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Then and now....


has started again!!
Then I was grateful for Evans, and the security it afforded me. If I needed clothes there they were, with whatever size I needed. I might not have liked what I chose, but hey...I WAS grateful.
Now I can walk right past Evans with my head held high. I can go into any high street store, and be pretty sure they will have something to fit that I love! Yesterday I ventured in Monsoon (sale time). I saw a swimsuit I just loved to bits, black and white, it was gorgeous. But guess what, far too big and no others on the rack! The choice in my size was confusing, in good way, so I left, very happy with a new pair of sparkly flip flops and some jewelery! After all, I am still losing and when the next sale comes around my size might be more stable ,and I will actually be able to keep what I buy for longer than a few weeks.

Then in hot weather my thighs would rub, and get so sore. I carried cream and medicated talc with me. How sad. My feet and ankles swelled up so much if was on them for long, they were really sweaty and unpleasant, whatever I did to treat them. Under my boobs and under my fat tum would get very red and itchy and smelly. Another fungal infection, I beleive, caused by sweat and heat. Oh it was vile.
Now...Ok so not much heat around at the moment, but I am so confident that these issues are now resolved. My boobs although a little saggy, are not the enormous fat packs they once were, ans are amply supported by my newly fitted, pretty bras. My tummy still flaps a bit, but is def improved. (I could never even see my C-section scar, as it was covered by my fat.) I can see the scar, happily faded quite well, and my knickers actually sit where they should instead of under my tum. Its quite a novelty, I can tell you. I am happily anticipating the heat of the Med in two weeks, rather than dreading it!

Then I would actively discourage any thoughts of a holiday involving flying, or activity. Too fat for an airline seat and to unhealthy to carry out much at all in the way of activity. When MIL took us on a cruise 3 years ago, I was panic stricken that I would be too fat for the airline seat let alone need a seat belt extension. I had my husband look up the actual measurements of the seats in the plane we were flying in, then make up a template for me to sit on.... I was also too fat, just last year to ride on any of the thrill rides at Alton Towers. I was so sad and totally mortified.
Now, as I have already said, bring on the summer hols!! No worries, just pure joy at the anticipation. Also have been to Thorpe Park this year, with no problems at all for the rides. How great does this feel....

Then, I am told, my snoring was terrible. Steve took to wearing ear plugs, and often slept elsewhere in the house if I was really driving them home.
Now I no longer snore at all and havent for some time!! I do actually feel I am sleeping better now.

Then I was scared to ask for what I needed or wanted in a shop or restaurant. I always felt I was likely to be judges or scorned because of my bulk.
Now if I need something, or need to complain because of poor service or whatever, I will do so. My confidence has grown immeasurably as my weight has dropped.

There are so many more things that keep occurring to me, so many beneficial changes as a result of my time on LL. (In fact, just this am Steve told me the stairs dont creak as much any more when I walk on them!!) I just wanted to share, in case anyone else struggles the way I do at times. It can be a great idea to focus on the positives at times like this, as well as to re-align our goals.

I am sure many of you also have some fantastic "then and nows" so lets hear them......
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Cherry Plum

One day at a time
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Wow Sez I could have written that post, it is exactly the same for me.
I feel so great walking past Evans, knowing I won't ever have to venture in there again.
There is some lovely stuff in the sales, I have spent so much that I'm starting to get worried that I may have a new obsession!!! Hopefully its just because of the sales & my holiday that is looming.
It is wonderful that our legs don't rub anymore, I even have a small gap between my thighs - whoopee
I can't wait to see how my new figure fits into an aeroplane seat after years of being so uncomfortable & I don't need to check out the seats in the restaurants before we go in, incase I get stuck or they hurt my legs.
Glad your feeling more positive.


likes posting.
wow i could have wrote that too Sez, i think we dont reliese what we put ourselfs though until we lose the weight, i wish i could have done this diet years ago.Well done for writing it all down.

Just Do It

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Great post, how much our lives are affected by our size, in so many ways. We don't really realise until we lose it.

It is so poignant really, the sad people we were.

My OH said to me the other day "Hey, we can go abroad now you have lost weight". Yippee, I can't wait, just need to earn some money first!


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