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The 'When I am slim and healthy, Im gonna do ' Thread.

I hope this will be a hit with some of you. Basically, all you need to do is list what you want to do when you acheive your weight goal.

When I am slim and healthy Im gonna go to my own birthday party and flirt and get drunk and wear a little black dress!!!! (and knee length boots, they dont do boots to fit my calves at the mo)

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When I am slim and healthy I am going to do a 10K run for charity and feel proud of myself.
I'm also going to wear a skirt that goes above my knees and be able to walk in heels without wincing with pain on every step because my body is soo heavy on my feet!

Fab thread!:)


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When I am slim and healthy I want to be able to sit half way up in a sun lounger by the pool reading a book and NOT have to put a towel over my belly to hide the blubber.
I am going to love love love sitting by the pool ... and swimming in it.

I'm going to learn how to ride a motorbike (everyone take up flying lessons)

I'm sorely tempted to do a parachute jump! .... watch this space :)

I'm going to have a family photograph done (with hubby and 3 kids) for my 20th wedding anniversary next year and love it!
When I am slim...I am going to love shopping and buy nice clothes, hopefully get the courage to go into a bridal shop and try on a dress (i havent done this and wedding is less than 4 months away!!) I am going to make heads turn!!

I will do it and I will resist temptation..... and instead treat myself to a mug of soup yum
When I'm slim I'm gonna have my hair cropped short, bleached blonde and buy a pair of leather trousers, jump on the back of a harley and ride off into the night, if I could rewind time 20 years that is


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when I am slim I want to be able to go on holdays and not have to worry about 1) fitting into the aeroplane seat 2) not have to worry about swimsuits, shorts or what everyone thinks of me in them 3) not have to worry about flights of stairs and have to cope with the embarrassement!
This is great guys, very encouraging, very encouraging, its important to remind ourselves why we are doing all of this, and its great to find reasons why people want to get healthy, if healthy is 12stone or 10stone etc.
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At the rate I'm going, when I'm slim and healthy I'll treat myself to a new purple rinse!!

Seriously though, when I'm slim and healthy I'm going horse-riding :)
When i get to my slim me im gonna
buy my first bikini
buy myself a gucci black dress
buy underwear from agent provcateur
hopefully go on a mega shopping spree in new york

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Hope you don't mind me adding to this thread???

Now i'm slim & healthly i......

Have bought my first bikini.
Not worried about sitting in a plane seat tomorrow. :D
Have bought myself a whole new wardrobe full of size 12's.
Wear clothes that are NOT elasticated (sp) around the waist.
Wear tight fitting clothes & skirts above my knees.
Enjoy eating out, not afraid to eat in public.
More flexible & enjoy lots of bedroom activities :)D you know what i mean!!!....lol)
Have loads of sexy underwear.
Feel more happy & confident.
Had my wedding dress altered from a size 24 to a size 12 (still need to take new pics)

One thing i'd still like to do is learn to swim....


When I'm slim and healthy I'm going to have a massive wardrobe clear out, have a wardrobe full of NEW clothes that I've been buying in size 12 and not wearing (can't) so probably won't need a shopping spree. I'm going to get a "Colour Me Beautiful" consultation to learn what colours and style of clothes suit me, buy a full length mirror and have professional photographs taken with hubby and daughter.

Going to follow Jason Vales juicing plan to keep weight off, continue running 3 times a week - build up to 10km = 30km per week. Enjoy having photos taken.


has started again!!
When I am slim, I am still gonna log onto Minis, coz without I dont know where I'd be!! I too want a mega shopping trip, with beautiful lingerie and sexy clothes at the top of my list!!
All very loverly sentiments, and of course people who have reach their goals and are maintaining can post what they have done since they have been slim and healthy.

Just started the thread as I am faultering and need to have encouragement as to what is possible.:bliss::gen157::talk017:


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When I am slim i am going to finally go a to a school reunion

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