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the true cost of LL?

hi there,

iv been giving joining ll some serious consideration, and have just contacted my local counselor. iv tried previous diets, my most recent being slimming world. but iv come to realise that iv got a bit of a problem mentally with food, and i need some counselling also.

but iv been searching the internet high and low , trying to find out the true cost of LL?

i do appologise if the answer to thsi has been posted elsewhere, just a bit overwhelmed about where to start hunting.

iv read somewhere that its £66 per week, with 4 days worth of packs. is this true? how much extra will the other 3 days cost?

again, sorry if this is dull and repetative.
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Jo B

Full Member
It is £66 per week and that includes 7 days worth of food packs (4 per day) and a counselling session. I am actually saving money by doing it as I'm not buying bits of food here and there - well worth it in my opinion
thanks very much jo. did you have to pay an introduction fee? it sounds like a lot, but your right, i spend lots of food and alcahol anyway. plus the counselling, i think its fair

Jo B

Full Member
Nope, we paid for the 1st week and the 14th week in the first week (a sort of deposit I guess) but nothing else apart from that.
we didn't have to pay for week 14 at the start - just £66 each week.

well worth it!!!!!
saving money and losing weight - fab!

daisy x


is loving CWP xx
Same here, I didn't have to pay anything up front. The introduction meeting is free and then when you actually start getting your packs it is £66 per week.

There are extra additions that you can buy to help you out like water flavourings which are £9 per tub but they do last weeks. They also sell a savoury broth which is £6 for 12 sachets and you can have 2 of these a day.

It is really worth the money for getting your life back.

Good luck x x
You'll save a fortune. People think its so expensive but once you realise how much you spent on shopping, take aways, alcohol etc, you'll be quids in and thinner too!!!!
£66 is nothing when compared to how much I spent on food before LL, and even if it was more, it would still be a bargin.

Think of it this way; if someone said "give me £264 and I'll remove 1 stone of fat out of your body", would you do it? I know I damn well would. And £264 is 1 month of LL. and 1 month of (100%!) LL will make you lose about a stone, maybe even more.

Quids in, no contest in my opinion :)

Jo B

Full Member
definitely saving money here - I used to spend about £30 per week on breakfast, lunch and coffees at work. Add one takeaway a week and there is your £66 without even thinking about your normal shopping

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