There’s never a good time

Sadly I lost my incredible 96 year old mother in law 10 days ago and the last days have been fraught with funeral plans , supporting my bereft husband and all that horrible practical stuff that has to be done when you have the least will power to do it. Needless to say diet hasn’t been on my mind. In the past I would probably have allowed the sadness and tiredness to roll over into comfort eating and endlessly drift on but have decided this morning to get back on the horse so to speak and not let this event also be an excuse . Megan was one of the toughest welsh ladies I have ever known the least I can do is show some of her strength and fortitude
I'm so sorry for your loss x
This internet stranger send you poistive vibes. Good you are back on it. Be kind to yourself.
It's always difficult time but also a very busy one if you have homes to clear etc. Being busy is great when you are dieting though so it might just be a positive time for losing weight.
thanks all yes defiantly busy the upside of which is that, despite my food crimes, I have only gained a few pounds . Bought more supplies form exante this morning and planning to stay busy with nice things, dog walking etc . So getting back in the zone and focussing on how much I can lose before the big Bday.