Things come in 3s


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Back from holiday to find out Mum's cat became really poorly while we were away, and he had to be put down yesterday :(

We helped Mum bury him in her garden and she planted a sapling maple tree next to him.

And tonight we've learnt that MIL was taken into hospital today. It's FIL's 80th birthday tomorrow, so it's going to be especially tough for him.

I'm feeling the need to eat something .. preferably bread :(

If this craving doesn't go in the next 10 minutes, I'm off to bed.

Will there be a 3rd bad news call tomorrow??

Mandana x
Come here hun....{{{hugz}}} .... well, as you know, eating isn't gonna make it any easier either way so just do what's right for you, hun!

How about an extra pack as a nice, relaxing hot drink for the night....Choccy tetra with peppermint tea is my favourite as I don't like the Choc Mint! .... then off to bed so that at least tomorrow morning you'll be more refreshed and feeling virtuous that you didn't let it all get to you.

Oh babe so sorry
Please do not eat.
Have a nice hot drink and snuggle down in bed
Try to have a good nights sleep
Sending you lots of hugs
Thanks Diva & Libbie

Well I didn't eat anything as our house is almost devoid of food at the moment! There is cereal, which is a particular downfall of mine, but I had a strawberry muffin instead - over my pack quota, but hey ho.

I put on 9 lbs on holiday and I'm down from X 10 to Y 12 .. that's 12 lbs since SSing from Sunday. I was X 1 when we went away, so I'm below that already! Madness! 2 days of SSing and I lose 12 lbs!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining .. but what the hell is that all about? I'm not even in ketosis yet, so it just shows how much water I retain. And it also shows just how quickly I can lose, but worse, gain too. Most slim people I know go up & down 1 or 2 lbs .. not a stone FFS!

I'd absolutely LOVE to be back at goal, but if I stay like this for the rest of my life I think I'd be happy .. size 14 or thereabouts. But would I be happy?! Thinking back to when I was in the 9s and a size 8/10 would be wonderful.

Is it because I was so fat for so long that people who know me think I look better now then when I was at goal? I'm 100% sure if someone met me at goal and saw me now would think I'm positively fat .. even my (new) work colleagues have mentioned how more 'rounded' I am than when I started a year ago ..

So I'm right, aren't I! I've got some work to do here!

Mandana x
Its a shame you live so far away, hun, as I'm sure my new emotional hunger programme could be really beneficial for you...don't worry there are gonna be some developments on that front and I'll keep you posted! :)

Glad to hear that you are headed in the right direction though, hun...xx