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they fit!


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I just had to post this! I've been wearing dresses for work for some time now mainly becaus my work trousers didn't fit me anymore and I hte buying work trousers because it's so hard to find ones to fit.

But today I felt brave, I knew I had lost weight so thought I'd try and old pair of trousers on which I could not even get in to before and they now fit! Not only that I'm lookin in the mirror and can see I've lost weight! I feel so motivated.

I just felt I had to share that as I am unbelievablely happy! I want to weigh myself but have no scales so will have to wait til I visit my parents. Yaaay!!

Thanks for listening :)
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:character00238: Well done Emms!

I've got a pair of jeans that are my benchmark. I threw out all my old clothes that I couldn't get into, except for this one pair of jeans that have been sitting at the bottom of my wardrobe for about two and a half years. The day I can get into those I will be very, very happy.

I dare not try them just yet (!) but your story is v inspiring.


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well done Emms, it's great seeing clothes that were tight on you before hanging off you all of a sudden isn't it. I've just given away several pairs of 18 trousers that i was in before, am now in a size 10 trouser for work! Keep going, you'll have shrunk down in no time! :D


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Congratulations well done! I didn't really have any clothes like that (been 'big' since early twenties), but going in a shop and buying size 12 jeans that felt loose gave such a feeling of achievement!

Well done and keep up the good work! Some people actually measure themselves (waist, hips, thighs, arms etc) and track their progress that way. Something I should have done :)


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Some people actually measure themselves (waist, hips, thighs, arms etc) and track their progress that way. Something I should have done :)
I did both that and the weigh-ins. It's good for the ego and motivation, especially if you have a STS week, weight-wise, as you can often notice a change with the tape measure instead.
Thanks everyone. I'm so glad I joine this site. I was so excited this morning I just had to post it on here. Kind of regretting wearing trousers now though as its such a sunny day...typical!


Goat herder(ess)
Oh I see. We're told to expect those, aren't we? Some time down the line, anyway...
Most people get weeks like that every now and again, particularly around TOTM or if they have any transit issues. Occasionally, people also stall because of various foods and drinks - such as too much dairy, salty foods or even Diet Coke.

Sometimes you have to just wait it out, or sometimes it's possible to help by cutting down on problem foods or even increasing the amount of exercise taken.

Whilst it's a little frustrating, it usually works out okay in the end.

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