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The toughest fight with myself ever!I am in bits!

Hi guys,

I haven't been here in a while and it is hard to say all this. This is going to be a bit longer so just so you are warned!

I have been doing lipotrim for 4 months and I have lost 6 Stone in Total which is amazing!I know that. From 19 st down to 13st. I never thought I could have achieved it when i See that number but when I look at me i still see a FAT person. I hear compliments alllll the time and find them hard to accept.

I used to be a very confident person and even throughout the diet i could not have cared less of what ppl think of me and the diet. Anyhow, after 4 months i have slipped badly and do not get me wrong up until then i was so motivated, never cheated once and was just doing fab and feeling fab. I did a lot of research on myself on how i got there in the first place and realised all the thing that guided me there and how to avoid them in ht future.

After i slipped i slowly but surely went back to my old habbits, not as exessive but not far off either. I had couple of attempts to restart but I just can not manage!I keep putting it off to another day as I find an excuse for everything. Ridiculous!

How come I was soooo strong and now, 2 stone away from my goal, I can't get my act together. Food is on my mind the whole day,where it used not to be.

Ah gals I just need some advice from you! I don't want to be a moaner nor spoil anyone motivation as u r all doing fab!I just need a good Kick up the bum!And I know some ppl got upset about people reporting on how they cheated but I used to always get such great motivation from here.

Anyway thanks for reading and you go girls. I figure that i can't put it off any longer and just have to go back on it tomorrow, no buts if's or and's.

Wish me luck,I'll try to be mega strong!

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Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear you're agonising over this.

all i can say is don't give up - you did amazingly well to have lost 6 stone in 4 months. That's incredible!

And you slipped, well, we are all only human and sometimes we'll slip from any of our goals - and weight loss is no different.

You *know* if you really want this then you CAN achieve it with LT.

i wish i could be mroe helpful - but what has happened with you is what i half expect will happen with me :-/

all the best though, you CAN do it. you have proved that already.
1st let me congratulate you on losing 6 stone , that is absolutely amazing.
I think i would be the same as you if i slipped and from what people say on here it is much harder to ge back into once you have a blip;
but look at it as if thats all it is a blip.. dont beat yourself up about it too much as it will only make you feel worse about yourself..
you know you can do this and im sure you will find the will power to get straight back on it tomorrow and you will soon be at your goal weight xx good luck hun xx
I do things like this all the time. I set myself up to fail or even sabotage myself so I fail, having thought about it I realised actually I was not happy being fat but I was comfortable. I have been fat so long it is like a security blanket and now I am losing weight I worry as I am no longer confident in my body image. Not sure this is making sense but when I was fat I didnt worry what I wore as I knew what suited me and if I didnt look good who cared because I could hide behind the fat. I worry now that I will not allow myself to lose weight and it scares me but I am determined this time I am going to get there and I am sure you can too. Persevere I am sure it will all be worth it in the end.

Hi 6 stone is an amazing loss your still getting used to the new you your head hasn't caught up yet don't feel down your human its in breed to eat you havn't ruined anything and you will suceed to your goal just forget the losses so far and start a new day 1 starts today
good luck :)

debz x
Hi Tridi *hugs*

6 stone in 4 months is absolutely amazing! What you did in those 4 months is unbelievable! Don't dwell on the past and what happened afterwards. Focus on the here and now and how determined you are to get back on the wagon, saddle up and get on with it. Find the strength you had during those 4 months and go for it!

Come on here every day, ask questions, share your feelings, good and bad, ask for support, someone is always here to listen, join in. I bet the majority of the success stories on here would tell you that they could not have done so well without the lovely people in here. This forum should be on the LT bag!

You owe it to yourself to feel fantastic and I believe you can do this with the help and support of the people in here. You have done it before and you can do it again!

I'm sending you good luck but I doubt you'll need it as coming on here and posting your story shows you mean business.


Elle-Emm! You'll be absolutely fabulous! You've got so much grit and determination. You're a total inspiration to me X
Tridi I could have written your post myself! I got to target at Christmas after 8 months on LT and was determined never to put the weight back on. Alas, partly due to the stresses of balancing 3 children and 3 jobs I slipped slowly back into my old eating habits. I tried many times to get back on the wagon but never lasted more than a week! I hated what I was seeing in the mirror even though my "friends" were telling I looked much better with the extra weight back!!! Finally I said to myself, I have to do this for me! I started again and started posting on here again instead of just lurking. It was just what I needed, everytime I felt tempted I thought about the wonderful people on here and came on to read how they were doing. It has been really hard second time round but it really has helped me a lot. I have had one blip, last week when I ate chicken and that was reflected in only losing 1lb! It was a tough lesson but one I plan not to repeat!

You can do this and the wonderful people on here will help you get there, use them, together we are a brilliant support network for each other.

I wish you every succcess. Go for it!!

That is an incredible loss! So firstly; congrats! You've done really well!

I did LighterLife a few years ago & fell of the wagon about half a stone to my goal, I just went mad & stuffed my face & eventually ended up two stone heavier than I had been when I started, having never regained control.

So, while you know you can do it, if you really truly can't, please, take a break from trying to get back on TFR & follow a maintenance programme to maintain your current loss; ultimately you've come an awfully long way & going backwards would be much worse than having to wait a little while until you feel ready to return to TFR to lose your final two stone.

I do think, though, coming here every day may be a great help :)

Best of luck!!



Silver Member
hi, i agree with hannah, you have done amazing to lose the 6 stone, try and maintain it now, maybe join a slimming club or agree to go to chemist scales once a week or something, when you see it on scales maybe it will give you the kick in the bum you need, maybe you need a new goal,

best of luck, hope it all works out for you
Hey lady you've had your break now get back on it, there thats your kick up the bum, probably doesnt make you feel any better does it. Seriously you've done it before you can do it again just get through oneday at a time and in 4 or 5 days you'll be glad you did, it on your first weigh in you'll be even more pleased. Welcome back
Think of the ketosis and the extra energy you get with it. 1day, sometimes 1 hour at a time. You want to do it... you can do it. just make sure its the right time for you - otherwise you will set yourself up to fail again.

I agree that the rate you have lost 6 stone is amazing - huge congratulations - but, 4 months isn't very long to come to terms with such an immense physical change. your head needs time to catch up. Like Nicholas said, maybe maintain for a little while to allow your head to catch up - otherwise, 100% or nothing - GO GIRL !

:whoopass: - there you go !!!

Caren. xx


Positivity is the key
Hi Tridi,
It's so good to see you back, was wondering where you got to and how you were doing. Hope you are feeling a bit more positive today. 6 stone, woman is a fantastic achievement and you should be so proud of that no matter what else has happened since.
Is there a chance you could talk with your chemist about the best course of action. At 13 stone you have a good chance to do maintenance and still lose with it, you could do the one or two shakes etc a day and a healthy meal if that helps. This means you could also concentrate on upping your exercise and getting into a healthy routine. This is what I plan to do in 3 weeks time when I come off LT and I believe it will work.
It does also seem like you are suffering some crisis of confidence and seeing that fat person in the mirror can't be good for you. Perhaps a course or even a book on self esteem may help. One trick that is used is to think positive thoughts about yourself, they may sound alien at the start but tell yourself you are strong and beautiful, fit and healthy. It does take a time for the brain to catch on but before you know it you will feel those things for real and the self confidence will be back. It's a way of rewriting the script, so to speak and does have great rewards.
Hope whatever you decide, you will be at peace with. Wishing you all the best.

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