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There's something wrong with me...........


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:rotflmao: Oh Corey - don't make me laugh I'm in pain! Ouch - I can understand it (vaguely) but the whole idea of wanting the cat's food is enough to make me bleurghhhhh!
Went to feed my two little puddy cats tonight, and their food smelt unbelievably good - I'm think I am slowly going mad!!!!!

You didnt try it did you;)
Good for you for resisting:D:D:D:D:D



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I tell you - I have never smelt beef and gravy smell so good.
Its not good Cora stop meowing, we re not convinced:(

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Yes. You can.
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About two weeks into this, my cat was diagnosed with Pancreatitis ( :( ) So they put her on a special diet.....

Vennison and Green Peas!!!! THe sod!

lol....I rememebr being slighlty concerned that I was jealous of my cats diet!! :D

(But I can't get on board with the tinned food smelling nice - just can't!!! :D)


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I am tres jealous of my cats' food. They are having lovely cuts of beef with vegtables in gravy and I'm having ANOTHER vanilla shake. I have been jealous of them for about two weeks now!

I completely understand how you feel Corey!
I think my two furries are feeling sorry for me as I was woken up this morning by a load of cat biscuits landing on my head!
They are certainly put out by the fact their human pillow can no longer sit still in the evening!
I can even smell food when there isnt any, im drooling all the time, but i must admit, cat food is starting to smell de-lish:banghead: Glad Im not the only one lol xxx


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S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
Noooooooooo I'm so not with you all on this one .... just the thoughts of it are horrid horrid horrid :D

The only thing that sounded okay was the venison and peas and that's only if I'm cooking it and know that there's no other dodgy cat stuff in there.

I can't even walk down the pet food aisles in Asda/Tesco cos of the smell of it all - and that's whether I am on or not on the diet. :eek:

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