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The true spirit of minimins

Throughout my time on this forum, I've witnessed some ups and downs. They range from amazing success stories, to some truly stupid posts from members who are thankfully not with us any longer (ahem, GG anyone?!)....

I first joined to research CD, and having spent time reading thread upon thread i "joined the club". I started posting to distract myself from food never really expecting to stay around that long. However, i made some great friends, found some inspirational people, and felt like part of a community of people who were struggling to find their feet in this world.

So here i am, a few thousand posts under my belt, having made some great friends (and some enemies :D), and I have something to say:

The support i have received has taken my breath away. Some posts and PM's have brought me to tears, and i have no way of thanking you. I've been having a rotten time recently, and i've had SO many emails, text messages and PMs full of care, worry and hugs for me - it's shocked me.

Minimins was all just about "cyber-support" (omg, that sounds rude) but usernames quickly turned into real names , which in turn began to belong to faces. I'm passionate about this site and have proved it a few times as a few of you know, but unfortunately as this is an internet forum i can't come and give you all a hug to say thanks.

All i can do is explain that you lot mean the world to me, your words have kept me going.

Mini, Pierce, and the mods - Diolch o waelod fy nghalon :)

As for the rest of you,

Leah xxxx

P.S - all my minimin-mothers, you'll be happy to know that i'm actually DOING my uni work :D
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Resident geek
Aaaaw.. You are such a cutie..


I know exactly what you mean.. i wouldnt have got this far without minis.. and i would never ever had had the determination to do this on my own.. im so glad we have this place.. to do whatever we want (within reason. lol).. it truely is an amazing community full of amazing people..

x x x


Gone fishing
Hold on Mods! Finger off the ban button. Leah can stay for another week

Glad to hear you're doing your uni work too. On your way to


Busy busy busy!!
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(((Leah))) - you've also had the response you have had, because you are such a lovely young lady. So pleased to have met you in person, and looking forward to seeing you again at Brum!!
Hold on Mods! Finger off the ban button. Leah can stay for another week

Glad to hear you're doing your uni work too. On your way to
Me and you are gunna have a fight.

Don't act all hard and cold, everyone KNOWS you're a softy.

Ban me indeed, i melt your heart :D

hahahahaha xxxxxx


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Big Hug Leah!

A lovely post and look forward to seeing you in Brum! (well if you're still going to go after the ban....):D
What bloody ban???


Lisa Marie

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I haven't been on minimins long but in the short time I have been here I can really relate to your comments Leah. Can I also say that your warmth is felt in your posts and you have a wicked sense of humour. You're a star.
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Sod it! I had this long, wordy 'spiel' all prepared in my head .... but all that's really necessary to say is:

Love ya babe! xxxx

(Now, get on with yer work .. from one of yer 'mums'! :mad:;))
Yes mam :) Love you too xxx

Mrs Depp

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You know what Leah? You are one of the reasons Minimins is so addictive, friendly, loving, understanding, great! :D And don't you forget it okay? :D

Now stop lurking and get on with your work! ;):D


Taking Back Control...!!!
Your soooo cute Leah.....:D Lovely post by a lovely girl - looking forward to meeting you in Bham.... :D

Now as someone else who is old enough to be your mum...

"Get back to your uni work - you won't pass messing on her my girl.....:eek:;)"



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It is people like you that make this site work......we are all going through the same thing, you yourself are very supportive and you probably dont realise you have more than likely made someones day much brighter.
Minimins is one big happy family and its people like you Leah that make this site work.

PS get on with your uni work......lol.


Queen of the Damned
Awww, I love things like this - a Minimins Love In! :cool:
awwwww, you guys made me AOL = awwww out loud :)

Gorra love the minis love!

and - I AM DOING MY FLAMING WORK (while keeping one eye on KD ;))



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At 4.00am Leah, are you up early or not been to bed yet?

Working is good, but sleep and rest is important too.

Please look after yourself :)

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