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The weight is over........

Hi Everyone out there - I am trying to lose weight again. How many times is this in my long 50 years on this planet?
Well, I have lost 3 stone about 4 times, 4 stone once and now need to lose a good four stone again. What diets have i tried? Well, there was the Cambridge Diet, the Micro Diet, the cabbage soup diet, the Egg (yes, Egg) diet, Weight Watchers about 4 times and I have now moved on to Slimming World.

I have now decided that my weight is over, the weight will be gone and my wait to start living will now start.:DI have been going now for about 5 weeks and have lost 13 pounds. That stone does seem to be running away from me as I just can not stop myself from indugling in a few too many scoops on a Friday and Saturday night.:7834:

Now, I am not an alcaholic quite yet, but just do not seem to be able to cut down on the dreaded grape juice. Anyway, OH is doing this with me, so that helps - other than when he asks if peanuts have syns (bless, some men have no idea)
Exercise has so far been no existant thanks to 2 dodgy discs in my back that I had operated on some time ago. I keep on trying to find time to go swimming, but there always seems some else that needs doing first.

I have been reading some of the posts on here for the last week or so and have already bought a slow cooker (fantastic). Some of the inspirational people on here should get a medal. My 24 year old son has also recently lost 6 stone on SW and is now starting maintenance.

B- 2 egg omlette with mushrooms in frylite and Baked Beans
Snack- apple
L- Jacket potato, Asda Good for you cottage cheese, green salad
Snack - apple
Dinner - chicken stir fy
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Missed a few days - not a good start to a diary - as I could not get on site. Anyway, yesterday
B. omlette with mushrooms and baked beans
L. 2 ryvita (HEB) with 2 laughing cow (part of HEA) and a Mugshot
D. mash made with stock and spring onion, lovely, liver, bacon and onions and broccoli, from one of the cook books, really lovely and certainly did not feel like "diet food":D

and the a few brandy and cokes. I have to admit I have never counted the syns on my brandy so from next week end i will do so. OMG that is going to be such a shock:eek:

B.2 eggs fried in fry lite, muchrooms and beans with bacon, lean only

L.pea and ham soup (SW recipie)

D. smoked haddock, SW fried rice and broccoli

Supper. 2 ryvita with laughing cow.

THats not bad, I think

Going to go on the cross trainer this afternoon, start slowly, no brandy WI Tuesday:)
well done - sounds like you are totally on track - good luck.x ps that is SOO true about some men not knowing about food - I could convince my husband that anything was healthy or low in calories :)
Monday here again, but in one way I do not mind. Its easier to keep to plan when in work.

No fridge, no cupboard, no booze, I only have what I bring with me in my little freezer bag. In there today is, tuna, lettuce, spring onion, beetroot salad, cherry toms, pepper and low cal italian vinegrette, an apple and a Muller lite Strawberry yoghurt.

Breakfast was the usual, omlette. mush rooms and baked beans and dinner tonight chicken stir fry.

Its going to be an odd day today 400 people are hearing if they have been successful in getting voluntary redundancy. I have not applied but will be losing a lot of people taht I have worked with for many years, its going to be a strange day:(
WI day today:eek:

B. omeltte, mushrooms, baked Beans
L, lettuce, toms, peppers, Spring onions, beetroot salad, tuna, miller lite strawberry yoghurt, apple
D. Stir fry.

2lbs tonight please

Work is a little happier today - couple of pregnancys annoucned, a lot of redundancies announced, voluntary and not:cry:


Loves Slimming world!!
Your diary looks great so far!! Sorry that work is a bit of a pain at the minute but at least there was some good news. Its a pain when people are hanging on eggshells waiting to find out about redundancies and things especially just before xmas!!! I work for the health service and they are looking people to take early retirement and voluntary redundancies in the admin side of things. Good luck for your weigh in tonight hope it goes well for you!!
Just popped in and had a quick read through your diary, you look like you are doing really well especially when things are a bit up in the air around you. I am going through something similar and think I will be made redundant after xmas so the job search has begun, however it has given me a chance to focus on my weight and exercise :)

Good luck for your WI tonight I hope you lose lots :) K x
Thanks Kirsty and Bubble for the supportive words.

A lot of people that have applied have now found out today that they have not been accepted so now, they are upset about that. :cry:
I decided not to go for the redundancy. I have only been here 5 and half years, and together with the fact that at 50 years of age it starts getting more difficult to find a good new job, thought I would be better off protecting my wage packet.

Well, back to diet I have put a Christams mini tracker on my site. I want to try and be 14st something by Christmas, 14st anything will do:) thanks for the encouragement for WI
Really, really pleased 3.5lbs off last night:D:D:D

Now another week.......

B. Omlette, mushrooms, baked beans
Snax. apple, Muller Lite
L. Rest of stir fry from last night, Beetroot Dalad, SW cranberry and Yogurt bar
Snax. Apple
D. Chicken Salad

Still have not done any exercise. :sigh: Why is it called Body Magic? Its not magic, I dont wave a wand and through a miracle I have just run 2 miles, :whacky068:done 50 sit ups, and bench pressed 200LBs....its hard work:(
Nearly the end of the week:)

B. Omlette, mushrooms, baked beans
Snax, apple
L, Baked potato, LF Cottage cheese, green Salad.
Snax, banana
D. Chicken Salad, SW Cranberry and Yoghurt bar

Still no exercise....
The girl that sits next door to me in work has just bought in a chocolate cake:cry:Its a good thing that I have good willpower in work:D
Its Friday:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait for a lie in tomorrow.

B. omlette, bans and Mushrooms
Snax. Muller lite
L. Baked potato with BB and green salad
Snax. apple
D. pork chop (lean) Savory rice, broccoli.

Had Brandy and Coke last night:eek: bad girl:argh::whip: Dont you just love these smilie things, they say things that you just cant put into words........


Loves Slimming world!!
Well done on resisting the chocolate cake!! I dont know if I could of shared ur will power lol!! I love long lie in's at the weekends but I am working this weekend so no such luxury for me!! We all need a wee treat every now and again so dont be too hard on urself about the brandy and coke!! Keep up the great work misses!!!!
Fortunatly the rest of the team devoured the cake in double quick time, but I dont seem to have any problems resisting in work. My diet is part of the daily routine when in work, its when I am at home being friends with the fridge that I am tempted.
As for the Brandy and coke, just love it:D It is my treat:D
Well its Monday, again!:sigh:

Why do I wish my life away waiting for the weekends? So bored...........

B, omlette, mushrooms, baked beans
L.tuna salad
D. Chicken stir fry

Had too much brandy at the weekend:sigh:
Been a naughty girl and stepped on the dreaded scales this morning. I have put 2 pounds on since Friday:sigh:. That will mean that I have either STS or put on maybe half a pound this week.

I have been as good as I usually am, and last week did lose three and a half, so I should not complain - but obviously I am:eek:

Well we shall see what happens this evening, and lose or not, at least I have syn free Lincolnshire sausages to look forwards to for dinner this evening:)
Yup, STS - am not going to complain just change my plan slightly.

I have BB (speed food) :bolt:with my omlette every morning, but not a lot as I do find them quite hard to eat at 6.30am, but I am going to force myself to have one more spoonful every day.

Going to have melon (Speed food):bolt: at work every day instead of now and again.

Going to have two ryvita with lunch of salad everyday as I keep on forgetting my HEB.

Going to force myself to go to the gym (if I had £1 for everytime I said that, I would be so rich)

At the weekend when I have some time, I will look at a version of Speed soup to have at lunch with my ryvita.:eating:


Loves Slimming world!!
Staying the same is great at least u didnt put on. You idea of having more speed fruit and veg is a great and should have you dropping pounds next week!! But make sure you keep your chin up misses!!! Hope you have a great week xxx
Thought I would have a change today.

Breakfast was Vanilla Muller with strawberries (Speed food)and a dark rye ryvita (half a HEB) crumbled in - very nice, in fact quite yummy, I was most suprised.:clap:

Lunch will be baked potato and baked beans (speed food) with green salad.

Dinner SW Cabonara, I have managed to get some Quark, never used it before.

Snax will be 2 apples, ryvita with laughing cow (HEB and HEA).

Going to the theatre tonight to see Death by Murder, its got Dirty Den in it, should be quite funny.:D

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