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The Two Ferrets


Here for the Journey
It was a great evening and the gang were all there. I was wedged into the corner where I wouldn’t have to move to let everyone out. The pub was full to capacity and those nearest the bar relayed money to the bar staff and distributed drinks to the rest of the group.

Jane was handing round a sponsor form for her son who was going to cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats and Allen was telling a funny story about two dogs and a lamp post. Tim was just being Tim and winding up each of the women in turn, getting a variety of responses for his efforts.

The karaoke book was on the table and some of the group had put their names down to sing. Sometimes the singing was good and sometimes it was ear-splitting but it was always entertaining. I preferred to listen, just joining in the well known refrains with everyone else.

The crowd at the next table were a group of old guys who were playing dominos and making the odd comment here and there about the singing. As we laughed and joked our way through the evening they cast glances our way and made whispered comments to each other.

As usual I had taken time with my appearance, checking also with my mate that I looked ok. Since putting on lots of weight I had taken, mistakenly, to wearing trousers with elasticated backs and tonight was no exception. My top was new, my hair and make up looked great and I felt fairly confident.

A couple of drinks into the evening it became apparent that I would have to negotiate a path the ladies! I looked around for the best way to go and realised that the most direct route was via the small gap between our table and the old men. I identified an appropriate moment and made my move.

With my hands placed firmly on our table and my rear end hovering perilously over the other I tried to edge my way between the two tables. Just as I thought I had made it home and dry I felt my right cheek brush a glass and turn it round on the table. As I turned slightly to see if I had caused any damage my left cheek caught another glass and this time it went over, spilling the last of its contents over the domino game!

Then, to my absolute horror I heard one of the old men shout, “Oi! Watch where you’re putting that thing! It’s like two ferrets fighting in a bag and twice as dangerous”.

© July 2008
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Here for the Journey
Hey - I'm losing weight - that's all in the past BUT why oh why do people feel they have the God given right to comment on overweight people. Sometimes it's like "open season on fatties" and it doesn't help anyone. To be successful losing weight it helps to start from some point of self worth and that is severely eroded by nasty comments and misplaced fun at our expense. x


Here for the Journey
The government and media doesn't help either. "Obesity problem in Society", "Should Obese People be Refused Treatment", all helps to fuel fat hatred and prejudice and loss of self esteem for those who need it most. x


Gold Member
if you stop treating the obese you need to stop treating smokers, drinkers, drug users for their self-inflicted problems...


Here for the Journey
Thank you for your comments x

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