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There can be miracles!


Playing the Angel
Wow, am absolutely blown away!!! Lighter Life is possibly the best thing that has ever happened to me. Was so excited when just a few weeks ago I fitted into size 14's. Managed to pick up some bits at the charity shop up by my mom's and expected them to last for ages yet. Well when I popped into our Sainsbury's megastore (one with clothes) I said to my sister who is on a similar diet, lets just try on a size 12 to see how far we have to go to get into them... and OMG MIRACULOUSLY they all fit perfectly, some were even a little loose!!! I absolutely cannot believe it, less than 3 months ago I was an 18/16!! It is such a novelty trying on things and they fit, or are too loose!! I eventually tried on the most beautiful LBD, never expecting it to fit, and to feel like the usual sausage in a skin, but it looked amazing on, my sister insisted I treated myself - which in reality didn't take that much arm twisting!!! I still cannot believe I am actually a size 12 - I couldn't have dreamed of this a few months ago.

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Congratulations hun i can't wait to have that feeling it must be like flying through the sky.

x x x sam x x x
:banana dancer:

WELLDONE :D thats such an achievement! size 12 bliss!!

You should be very very proud of yourself :D

Keep Up the amazing work! :)
yay - well done sweets, thats great, dead proud of you. xxx

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
whey hey you :0)xxxxx im soo proud of my little maybelle :0) xxxx

LL Gal

Beautiful day


Playing the Angel
Thank you sooo much everyone for your lovely words :) I still can't really believe it as being true, but the clothes fit so obviously it is!



Playing the Angel
Heheheheehe, yes, I am starting to feel "normal" now :) It is such a liberating experience, all this being able to have shopping as a happy experience not a frustration and a time to beat myself up for my failings....


sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
aherm !!!! totally , ive asked for top shop vouchers for every bday and christmast the last couple of years now , its getting to be an issue :eek:) xxx


Playing the Angel
Hehehe, I have never needed any encouragement to shop, I think my bank account is a bit fearful already, I mean I will need new everrrrrrrrrrything!!!!!!!! Thank god for charity shops though, deffo planning a trip to some in the posh areas ie Knightsbridge and Notting Hill, our local one is a bit pants, but my Mom's one is awesome, so I feel a small raid coming on in September when I am up there again!!!!

Oh dear Jez

You are getting the bug. I've got shopping itis! I think I'm making up for 25 years of buying mostly black cover ups.
Can't stop shopping now.
It's FAB isn't it? Enjoy.


Happy in my own skin
Well done you !, it's such a lovely feeling isn't it??...:D
Well done ... it's a great feeling isn't it :D

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