far lots planned but I do try to keep within a budget. Yesterday I booked 4 tickets to see the Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House - people are surprised when I say each ticket £10 each - they expect it to be more. But we sit in the ampitheatre and get an excellent view - either have a coffee in the interval or jugs of iced water are left at the bar (which is free) as alcohol is expensive there. And it will be so festive - The Tales of Beatrix Potter plus a short piece 'Les Patineurs' which looks as if it will be about youngsters having fun ice-skating.
Oh - am I rambling - I love Christmas and Christmassy entertainment x
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Lurrrrrve Christmas !

My car gets festive first ( as it's my office on wheels ) already bought my snowmen car stickons :D and Santa aerial topper :D


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This thread has cheered me up... am off out to take daughter to pre-op assessment in town today (minor op for taking stubborn teeth out) and have planned a quick blitz to shops for Xmas pressies to make a start on it all.

Bling, so envious of those tickets! And SARAH-LOU!!!!! Great to see you back hun, hope you are much better - I have a thread over on maintenance & would love to know how you have been doing.

Have a great (festive) day everyone!



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Hi Bling! I too can not wait for Christmas. I will be slimmest as an adult on Christmas day and can't wait to not dodge the camera and feel 'out of place' ! It's going to be fabulous!
I still hope to get 2 stone off by then, which will bring me to 12 stone 5lbs!!!! Such an exciting thing for me to think about.
Although I am getting a little nervous about the whole Christmas period. We are spending it with my family this year (we take it in turns as my family are in Manchester and HB in Reading - quite a distance and we aim to please everyone!) But my family indulge over Christmas (without being rude or disrespectful to my family, everyone is quite large) so it's going to be a LOT of naughty things.
My Mum has been good, saying she will happily 'buy in' things for me. So I'm thinking this weekend that I will look at my CD book, and perhaps look at doing the 1200 cal plan for the Christmas and New Year period. This way I'll be pleased to eat, and hopefully not gain too much weight. I'm going to sit and write a menu plan for these 2 weeks and try to stick with it. Then when January comes I'll be working hard to shed the last stubborn stone, then begin working up the steps.
I treated myself to a monsoon dress for Christmas Day, can't wat to wear it :)
I am too hoping that Father Christmas will be kind to me this year and have a few clothes items to show off my new figure :)
Roll on 7 weeks, and LOrd help me stick to ss until then and shed 2 stone :):):):)

Mrs Taurus

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I love Christmas, am really excited about taking Master T on Santa Express on 20th December. Also I am coming off plan 24th/25th/26 th and nye and nyd, it will be nice to enjoy all the festive food and a few drinkies as last year I was just eating food I liked all the time and it didn't feel special.
Have already done all xmas shopping,apart from Master T's, saving the best til last and waiting for Mr T to come as well. Think Master T will be leaving goodies out for Mrs and Father Christmas this year, he he .x


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So cute Mrs T! You enjoy it hun, you deserve to. I'm sure Master T will have an amazing Christmas - enjoy spoiling him :) Hugs x x x
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Im bonkers about Christmas too and im wearing THAT dress tonight for my husbands birthday, the tree goes up on the 1 December and I will be wearing my Mrs Santa hat again for the second year on my school run traumatising the kids haha.

I know what you mean about ketosis my friend says im like a pet dog (play play play) bouncing all over the place but thats how it effects me, loads of energy and mad as a hatter.

Lovely thread xx


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lol all this bubbly excitement over xmas is contagious! I think I shall have to go get that new xmas tree!


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I really want a new tree too, I had a new on last year and I love it but, I moved to a house in april so I have space for a big tree :D
its funny it must be something about CD as i am so much more excited about christmas than I can ever remember being! For at least the last 3 christmases I have been too big to feel comfortable and enjoy it properly and avoided the cameras.... (and got bigger every year!) then in jan have started a diet that have usually given up on by my bday in may and then think ' i must not be this size next xmas and next bday' which just never happens. Am hoping to have 2 stone off or nearabouts by crimbo this year then have another 1 - 2 stones to go afterwards depending on how i go... obviously i am expecting a some kind of gain over the festivites but will be looking forward to getting back in control with CD afterwards because mostly I really enjoy it!! Looking forward to starting the new year in good positive spirits and not feeling miserable... how lovely!


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S: 160kg C: 147kg G: 100kg BMI: 47.9 Loss: 13kg(8.11%)
Well this thread inspired me - my friend and I both went and bought xmas trees today!
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I bought a new tree last year a black one, but ive seen a beautiful red tree and I really want it, I have now got to come up with a cunning plan to get it, Im on my third tree in three years and was told no more trees hehe, oh I will succeed with my plan.


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totally surprised by everyones enthusiasm for christmas, thought i'd be shuffled off the site for saying the 'c' word, (no not that one), too early! glad youre all looking forward to the lovlieness of the festive season and what better way to celebrate with loved ones than when we're feeling good about ourselves for being slimmer :)
i have to remember to come back and read over everyone's post when i'm having a wobble to motivate me and remind me of my christmas goal and help me remember that nothing, NOTHING that am about to eat can taste as good as receiving compliments and 'wows' will feel :happy036:

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