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the weekend :(

You're right - the first few weekends are tough, but keep busy and you'll be OK. I think the trick is to get into the mindset where eating is simply not an option. Like flying to the moon, it is a nice idea but not on the cards, and a waste of energy wishing for.
If you want to lose the weight more than you want to eat, you'll do it.

i know how you feel this is going to be a tought first weekend.
I know we cant give in after just 1 week that would be so foolish. im sure we both can do it but its going to be hard.


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Long lies and early nights also definitely help in that first week! lol Keep up the good work, sending you lots of willpower!
cheating isn't an option guys !!

Focus on a treat for completing week one - even if its an extra long bath, a new book. Set some goals and treats for each one.

There is a thread called treats for feats! have a look on there for inspiration.

Well done for choosing LT, and you will get there quicker than any traditional method. Keep you eye on the goal and your first WI.

Good luck .

im with everybody on this, yes we miss our friday takeaway and the cinema popcorn and the cheese boards,,but it will be there when we get off and well appreciate it more then. take each day as it comes and theres no better time that on tfr lipotrim to get a lot of early nights.... remember you need your beauty sleep..x
It's my first weekend too! Really missing my food comforts that normally go along with a friday night :-( But the weigh in is on monday and I'm focusing on that. We can get through this lady24 and bigdaddydave. xxx
Yep,theres no deniying its goning to be hard,everyone in my house is having that friday feeling and im sat here with water lol but i know what the results can be.
You can do it hun,Good luck!

Oh were in Notts are you hun?



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well i managed friday night! wasnt so bad actually, today might be harder as im out and about later, but i think i will be fine! im in sutton in ashfield vicky literally next door to you :-D X
Used to live there before we moved to selston,used the sutton chemist too but now i use hucknall as i was too embarrassed to go back after i worked so hard then put it back on lol there really nice at sutton too.

First weekend for me to and I even went to the pub with OH to watch football, ( I certainly got my water intake today as it included 4 pints of soda water).

Jo x
Lady, how are you managing your saturday night?? Hope all is well and you are resisting - my hubby is just making a bacon butty - smells beautiful. I'm staying on the 'puter though!!

Caren. x

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