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The ups and downs of a serial dieter!


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
I've finally decided to "put pen to paper" so to speak and join in with blogging my daily intake and general feelings. I'm hoping that when I may feel like things are getting a little tough, I can look back at the good times, of which I hope there will be quite a few (good times that is!)

I'm back at work tomorrow, and will also be back in a normal routine, both in lifestyle and eating. Whilst being off at Christmas, mealtimes have been spiradic and all over the place, so now with a little more organisation in my life, I can carry on with the pre-Christmas weight loss routine.

I got weighed on New Years Day, and since my last weigh in (20.12.10), I put on nearly 3lbs. Not good, but not really bad. I enjoyed Christmas, made some good food choices, and obviously, so not good food choices, and now that any leftover goodies have been donated to hubbys work colleagues (and gratefully received too!) I'm moving forward and not ruing the Christmas gain.

Tomorrow night, it's Zumba again. I've missed the class, having not been since I went on holiday early December, so I'm a little worried that it's going to be hard work, but no pain, no gain! Thankfully, I did keep up with walking whilst off over Christmas, but no visits to the gym. I'm hoping to return there again this week too.

I've made leek & potato soup this afternoon ready for tomorrow's lunch and also organised a meal plan for hubby and I for the week. I'll let you know how good we are at sticking to it! My shopping list for this week is a lot less than normal as I'm thinking about what's already in the freezer/fridge/cupboards, instead of buying it all in. I had a look through numerous WW cookbooks to see what I fancy making this week, but thought about cost as well as calories and fat, and whilst it's good to have something different, I'm not going to splurge a lot of money on one recipe and instead have resolved to make a conserted effort not to waste too many pounds on the sterling front this year, and perhaps do one new recipe a fortnight.

So that's me, ready to make my new year kick in tomorrow, and with work colleagues also following diets, mainly WW, I'm hoping that we'll all be good support for each other, so with them, my friends and you all here, there should be no stopping me!!

May I emphasise the word should!!

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Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Changes - pah!

Argh... why do things crop up and mess your head around?!!

I need routine, and I'm not getting it!! My Zumba night looks like it could be changing, and the group I am supposed to be starting with the Doctors, is not now going to be until the 19th January - at the earliest!! I need this group session to start tomorrow night, not in a few weeks!

Good job I'm back at work today, at least that part of my routine hasn't changed! Breakfast and dinner had, and none of the rubbish that I've been munching on at home either!

Cripes, reading this post makes me wonder whether I'm partial to a little OCD or whether I just like my life "organised"!



Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Ouch ouch ouch!! I ache all over!!

Zumba was good, some new dances this evening, I like it when I already know the music, it helps me keep the rhythm a bit more. Watch out for my moves for the next time I'm on the dancefloor and Ricky Martin comes on!!

Food today consisited of:

Packet of Belvita (4 slices)

Homemade Leek & Potato Soup
Two toasted Pitta Breads.

Pre Zumba snack
2 slices of Belvita (no bananas left!)

WW Sweet Chilli Chicken with toated pitta bread.

I'm hoping that the steaming hot bath will ease my poor muscles, they need to be rested, going back to the gym tomorrow!


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Last night was fun - not! I got weighed, measured, BMI and Body Fat Percentage'd at the Healthy lifestyle class. Although I showed a loss from my first visit in November, I'm still carrying a 1lb of Christmas weight, so hopefully get that shifted prior to my next doctors visit on the 17th.

Foodwise has been good though...

Belvita (4 slices)

WW Tuna & Mayo tin
Pitta Bread
LF Yoghurt

marianded chicken
Pitta Bread
Lettuce and tomatoes

Didn't really think about food last night, more concerned with our dog. She has been showing signs of aching legs after she's been out walking, but last night, she didn't even want to try the stairs. She even slept downstairs all night, her bed is upstairs. But this morning, bright and breezy she managed the stairs, but it's worrying, she's 8, a cross between a corgi and an alsatian (no idea what happened, we found her abandoned in a wood). I do hope she's ok.

Zumba this evening again, so I think I may be sleeping downstairs with the dog, those stairs are so hard after Zumba!!
How you finding it so far this week hun?

Hope your well x


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Hi Katy,

This week's been a lot better since being back at work - far more control over what I'm eating!! Never thought I'd actually be pleased to get back to work!!

I'm not quite sure what or who popped into my body yesterday, but I did two consecutive Zumba classes last night and this evening I've had a hard slog at the gym!

I'm quite pleased with the fact that I managed to do two hours of Zumba, would have never of thought 3 months ago that I was capable of that, so that's a major step in the right direction!

Foodwise has been really good too, with the usual breakfast, home made soups and chicken and pittas for tea. However, I did find out today that the Belvita's I've been having are not, by a long way, within the 5g rule! I don't know what I was looking at when I first checked them out! Anyway, I've decided that as I've found something for my breakfast which is convenient, super filling and keeps "hunger well and truly locked up until lunch" and more importantly, no side effects, and also that my weight loss doesn't seem to have suffered, I'm going to continue with them.

Any thoughts on this?
Good news, a quick check on the scales this morning showed that I've lost my Christmas gain! Now I've got nine days to shift a few more pounds. If I could lose 3lbs this time, I'd be quite chuffed with that!
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Hi Passiflora,

I f your having no side effects and losing weight i would continue with your breakfast option, especially if they keep the hunger pangs away till lunch.

Congrats on losing the xmas gain!!! xx

2 consecutive classes of zumba - you go girl! Its amazing how i have only lost 11 pounds ( sundays official loss ) and i feel i have so much more energy. I want to have lost my stone this week.

I know what you mean by being back at work. I am a manager and i have a strict rule of not eating at desks - the only time we did was chocolates at xmas. This stops me picking food and nibbling all day!

I am finding breakfast the hardest though, i can't eat first thing and have had to start setting my alarm for silly o clock to be up a few hours before so i can stomach food!

For tea today I had your chicken kebabs (again) tried bbq seasoning this time - not as nice as chilli on but defo did the job! When i fancy a takeaway going to do myself these.

I found a few tricks this week. I froze some strawberries, raspberries and grapes. The grapes i suck on like they are hard boiled sweets - surprisingly does the job.
With the strawberries and rasperries (frozen) i put them into ice cold fat free yoghurt (thick) and felt as though i was getting my icecream fix.

Katy xxx


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
I'm sure you'll love Zumba Katy!!

Oh dear, I eat at my desk!! Like you, I can't face food first thing in a morning, and I'm not good at getting up really early, so its breakfast when I get into work I'm afraid, and lunch at my desk too some days. One good thing for me though is that our office is open plan, so I don't eat because I'd be embarrassed by people seeing how much I can actually put away in a day when I'm not dieting!

I think I'll give your ice cream and frozen fruit idea a whirl! Totally agree about the frozen grapes!!

Strange day for me today foodwise, had a lie in, so "brunch" was an omlette with tomatos and boiled ham, then a quick, unsuccessful, shopping trip for a winter coat was followed by my Godson's birthday party, which was bowling, so that was a little exercise, but was followed by KFC! I had some chicken pieces, not with skin though, but managed to decline everything else, so I was quite pleased with that. Filled up later and in between with Muller light yoghurts.
mmmm KFC mmmm

Did I say mmmm lol! I wonder what the salads are like for the amount of fat??

I need a new winter coat too! Refuse to go an get one due to this weight will be shifted!

Well done on chosing the healthier option at KFC! Zumba is booked for tues and for thurs if I like it! xxx


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
I think the salads are quite high because of the dressing, and not particularly appetising either, the lettuce is always on the dry side and going brown, I guess they don't sell too many salads at KFC!!

You'll love Zumba!! My favourite (you may not do them if your leader does different ones) is the Shakira Waka Waka, (which is the one I was doing by the ice rink in Salzburg - see photo if I can upload it!!) and the wiggle wiggle!! The new one for Ricky Martin feels like I'm doing Austin Powers in the chorus bit!! Just get ready to shimmy and wiggle them hips!!


Thes hips are ready lol!


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!

Had a hungry day yesterday. Just craved food all day, but managed to keep most of my cravings under control until about 9.30 when I polished off a piece of Christmas cake, although I took the icing off, I kept the marzipan - it's the best bit!!

Back on the straight and narrow today though, and heading for the gym straight from work later.


Butternut Squash, Red pepper and chilli soup (homemade and very yummy!)
Toasted Pitta bread
LF yoghurt.

Hope today was a better day for you food wise hun! When i am at home I crave it all day but when i'm at work i have to remember to eat! x
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I'm the same Katy, odd isn't it!

My FIL has moved in and I tell you it's doing wonders in stopping me picking, there's only so many times you can raid the kitchen without looking like a piglet lol.

Anyway hope you have both had a fab day x


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Hi Passiflora! Just popping in to see how you're getting on :)
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Hi hope you getting on well passiflora, looking forward to reading your diary..Your doing so well so far and :wow: how did you only manage to put on 3lb over christmas thats great.. :D

The zumba sounds brilliant would love to give it a go, but there is nowhere local to me that does it, and i dont drive yet so for now it will have to be the wii fit at home!!
Hi hun, just seeing how you are doing?

Not been on for a while myself

Katy xx

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