The White Stuff


Need help
You big kid, your just like me I love it. Shame I have to go to work as I would have come round and built a snow man with you.
To all those sole sourcers out there wrap up as you will be cold today.



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Not a flake in Great Yarmouth!


Need help
You poor sod, I have just measured it and it is about 4" and is really coming down hard. ( thats the snow depth I mean):D



finding my way again !
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here in Bournemouth we are REALLY lucky & not 1 single flake has fallen, just loads of rain.
its good living in the south !!!


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Im in Essex to Fitz, We got loads :D
Im even keeping my 5 year old off school so we can make a snowman and she can enjoy it before it all melts away later on.
Have a nice day everyone, take care if your traveling;)


Lovin it !!! :)
Just text my mate in Norwich to see what it's like there, I am travelling to Luton so setting off early - but it does amuse me how the whole world comes to a halt - just allow more time, take it easy - keep your distance and take water and something to eat with you if you do travel - bought to you by the fitz roadwatch travel information service - lol
Have good day everyone -
Bev :wave_cry:


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Ziltch where i am in Devon! Smilies arent working, but i am upset about it! I want Snowwwwwwww!!! Can any of you post a pic of your garden to cheer me up?? Thanks!!


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I'm north of Salisbury, we've had a couple of inches and it's still coming down. Have to work this afternoon but enjoying it while I'm cosy at home. Kettle will be going lots for hot sunshine orange drinks, had 2 mugs already and warming up.


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None in York!! (damn it)