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Hello Daily Threaders

Today's title comes courtesy of both Aseyan and Minniemel. It reflects newly published evidence that a pear-shape for the ladies has some healthy benefits, but we would obviously like to be in the J-Lo mode, rather than the 'back end of the bus' style!

Firstly, I have composed a little:
'Ode To The Snow'

Here is my ditty
What a shame it's not witty
Snow, snow
Why won't you go?
Your persistence is bold
But you're making us cold
And you no longer look at all pretty!

Nominations for next Poet Laureate gratefully accepted, ha ha!

As some of you might have read, I had a hungry day yesterday. Unfortunately the hunger didn't subside and I came very close to ordering a meal at Wagamama. But I decided that I have choices, and I could use my choice wisely by having mt fruits of the forest shake and sticking to CD, or wrecking 9 days of a re-start.

Came home after 11, and have had my 4th pack (a soup) and feel fine. Have tried to work out what's happening. I think, or rather I know that I drink too much black coffee (mainly caffeinated) and not enough water. So today I will make changes, and also include calming peppermint tea.

Wishing everyone a good day x:33:
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I'm definitely digging the name :). I effectively screwed up today (Wednesday) due to a work emergency I found myself away from home at 4am until 7pm without shakes or any food. Unfortunately I did not make wise choices unlike you but its a blip and tomorrow I'm back on track.


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Lovely poem thingy :D very apt

Glad you made the right choice sarah, well done x

Ase- we all been there ! Head up and carry on x

Brrrrrr feels cold in my house or is it ketosis ? I never know!

Am about to pack a few bits for tomorrow not even got my dollars yet ( how bad) anyway

Hope everyone has a superb day today NO CHEATING!!!


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Food mentioned

Hello Ladies,

Love the poem Bling!

Yesterday i had an almighty headache, got home and had a bit of a blip and felt mega guilty.
My other half was due to be home by half four so i left work in time to be home the same time. When i got home i had a voicemail saying he had been called out so wouldnt be in till 8 :(
Me being me got all emotional about it as i was looking forward to seeing him and rammed my mouth full of naughty stuff! Then my boyfriend returns home with a large pizza, large garlic bread and chips . . . . due to my mini binge i really didnt fancy any and made myself a shake instead.

Its a bit of a tough time at the moment with family for me and my OH but so many good things are happening or happened for 2010 already and the new slimmer me is deffinitely part of my 2010 goal :D

So today ladies is going to be a good day and i WILL be 100% !
Glugged half a litre of water already and have my shake to hand **mmm**

Have a good day ladies :D

Mrs Taurus

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Love the poem Bling, may I suggest an extra line after .......pretty,very childish but ;you make us feel so sh***y! (the snow that is)
However if we all make the right choices we will feel great today,one day at a time for all those struggling like my self(a weekend struggler fine in week).
Have a great trip Mrs E,I think the best part of going away is the excitement leading up to it.
A final message to all you strugglers out there: at least by confessing on here we are not burying our heads in the sand-being in control is fab,but battling is still much better than throwing in the towel because we will win the fight eventually. X


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Nice poem BB :)

Well this is day 1 for me. I've not started yet, I'm not hungry.

Me and the kiddies had our swine flu jabs yesterday and I've woken up feeling like I've run the London marathon. Everything is aching and my arm is swollen and I cant move it due to pain. So that's a bad start to my day 1.

The kids however seem to be fine. But I have to have another part of the swine flu jab in 4 weeks and I don't want it :(.

It's snowed here overnight. We were finally pretty much rid of it in my area, but now it's back with a vengeance.

OH has gone to work much to my disgust that my puppy dog eyes don't work anymore for him to take a day off :(.

Safely to say, I'm feeling very sorry for myself.

My plans were to tidy the house today, I think that's gone down the pan well and truly!


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Morning Ladies --

Bling, I love the poem (can I be your campaign manager for your Poet Laureate "run"?). And, Mrs T's line made me laugh aloud!

Ase, As Mrs E said, "We've all been there." I carry a bookbag (usually leave it in the car, unless I am going to shop or something) and in it I have a large plastic bag with a plain water, CD flavoured water, and a bar). I rotate the water daily -- if it is not used when out, then it is at home. I also swap the bar -- when I clean the bag out (every few days). It would not probalby be enough for getting stuck at work all day (or night) - but it might tide you over.

Couldn't you leave a "stash" at work? I used to do that (have a few shakes, shaker cup (I bought an extra), and some bars and small fizzy water bottles.

Mrs. E -- The Post Office can probalby sell you some dollars -- and New York has loads of ATMs ( and the rate whould be okay -- if you aren't hit with too big a fee). Also credit cards are accepted most places these days. Have fun, bundled up -- and watch the weight of your luggage!

Haley 22 -- I hope that you can get your OH to "get on board" andnot bring temptation into the house. It might seem a little harsh to ask him to do this... but really it is very helpful at least until you have "detoxed" and gotten into ketosis. I'm on Day 10 and capable of shopping, sitting in a restaurant, going through a buffet line, making my family dinner without being horribly tempted. I think if I walked into a McDonald's now, the greasy smell would make me feel ill. Just ask him to help you get over the hump and into ketosis. (I'm sorry for whatever difficulties you are having with your family. It's hard to know how to handle those kinds of situations.)

My thighs feel thinner already... and in the spirit in this day -- I might do some special exercises! Seriously. No really. I mean it.




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NumNums -- It is only 9:30 -- you might feel better later. Although, my Swine Flu shot affected me terribly. I got one jab (regular flu) in one arm and the swine in the other at the same time... my Swine flu arm ached for over 3 days! But, I've not had wither flu (yet) and was all over London and on mass transist over the holidays. So, it might be worth it.



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Morning all. :)
Another day full of enthusiasm for sticking to the diet. I got weighed this morning and am 125 kilos so just need to lose 1.5 and I am back on track. By next weeks weigh in I should be showing brand new losses.

Blingbabe - Poem brought a smile to my face - thank you! Very well done on making the right choice! It feels so good to have got past the urge to cave! It's such a hard thing to do but when you manage it and feel so proud that you are in control, it makes everything worthwhile.

I had a little experiment this morning and had the tomato soup cold. I can't stomach any of the tetras or shakes and live on soups but the thought of hot soups in a Spanish summer .... not happening. I had thought about having the summer off and just having salads but now I know I can cope with the tomato soup cold, perhaps I can do a combination and do 1000 plan over the summer. hmm tomorrow I may attempt a cold oriental chilli and see what that is like.

It rained here during the night which has helped to was some snow away.

Some of my students came in last night with a belated xmas present for me - the one they had ordered before xmas had arrived with broken glass so they had to send it back and get a new one, hence the late arrival. It was a huge red phone box! it's about 3 feet high and has a door and inside there are shelves for cd storage - or anything else. I love it. It's a wonderful English touch to my classroom! They had put a box of chocolates inside it too - but I had one and then made them eat the rest!
Happiness happiness

Becca - My flu jab was sore for days - had to lie on my other side. Hope yours gets better quickly!

Leah ... I can't believe it's time for you to go away again already! it seems like you just got back from your last trip! lol I hope you have a great time!

Trim T

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Hi ladies,

Day 14 for me today, i feel faint and breathless, but i'm plodding on. I've been 100% so far, had to go to bed early last night though because i was soooooo tempted to eat.

Might get the wii fit out later if i feel a bit better, I'm 1 shake down but haven't drank any water yet..... really unusual for me as i'm usually glugging away constantly.

On the plus side, i weighed myself this morning, and i'm into the 9st bracket again, which is great an is motivating me to continue.

Had a lovely walk in the snow this morning as the kids school was open today.... my 2 year old took great pleasure in throwing a snowball at me too! cheeky madam x

Love the Poem bling, it says what we're all thinking, num nums i hope you feel better as the day goes on.

And here's to a successful thigh trimming thursday for us all!!!

T x


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BB well done on not ordering Wagamamas... I'm impressed!! I don't think I could take myself so close to temptation so I take my hat off to you. I had peppermint tea in June and wasn't a big fan but retried it the other day, pure peppermint tea rather than peppermint and white tea and oh my goodness!! I LOVE it!!

Aseyan like you said, today is a new day, put the old behind you and walk on with the new. Mistakes aren't always bad if you find a way to learn from them.

MrsE if I don't get the chance to say it before you leave, have a great time in NY!!

Hayley well done on not giving in to more of a blip, I think at the smell of pizza I might have! I envy your water glugging, I'm terrible and always struggle with it! I should go get my first glass of the day really :)

Sorry to hear you're not feeling too great Becca, hope you feel better soon!

MM how on earth will you find the time to do special exercises, you do so much in a day already!! I have a little routine that I do before bed, only takes me 5-10 minutes. Not sure how much of a difference it makes but I like to think it does! I need to find more things to do at home as I'm not getting to the gym much anymore, it's just too cold for the 2 mile walk there!

AI it's great to see your enthusiasm, you'll get there in no time at all! I can't stand the spicy tomato soup, the oriental chilli I love though! So I take it you're in Spain? I hadn't clocked on to this before!!


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Oops T, I cross posted with you, good morning! I want to get my wii fit out but I've left all my games and remotes at my sisters over Christmas by accident :( Aww sounds like you've got a very cute 2 year old! It's so motivating seeing that new bracket isn't it? Sounds like you're doing really well!


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Thanks all. I'm sure I will, I just hate being feeling like crap with two young ones. They seem unaffected although youngest is clinging to me, but too young to tell me if she feels unwell. So she might feel rough too. Calpol for her today me thinks!

I've taken some paracetamol and had my first shake. Banana... not sure about it, tastes nice except after taste's a little funky, but I'll keep trying them :). I used my whisk and I was impressed how thick it was.


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Good afternoon all

Firstly, have a great time in New York Mrs. Essex, as you head off to the most vibrant city in the world I descend into your home town tommorow for the annual panto (Sleeping Beauty at Queen's) - which will be more exciting ha ha?!

Glad to hear that Ase and Hayley are back on track after little blips. Good idea Minniemel about contingency supplies. I hot desk or attend meetings at the main office in central London about once or twice a week and don't have any storage space there. Yesterday I walked out the door at home without any CD foodpacks but luckily remembered whilst still on my street. I will buy extras from counsellor and ask a couple of the permanently desked administrators to keep my supplies in their cupboards.

Good Luck NumNums on your fesh start, well done alexice on your swift but kindly disposal of the Christmas chocolates. I have one box that I didn't know what to do with (the expiry date wasn't generous as fancy hand-made variety) so a colleague has got the box at her house and will bring it in to the January team meeting to share out. Better to have the calories evenly distributed on their thighs than purely on mine!

Best wishes to anyone feeling out of sorts health wise x

Trim T

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Thanks Caroline

I had a shivery hour wrapped in a blanket and i feel much better now, and even have some energy for the house-work and a bit of wii.

Bless my gorgeous hubby, he does worry. Keeps telling me i might need a bit of meat or just protein to help me stop feeling so weak, and to be careful.

Part of me thinks he may be right, but at the moment i will continue SS. If i don't stop having these fainting feelings though, imay need to consider SS+.



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Hi MM,

The funny thing is I usually have shakes at work and a few bars in my purse just incase. But Tuesday I ran out of shake mix at work and had two canisters sitting on my kitchen counter to take with me yesterday. And I forgot to replace the bars as well. Today I'm sure I wont forget them as they're basically hanging out of my bag and I cant miss 'em! I promise to be 100% today as well :)


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Hmm, just got a fun idea. Name each daily thread a different body part name like arms, thighs, buns etc and make that a daily 'muscle group' to tone for those that want to :). I think I'll do some thigh exercises today!


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afternoon all!

late one for me, ive been at school all morning! Hope those of you that are ill/ struggling are doing ok now..??
Loving the thread name and poem by the way!! and good idea about body part threads! should be interesting!! lol!

Im feeling uber positive today, dont know why though, just am!! im getting used to the 810 now, its involved minor alterations to what i have been doing, but it seems to be working so far... im very anxious to WI next week, it would have been 3 weeks! at least the stupid snow seems to be on the way out here, I can actually see grass!!

and.. my Abercrombie jumper arrived this mroning from eBay! love it!


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Hi Ladies,

I haven't done my thigh workout yet -- but I will. Really, I will. I mean it this time!

I did not even walked the dog today -- as ADD me was busy doing a Caroline inspired mani-pedi when my neighbour showed at 10:30. So, she walked the dog on her own (briefly) and I promised to take the little b*tch out later for a 20 minute walk. (Note to self: look for headlamp light for dog walk!)

Anyway, my "What I am doing instead of eating list" is going to look pretty bad if I do not do something, soon.

If you missed my mention of it on a thread somewhere -- I ordered a pair those Sketchers Special Walking shoes (yesterday and they arrived today!) that are designed to help tone your legs and bum. (There you go... I'll wear them when I walk the dog: thigh exercise sorted.)

My sister who is an exercise physiologist, etc. bought some and endorses them. She is very fit and has said that she really feels the "burn" and thinks they are best thing ever. I'll going to try them on now.

I hope everyone has a great day.



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Mani-pedi's are always good! :)