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there may be trouble ahead :(


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what a day it's been. To cut a long story short i got a call today telling me my dad died last week. I'm going back home next week to attend the funeral and i'm terrified i'm going to end up breaking my diet that day. I know i have more important things to worry about but i cant help but fret over it, it's been hard work getting this far and i don't want to go off track.

I'm an emotional comfort eater which is a recipe for disaster at a family funeral. Not only that but i have to go back home and attend the funeral on my own and i'm estranged from my mother, so all in all it's going to be a hell of a difficult time. Anyone got any pearls of wisdom they can share to help me get through this with diet in tact? If so please share, this is a crucial time for me and i need all the help and support i can get since i have none in the *real* world.

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Cookeh - I am so sorry for your loss and that you are having such a tough time. When my dad died two years ago, a friend wrote in a card that "nothing will ever be the same again, but that is as it should be". Once I really thought about it I found it very comforting.

The funeral is going to be very difficult for you (especially under the circumstances) but you've proved how tough you are and if you can cope with this you will know that you can cope with anything. For you the funeral need not be about eating and drinking - it will be about saying good bye to your dad, and sharing that experience with other people who he meant a lot to.

Do your best to stay strong, and try to focus on your memories of your dad.
Lots of love and good luck



Otherwise known as Jools
Sorry to hear of your loss Cookeh. As Jon says above make the day about saying farewell to your dad. Would he want you to break your diet even despite the circumstances? I am sure that he would have been most proud of your success and would want you to continue that - he will be looking down on you most proud I am sure if you can carry on being successful.

Remember your dad and enjoy the memories hopefully that will keep you strong and focused. Lots of love xxxx Jools.

irish molly

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Cookeh, just want to echo the sentiments already expressed. Just focus on the fact that you are there to remember your Dad. There will be others there who will care for you too and will want to support you. If the atmosphere is too tense to bear you can make your exit once the funeral is over. Don't worry what anyone will think, it is how you feel that will matter.
Oh honey i am so sorry for your loss and what a way to get the news. I too am an emotional eater, its so hard sometimes but I found even wen i was goin through emotional roller coasters while on TFR i had more control than i ever expected maybe Tfr will help you get threw the day as you are already well into ketosis so hopefully it will keep you in check. Now im not gonna say you wont need some will power to stay away from the food but you have already shown what a strong powerful person you are so ive no doubt you will be fine.

Like the others have said focus on making the day bout saying goodbye to your father you will get threw this and i just bet your father will be so so proud of you and what you have achieved and wudnt want you stopping on the way to your goals.

You will be fine and I really hope that husband of yours is being some way supportive to you at this time. If not you will find the strength inside coz i know its there. xxxxxx

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