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Things can only get better...

Firstly i'l tell you a little about myself. Im Jus, 36, Single mum of Regan who's 12. I work full time as Manager of an advice centre. I live with my mum Elsie whos 54 and currently have my brother living with us whos 32. The Waltons we are not :)

The Fat family we are! we all struggle with our weight (except my brother) and last year myself, mum and Regan had a good weight loss through weight care, but sadly we have all resorted back to old habits and all piled it back on. We realise this is due to bad eatting habits and learned behaviour... but it takes a lot of changing. I worry for Regan who has learnt all our bad stuff and is a little chunky monkey who adores every morsel he puts in his mouth (much like us). We have to change to assist him with his eatting patterns.

Today is day 3 of mine and my mums SSCD. days 1 and 2 were fine. Regan thinks were mad and can't comprehend how we must feel after not eatting at all and worried we will die.

Today i have struggled. We lost our nan yesterday evening, Mums Mum, after illness and have been on the hosipital run for over 2 months daily. Its a relief its all over for her but still sad. We have remained committed to the diet through this though and have each other for support. My nan believied that food is love. She didnt have much money but if she could give us a good dinner and some nice bits to eat and you ate it all and appreciated it its showed how much she loved u and you loved her back. This is the way our family view food. We realise now far too late that this isnt how it should be.

We went to our CDC 2 weeks ago and i had the shock of my life. I thought i had gone back to my before last years diet weight of 19 stone (i got down to 18). I had gone to 21!!! my highest weight ever. I have felt ill, lathargic, my legs hurt and my back. I cant walk very far and generally feel that if i were a dog they would put me down! I shouldnt feel like this at my age... or any age for that matter.

I have just tested my ketones and not even showing a trace as yet... i read on one of the forums that this mean you can assume the dieter is not sticking to the diet... BUT I AM! to the letter, no milk, 4 litres of water a day, nothing except the odd black coffee with tablet sweetner and my shakes and soups (3 a day). I have 10 stone to lose and want to lose it and keep it off - the weight gain is the scare i needed to do something drastic! (before i invest in a gastric band!)

My doctors useless, lectured me on how everything i stuff in my mouth is making the weight i have... tell me something i dont know! I have PCOS too and he seems to just right me off. I'l be ill - i'm at higher risk of diabetes than most cause of this and the fact my dad had maturity onset (and died last year age 56) I need help and fast! But i realise this is something only i can do.

Well thats me as it stands today/tonight... luckily i dont feel hungry at all in the mornings so i shall just go to sleep and look forward to that!

My first goal is to lose 10% of my body weight... heres hoping it happens!

I shall clock off now and come back occasionally and update whats happening!

Jus xx
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Hiya and welcome, I am sure you will do fine........you will soon be in ketosis but try not to get hung up on the sticks, if youi stick to the diet you will lose weight.
In the end I didnt even bother testing for ketosis as I felt pressured.

Hope you both get to goal soon.


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Welcome to this great site. You have been through the mill recently, and I admire you for not caving in under all of that horrible pressure. Don't be too hard on yourself for past mistakes. This is one journey that will help you learn along the way. It may not be easy at times, but just keep your eys on the prize at the end. You have your health and your sons to think about. You just keep going on!


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Sorry to hear about your Nan. Can make it difficult to cope with even before we add SS in to the mix. I lost my Dad half way through my CD journey but it also made me determined to finish the job to make him proud of me (if you know what I mean??)

As Sonia says, don't get hung up on the sticks - sometimes the water we are drinking dilutes the ketones so that they don't show - if you are not feeling hungry, then its working :D (I think i turned a stick pink about twice in six months!!! - still lost 5 stone though)

Its good too that you have support around you (in all ways) and don't be afraid to talk things through with your CDC - its what we're here for, to help you along the way
hi jus i am also on day 3 of ss, and like you have pcos which as you will know makes weight loss slow, but stick with it and look to the future, in a few months time it will all be worth it :)
Right grump to right as rain!

Thank you all so much for the encouraging comments. It means so much a I'm sure u all know.

I had some good news today... in the middle of a bad week. I called around to see Ali my CDC to replace some of the gut wrenching flavors for something a little more enjoyable. Told her breifly how the last 3 days have been and that i was feeling a right grump this morning. Over tired as didnt get to bed till late and then woke with the hunger pangs. She was really encouraging and asked me if i wanted to be weighed as a little boost. I was reluctant but thought what the hell and guess what..... I'v lost..... *drum roll*....
:) 11lbs in 3 days! :)

I'm thrilled. Its really picked me up and altho I'm still feeling very hungry today I realise that I am nearly over the worst and tomorrow day 5 should be a little easier. I will be weighed again on Monday which will be the end of my first week and I am sure i will then be in the 19st range!! what an acheivement in a week. I can't beleive it I'm elated!

Probably come back here later and have a moan about my belly rumbling but for now I'm on a high... still not a ketosis one but what the hell it still feels good!

Off to change my tracker :D



Cambridge Diet Counsellor

As i said this aftenoon well done you!! i am so proud of you for doing so well over the difficult few days you have had.

Glad that you feel so elated about about the loss so far and hope this is a great incentive to keep at it and I'm sure you'll hit ketosis soon.As Debs said ( my big sis by the way) don't get hung up on the ketostix not registering yet it's still early days and you are drinkong loads of water so that will weaken the concentration of the pesky little blighters
:patback: and again well done you!!!

Thanks Ali - the day got better after seeing you. Thanks for your support xx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Glad to be of service chick !! lol!!

If you need me for anything just give me a call

Take care
End of day 5

Felt great all day and finally properly into ketosis. Hunger hasnt been too bad. More the feeling of missing food than actual hunger. That was until tonight. Now i could eat a scabby dog with no salt! Dont think i drank enough water all day, been busy sorting out my nans house, but have made up for it now.

I have started to notice changes to my body. My puffy feet have really gone down a huge amount. under my bust seems to have gone down and my tummy doesnt feel so bloated. I also think my knees arnt as sore as they have been over recent weeks altho this might be my imagineation. Am still feeling tired tho but that could be due to the emotion of the week too.

Been and had my hair cut today and dead chuffed with it! Feel like its a bit of a new start. Mum and OH have both said i look slimmer with it and it has too years off me.

Feel a bit down as havent felt able to go out over the weekend. I generally drink too much and have a kebab :eek: My mates get wasted and theres nothing worse than being with everyone when they are like that and doing my head in lol so il stay in the protection of my house and look forward to Monday for more than one reason... 1) weigh in.. cant wait to see how much i have added to the initial weight loss 2) Im going to eat!.

Due tot he funeral on Thursday Ali has advised we should do AAM until wednesday and then 100 cal diet for weds and thursday to be able to have a few drinks. We have arranged the food at the funeral to be things we can eat happily so this should all be good. I realise that it may be difficult to get back on the diet after but hope my determination to get on and do it once and for all will guide me back on the right path.

Enough rambling for another night and i shall get myself to sleep. At least i dont feel hungry then!

Jus x
The end of week one

Have deceided that i couldnt wait till Monday to eat... think it was pshcological that i knew food was coming. Some and mum have had 1 low carb meal yeaterday and today. Am hoping that it wont have effected the weight loss of earlier in the week. Had chicken breast dry fried with a little mushroom, peper and some fajita spice, loads of lettuce (i will admit tohaving a huge pile of lettuce) and then raddish and cress. Was delishious! Today had chicken with sproouts and brocolli. lovely again. I think I'm over doing the veg a little but i need to feel full.

Have missed food very much this week altho i will admit the hunger pangs wernt as bad on day 5. I feel a bit better today for eatting. Havent tested the ketosis today but will do later. Dont know if u go straight out of it when you eat or not? I have to eat 1000 cals weds and thursday but have some good meal options prepared.

Cant wait for the weigh in tomoro - i just hop ei havent wrecked the begining of the week efforts. :eek:

Signing off for sunday!

Jus x
I've just been healthy eating.

By having a low carb meal once a day, I can stay in ketosis... though I have been bad and had carbs occasionally at weekends which throws me out.

Apart from Saturday / Sunday - I've been in ketosis and eating for nearly 3 months !

I'd have a large bowl of stir fried veg, a chicken breast or some seafood and some stirfry sauce and stay in ketosis as long as I drink sugar free juice, tea, coffee or water.

Alternatives would be a marinated chicken breast done on the George Foreman grill and a pile of sprouts or peas, carrots, courgettes etc.

You can still have fairly good losses and eat without being on a sole source diet.

I've decided if I reach a sticking point I'll sole source - but meantime I'm doing my own thing
Thanks Sarah... I will see how my weightloss goes next week after a week of eating 1 meal and like you if the weight starts ti stick do the SS again. I just really dont feel like not eating at the moment. I may need to SS though as i have an awful lot to lose! we shall see.

Todays the day! going to see Ali tonight.. had lost 11 lbs on friday but have been eating 1 low carb meal since saturday. Have been immaculately good! not a single thing i shouldnt have eaten has passed my lips. So i do i have an encouraging start.

Post back later and let you know.

Jus xx
Im thrilled, 15lb in my first week. Mum lost 8lb. We have both eaten exactly the same except mums had milk in tea a few days.
Were carrying on with one meal a day for the next few weeks and possibly going back to SS.

Jus xx
Fantastic, well done to you and your mum. They are brilliant losses. :talk017:

Where abouts in Coventry are you from? I'm Cheylesmore. x


Taking Back Control...!!!
Fantastic first week loss for you and your mum Justine.... :D:D:D

Ali is my CDC too.... don't think she'll be so pleased with my result tomorrow - I've struggled to get back into CD this time.... :(

I'm in Walsgrave..... it's nice to have a few of us from 'Cov' on here......:)

Hope the funeral goes OK later in the week.....
Thanks Lyndsey. Nice to see another Cov girl here! I'm in Keresley... well Radford'ish near the Wallis pub. Which diet are u doing?
Thanks Mich... I'm sure u will getback into it - I had a shock when i was weighed at Ali's and thats whats made me do it for good this time! The funeral is Thursday, we will be having a few drinks so hopefully that will sort things out!


Taking Back Control...!!!
Thanks Mich... I'm sure u will getback into it - I had a shock when i was weighed at Ali's and thats whats made me do it for good this time! The funeral is Thursday, we will be having a few drinks so hopefully that will sort things out!

Nothing like givin your nan a good send off.....!!!

I'm originally from Holbrooks way...... used to drink in the Wallace (many moons ago) and the Craftsman, and the town, and the Holyhead and the..... well you get my drift.... I like a drink...(ask some of them on here who've seen me in action at the meets...:eek::rolleyes::D)

Now I feel inspired by you to be good...... so I'm seeing Ali in the morning - clean sheet and all that????

Keep it up - it's a wonderful feeling (I lost 6 stone in 2006/7 but put it back on - long story but crap job/depression blah blah - oh and didn't take heed of learning new eating habits...:eek:)......

Take care

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