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The *Trimming, Toning* Tuesday Thread


Why Be Normal?
Hello All --:flowers:

I thought I'd start the Tuesday thread... I hope that's okay. I also hope that our weeks are off to good start.

I would like to "throw out" a daily challenge for us "daily threaders": let's try to do something to "tone" as we are thinning today. :character00116:

What inspired me was that I saw that "shake weight" at Tescos last night and, unlike me, I did not buy it! Usually, I would buy it -- use it once -- and then it would join all the things I have bought and not used over the years.

Sooo, if you have something to help you tone and are not using then try and use it today! If you are using something to tone (yeah, you!), then do a little more.

And, if you don't have anything... think about going out and buying that "Shake Weight" and then letting me know if it works! ;) LOL :8855:

I really hope that everyone has a "Terrific Tuesday" :clap:-- with the grayness and drop in temperature I am really going to have to work at it, but I will try.:character00238:

Now, I am going to go and find that electric slimming belt that I used once about a year ago and put it on. Then, I am going to look for my stretch band, hand weights...

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Good morning :) I have just googled the 'shake weight ' and must say it looks ... interesting :eek: lol

I am not going to be doing much excersise today as I am working the night shift tonight so I am just going to take the kids out for a walk when my eldest finishes pre school :) I am going up to 810 next week and plan to start my 30 day shred DVD then so hopefully that will help a lot ... also looking at getting one of the slender tone belts to help :)

Nothing much planned for today , got to take Elena to pre school then some housework , as much as Abigail lets me get done !!! Then just chilling before work tonight ...... plan as always is to have my porridge at lunch time , bar at tea , tetra icecream befre work , then on my break at 3 am i will have a bar from tomorrows packs ....... just one more week SS , and never ever have to do it again :D

Hope everyone has a great day xxx
Morning ! Oh I am going to google shake weight, never heard of that before???

Hope you can locate your slimming belt Minnie, I used to have one many years ago!

Sounds like a busy day Katie, good luck with the shred, I still need to get the dvd !

I am off for my walk at 9.30am with my new bday pressy ! Hubby bought me a watch/heart rate monitor, I had a go last night and it's fab, lets me know when I am in the fat burning zone so I keep pace. So off to M'Sons again as I need a few things.....I like having somewhere to walk to, even if it is just to pick up fairy liquid !!!!

Then we have parents evening tonight !!! An a friend staying over so Neil will be making omelette and salad for them and I will have my usual !

Will pop back in for my 11am read of minimins !!!


Why Be Normal?
Hi charley -- Buy two bottles of Fairy Liquid and hold one in each hand and you can use them as hand weights on your way back and tone those arms! ;)

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Morning all, just a quickie to say am still on plan (15lbs down in 15 days), but am deserting this board today to try and get advice on onother site regarding my dad's dementia and the effects of his drugs......he's having a few problems,including a fall last night....mmm me smells another drugs induced dangerous side effect.

Anyway at least I am not using this upset to eat or drink like I did all through the autumn, thanks to all the support I've had on this board. x


Why Be Normal?
Well Done Mrs T -- and pound a day. Keep at it. Good Luck with your father. Alzheimers is back big time in the US news due to Ron Regan (the younger son of the president) writing about his father's dementia.

Hehe Minnie ! I take a backpack and the walk back is soo much harder !!!!

Mrs T, hope you can find some advice on another forum, sending you a hug and well done on the 15lbs in 15 days x

I am stinking after my walk !!!!!!!!!!! So I am going to have a bath, dye hair, sort myself out.....and I managed to get the shred for £6 at m'sons - woop woop!


Why Be Normal?
Hi Charley,

Good Deal on that. I wish there was a m'sons closer to my house.

Minnie, I got the last one !! Or I would have got for you and sent to you! If I see again at that price it's no bother.....wonder if Jillian will kill me hehe x
Thanks Charley -- I'd appreciate it. Let me know how it goes.

Hi everyone!

Not much to report today - sticking to the diet (had porridge at 9am as usual, then a chocolate bar at 2pm) and trying to ignore the cravings as usual! Last night I would have KILLED someone for a sesame breadstick of all the random things!

I haven't started the shred yet, planning to do it once I start refeeding or move to WW, but its available for 5 pounds plus free delivery from Amazon - Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred [DVD] [2007]: Amazon.co.uk: DVD.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!



skinny jeans-im on my way
well day 2 for me today,all going well.feeling cold though,currently sporting the dressing gown over clothes look!
not much else to report,glad everyone else is doing well.x
Hi guys!

All quiet on the western front, just been in work all day. (still am, boo :p)

Brought my 2 tetra's in with me and had 1 this morning and 1 at lunchtime, will have 1 when I get home and probably my last at around 8pm.

Day 13 of the diet for me! I've been going strong at it aswell and my willpower has yet to falter, even though friends insist on takeaways nearly every night! (I don't mind, last laugh is when I'm thinner than them all! muahaha)

The motto for the week has been:

Smell but don't touch :p

Keep up the fight guys, we're all on our way to happier and healthier lives!

Hi guys!

The motto for the week has been:

Smell but don't touch :p

Keep up the fight guys, we're all on our way to happier and healthier lives!


LOL -- you are starting to sound like Lise (Sacred Silence) with her food porn smelling and picture taking!
LOL -- you are starting to sound like Lise (Sacred Silence) with her food porn smelling and picture taking!

Haha great minds think alike then eh!! :D

Although, I won't go out of my way to smell something (Okay this is sounding weird lol) when my friends call over my house, they always pop out to get a takeaway (There's an Indian takeaway less than 20 metres from my doorstep) and bring it back in!!

I have no choice other than to have my nostrils invaded with the smell of curry while I drink my tetra :D

jfryyyy does it make you more determined? My hubby asked me to buy fish and chips on my way home in week (i think) 2. The car smelt delicious but there was no way I was going to let it make me break!!
Yeah I think it does because I know I could join them at any time but I choose not to, which means that I am in control and the food isnt, It's my choice :)

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