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Secret Diary of a Fat Girl - My First Week

Well...........who would have thought it, me, on a diet (again). Previous attempts had been a disaster, mainly due to my liking for an alcoholic beverage every now and again. Or maybe a little more often than that. What girl doesn't like a glass of wine to forget the trials and tribulations of the day. Only a glass turned into another, and sometimes another. Before you know it the whole bottle has gone, oooooops. Who am I kidding, it wasn't all wine related, most of it was my inability to stop eating. A packet of crisps here and a chocolate bar there.

Suddenly I'm 26 years old and a size 28 with low self esteem and zero confidence, all down to my weight. I'd known for years that something needed to be done but had no inclination. I started slimming world in 2009 and it took about a year to shift three stones, but I got bored of it as there wasn't an instant result and it was hard work. As my lovely mum would say "you didn't put it all on in 5 minutes so it won't disappear that quickly". Needless to say I knocked it all on the head for calories, they're so yummy.

Back to the flab, yep so woke up one morning and decided I was going to do it, I was going to bite the bullet and go back to Slimming World.

I wanted a diet that was simple to follow and I could still eat what I wanted within moderation, as long as it was on the healthy side. Don't think that my consultant Debbie would be too chuffed with me telling her that I only ate 3 packets of crisps instead of 4, or that I'd eaten the double chocolate chip cookies rather than the ones with triple chocolate. I'm sure you get the drift.

Really nervous about going back, and not particularly motivated but when you go on a family holiday and refuse to go swimming because of your size then something needs to be done, the disappointment on my sons face was not a pretty picture and more than tugged at my heart strings - so I was going to do it, honest! Didn't fancy it on my own, as I wouldn't know anyone so I roped my good old aunty into coming along, helps that she would be great moral support as well as the food police checking up on what I'd been eating.

Off we go on Monday 20th June to the first meeting, and it was sooooooooo long, really made me look forward to next weeks meeting, NOT.

Anyway, we signed up and joined the rest of the group to hear how they'd done over the last week. Very impressed with the weight loses and hope that I can manage to do the same. They did the usual raffle and awards such as slimmer of the week and the milestones, no pun intended. Then, cue dramatic music, it was time to step onto the scales. This is the part that I was least looking foward to. It was a case of close your eyes and hope for the best. Now I know that I wasn't going to weigh 10 stone, although one of my legs might. It wasn't a brilliant weight, but not as bad as I was expecting so I guess that counts for something. Off we went with our diet book, our food diarys, not to forget the hi-fi bars purchased to eat during the week. God I was hungry.

I must have been a rabbit in a former life, how many salads can one person eat. Don't get me wrong it's not all about salads but I was trying to make a determined effort. So every day it's been a mullerlight for breakfast, fruit to keep me going till lunchtime, a cheese salad for lunch, fruit and maybe a hi-fi bar to stop me starving, and then some sort of meat and veg for my evening meal. I've never eaten so much fruit, but it hasn't been so bad.

My second day on the diet was the worst and I suspect that was down to me having to retrain my body foodwise, so sorry fatty no crisps today have a lettuce leaf. I was starving at bedtime, just lying there listening to my stomach rumble. Phoned my mum and she gave me a bit of a pep talk, so thanks mum much appreciated. Made my way downstairs and had a bowl full of strawberries and cherries with two pots of yoghurt on top, it did the trick and stopped the rumbling.

The rest of the week seemed to be going ok, I was happy and filling up on lots of fruit so didn't find myself waivering. Even thought of some new dishes to cook, and as my son would say, they were delish. Result! Tasty food that was healthy and I was full. Now I've just got to keep it up.

Friday night was a nightmare. Got in from work and the boy went to the babysitters and I was going out to a friends, so had no time for dinner. Well that's a lie I could have made time, but opted for a nice soak in the bath and extra time applying my make up. Got to my friends and somehow managed to polish off two bottles of wine. Bugger. I'd been good all week and now I'd undone my hard work, wasn't thinking about it at the time though as it was rather nice.

Got up Saturday morning with a banging headache and absolutely no appetite, should have made myself eat breakfast but just couldn't face it. So I survived on coffee until about 8pm, then I had a salad, what a surprise. Today wasn't much better just drinking water and eating lunch. Didn't fancy anything else. In my own warped kind of way I'm hoping that my lack of food over the weekend has cancelled out the wine I drowned in. Fingers crossed. Everything crossed.

I'll find out tomorrow when I step on those scales, eeeeeeeek!
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Good luck with your weigh in today :)

I know what you mean about the weight not just falling off we just have to remember that its going to take time, I have about 10st to lose and have it in my head that by xmas 2012 i could nearly be at my goal weight i honestly think this helps me as b4 i use to be on a diet for a fortnight and then think sod it back to the choccie lol this time something just clicked and i know its now or never.

Good luck we can do this x

Welcome to Minimins xx

You'll find every one here so helpful, supportive and best of all, non judgemental.... best of luck tonight :D
Good Evening Ladies,

Thank you for your kind words and the well wishes.

Drum role please......

I lost 5lbs during my first week, and it's a loss that I'm very very happy with. Just goes to show that hard work does pay off, and I need to stick with this.

Off for a mullerlight to celebrate.

Good luck with your weigh in's and I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for your updates.

FG xXx
Well done on the 5lbs! Dieting is boring and hard - I think that's why we make up all these crazy diets with crazy rules, to try and keep the boredom at bay!

I'm a spirit drinker as opposed to a wine drinker, so don't know what the calories are like - have you thought about switching to a lower calorie option? For example, I always switch to vodka and diet coke when I'm on a diet, as it's the lowest spirit in terms of cals :)
Thanks everyone, I am chuffed and wearing a big smile, it's certainly a good start.

I drink spirits when out Cherry, usually a vodka and tonic, which I've now switched to slimline tonic.

Wine is more for at home, but I have banned myself from buying anymore at the moment. It's going through my head that maybe I could have lost more if I hadn't had what I did. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Maybe I shall celebrate once the first stone is gone!
Good idea about not buying wine for home. I'm like that with chocolate, and I find not having it in REALLY cuts down on my consumption. If I have to get off my bum and leave the house to get it, then 98% of the time I won't bother (and I figure for the 2% I do, I must have *really* wanted it, and thus kinda deserve it for making the effort!) :p
Way to go congrates on losing 5lbs x
Thanks muppet x
Arghhhhh I don't know what's wrong with me today.......

Woke up way too early and felt extremely motivated for the ungodly hour.

Got myself in the kitchen, prepared lunch which was a chicken salad and this evenings meal - garlic chicken with mushrooms and peppers.

Both were lovely, nothing to moan about there.

Had the usual snacks such as fruit, a yoghurt and a boiled egg.

Now feeling extremely irritable and I can only put it down to a long day at work and being tired - it's almost enough to send a girl for the chocolate. However I won't. I know I can do this.

Gonna wait till the sprogs asleep and attack the house with some cleaning, find that a great way to get rid of pent up frustration and usually lifts my bad mood.

Even got tomorrows lunch ready, forward planning seems to be working and I won't be tempted by anything in the canteen - which all seems to have been cooked in the deep fat fryer.

Payday on Thursday and I'm thinking of getting a blender to make my own fruit juice and a hand musher (don't know the technical name) it's long and white and like a handheld blender.

Fingers crossed for a better nights sleep and some more get up and go tomorrow.
Welcome to the boards and well done on your 5lbs loss, that's awesome! Onwards and downwards... :D x
Such a lovely way of putting it thank you x
keep up the good work hun it will only get easier :)

lol re hand musher know exactly what you mean isn't it just called a hand blender? lol

have a great day x
Evening all,

Yep it's called a hand blender madmuppet, had a stupid moment, alas they'd sold out when I went shopping.

Had a much more positive day today, and killed the chocolate craving with a vanilla mullerlight & chocolate sprinkles - not quite the same but did the trick.

Am finding forward planning very helpful meal wise, such as preparing tomorrows lunch the night before when I'm doing dinner. Just so I don't get up in the morning and feel like I can't be bothered.

Had a gorgeous tea of curry, homemade curry sauce too! Such a strange recipe but tastes as if it came straight from the chip shop.

For anyone brave enough to give it a go - 1 tin of chopped tomatoes, 1 tin of beans, 1 tin of mushy peas and 4 tablespoons of mild curry powder. Use a blender or a potato masher to bring it all together. Sounds disgusting, but I assure you that the end result was gorgeous.

Lunch tomorrow is chicken salad with a natural yogurt and mint dressing - yum yum yum!

This positive feeling can definitely stay.

Hope you're all doing well and the weigh in's are going down down down.

FG xx

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