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The ultimate Challenge...


Restart 3/9/2013


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go for it bish bosh!! you can do it!! just live on the smell :D don't let it drive you mad. most of taste is smell anyways, so why would you need to put it in your mouth to get the satisfaction!!

good luck :D
abz xx


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Each time you say NO in these kind of situations you do grow stronger.

Good luck! you can do it!

Love Mini xxx


Restart 3/9/2013
Thank you guys...I can do it!!!! Have sorted it out in my head if you like - I have had about 8 glasses of water so far and I am going to feed my daughter while everyone else is eating, and have my Spicy tomato soup at the same time...

Easy peasy...
Think how virtuous you'll feel if you resist. Where's that halo?
Each time you say NO in these kind of situations you do grow stronger.

Good luck! you can do it!

Love Mini xxx
What Mini said is so true! Last night my sister and her boyfriend came round for dinner for hr boyfriends birthday. They know that I am doing SS+ and were really supportive by saying that they too would have chicken and salad etc rather than the usual gastronomical extravagance :D! I still got coldslaw, potato salad, little jacket potatos and lovely bread and dips for them and I managed the whole meal with just my chicken and green salad! Afterwards they had birthday cake and I had a glass of water! I would say it was my first real true test on SS+ and I REALLY wanted a slice of birthday cake :mad: But I refrained and I feel great for it! Last night was hard but honestly today tht feeling of elation from not giving in is great! You can do it hun :D xx


Restart 3/9/2013

I did it I did it I did it!!!!!!!!

I sat through an entire family sized roast beef dinner with nothing more than my spicy tomato soup (which i hadnt tried before but my god its delicious!!!) and a large glass of water...

I fed my daughter while they were all eating, then supped my soup and fed my daughter cheesecake while they all had pudding!!!!

Feeling on top of the world now!!!!!

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