The Weather!


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It's an awful day in Harrow today.....raining, grey and miserable!!! Makes me feel like curling up on the sofa, watching a good old fashioned movie on TCM with a mug of sweet tea and pack of custard creams!!! :eek: its Bob the Builder (which feels as if its on 24hr streaming!), a litre of water and, if I'm really lucky a bowl of muesli!!!

Ohhh for the good old days!!! :D
We've got Blues Clues on at the moment!! The girls are taking out their hair and I'm facing an afternoon of braiding! :p
Hubby and I are on "lunchbreak" from packing boxes!! The girls are having a whale of a time crawling in and out of the unmade boxes!!!
I love this weather. A bit grey, relatively cool. Just putting a thin cardi on as we speak. Perfect weather for me:)

Off to do the shopping and then go down the gym. Rather sit on the sofa and eat hobnobs though;)
I still have, hun! :D We had our niece staying with us this weekend who is the same age as Miks!!! :D :D
I can't believe the change in the weather - it's horrible :( To think that just a few weeks ago we were all melting in the heat!

Typical though, as soon as the kids break up from school, the bad weather starts :(
I HATE IT! Bring back summer! Grrrrrrr :mad:
Does anyone know whether the sun is due to make another appearance anytime soon????
I don't mine the coolness but please......NO RAIN:mad: . Well ok if it has to rain can it rain overnight then dry up during the day please.....
It's grey, windy and raining up here in the grim North - and I fecking hate it!!!! Am freezing my bazookas off - swaddled in jumpers - aaarrrggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just put the central heating on full blast to try and warm up - now that's just WRONG!!! lol

Forecast is gloomy! HOW RUDE!!!!! lol
its hot, blue skies and sunny today in south devon, quite breezy though. lots of yachts out on the water. i took the ferry to south Cornwall earlier and it was lovely. i was right up on the headland with the sea glinting in the sunshine.
the washining i put out earleir is dry.
Lucky you DB - its still gloomy here! ;(