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Things I'm looking forward to when I've lost weight

I know there have been similar posts to this in the past but as there are lots of new people I thought I would start this new.

Ok, here is a list of things I'm looking forward to when I've lost weight.

1-Being able to buy nice clothes, ones that I want to wear and not buying ones coz they fit.

2-Being more confident and feeling better about myself.

3-Looking forward to going out instead of making excuses to not go.

4-Not being the fattest one in the room all the time!

5-I want to travel so I'm looking forward to going on a plane and knowing I'll fit in the seat.

6-Taking my younger cousins out and being able to run about with them. Right now I sit on the bench at the park while they run about and play football and stuff.

7-Being healthy and not having to worry about weight related health problems.

Those will do for now.

So come on everyone....what are you looking forward to when you've lost weight. :D
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Thanks for this BB, love these posts! So motivating :D
I'm with you on all of the above, will think of a couple more...
- Bumping into people I haven't seen for a while and enjoying the look on their faces at how much I've changed!
- Not feeling embarrassed having to squeeze past people in crowded places
- Looking and dressing my age instead of feeling like a frump
- Looking amazing in family photos at christmas (and forever after!)
- Learning to enjoy my food by eating healthy portions slowly and mindfully, instead of munching through tonnes of food without even tasting it like I used to :eek:

Thats all that comes to mind right now, and boy I can't wait! :D :D :D


This is my year
Well, strange as this sounds........I am looking forward to having a lot LESS clothes :D:D

I have clothes in my wardrobe and drawers in sizes from 8 to 24. I have lost weight, gained it, lost it........and so on.

For whatever reasons I have kept all the clothes, even when the vast majority do not fit me :cry:

So, I am really looking forward to having ONE size clothes that fit. Less clutter, tidied streamlined wardrobe.......so much easier all round.

Of course, there are many other things I am looking forward to when I am at goal weight - including all the things already listed :)
Lol Darcy I'm exactly the same! Have brought all of my old clothes out of the loft and the spare room's currently full of them... will gradually be getting rid of them and plan to end up with just one wardrobe and one chest of drawers of lovely, stylish and slim clothes! Just need to get onto ebay at some point and see if I can recoup any of the money I spent on the all, if not its off to the charity shop with it all soon! :D
I have a bag of size 12/14 clothes in the attic labelled slim clothes. I can't wait to get it down and WEAR them.
Getting on a plane and the seat belt fitting me and the front table to go down all the way instead of it leaning on my big tummy.
Going home to Ireland and seeing everyone's faces when they see how slim I am :)

Having lots of energy.

Liking what i see in the mirror.

Selling my fat clothes.


Been liberated by Exante!
These are the things I am loving now - about a stone to go?

Feeling well
Great skin, nails, teeth, gums, hair everything is better
Loads of energy, achieve all I want each day
Never out of breath - except after swimming 50 lengths
Clothes fit, zips slide up effortlessly - I don't wear out trousers with my oversize thighs any more
I buy clothes I actually like, not the ones in my size
I can buy nice shoes and wear them all day
I am confident enough to say - no I don't like those
The assistant in the shop said 'those jeans are too big! They should not have folds, try a smaller size.'
All the bits that used to ache - feet, back, knees, shoulders - don't ache.
I fit easily into bus, train and plane seats
Blood pressure and cholesterol now normal - GP occasionally smiles!
I like feeling my ribs and pelvis in bed - never knew my bones so well
Generally feel more positive, in control,
it's all great, and I am not done yet

Happy, happy, happy.

1. I cant wait to expirience that feeling of being able to wear a dress WITHOUT LEGGINGS !!

I still cant see ill ever be able to but i like to but i like to hope i will be able to. another thing i cant wait for is.....

2.For me to stop putting myself down. I always will put myself down to try n get there before somebody else does. like for example. me and my mates r all getting dressed they wil get dressed look fine and feel and say nothing ill be like does this look ok. i no i have huge arms legs etc etc.

3. I cant wait to be able to get some skinny jeans on me and actually feel skinny in them lol.

4. ooo and what id really love to be able to wear is different colour trousers. id lov to be able to wear white jeans or even red jeans that r in atm. i feel i can only get away with blue/black xx
Can't wait to look in the mirror
Can't wait to buy clothes from high street shops instead of plus size websites
Can't wait to walk into a room and not have to check out a route through the tables to get to a seat
Can't wait to see something in me to like
Can't wait to walk upstairs without my knees hurting
Long way to go but soooo determined this time :)
1. I cant wait to expirience that feeling of being able to wear a dress WITHOUT LEGGINGS !!

I'm also looking forward to:
~Having a proper waist
~Being able to shop for clothes in normal shops
~Not feeling so self conscious about everything
~Not being so ridiculously warm all the time!

EDIT: Forgot to add being able to wrap a normal towel around me after a shower and have it cover me completely!
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Babezone I'm with you on the wanting to wear different coloured trousers. I almost brought a gorgeous pair of light purple jeans but talked myself out of getting them, I'm not confident enough to stand out yet!

I'm looking forward to just sitting in chairs (especially plastic garden ones) and not having to think first if they will hold my weight or not.

I'm looking forward to going to concerts again. As most of the gigs I go to are stand up ones I cant go as I just cant stand up for that long without my feet, knees and back aching.

Also to buying nice underwear :D
I cant wait to go clubbing and feel amazing for once. I go out anyway and never feel as good as the glamourous bits of stuff knocking about lol. Im my day before I put on all this weight I used to take pleasure in putting a fab unusual outfit together for nights out. I absolutley love Dj's and house music and believe me in ibiza there arnt many chubby chicks knocking about. Im hoping next year I can just go there and blend in lol. Also I love horses and miss riding soooo much. So heres to Skinnydom xxx
After reading all your posts and agreeing with all of you there isn't much left to say other than:

I would love to get into my size 12 wedding dress by December so I can actually see if I like it!

I would love see see a gap between my thighs and not continual rubbing!

I can't wait to buy some sexy lingerie and feel sexy :D

Throw out all my frumpy clothes and where clothes for my age group!

See the look on my partners face as I walk down the aisle!
Great thread! :D I was only thinking to myself while flossing my teeth the other night "what things am I looking forward to when I've lost weight?"

Here are some that I thought of...

1) Being able to lean over the sink and get closer to the mirror to see what I'm doing while flossing (I have braces and it's a nightmare) without my big stomach getting in the way

2) Being able to have a good few inches between my stomach and the bottom of my cars steering wheel! I have short legs so have to sit quite close to the steering wheel which means my stomach touches it

3) Being able to reach down into the foot well area of my car without holding my breath and feeling like I've just crushed myself

4) Being able to lay down without feeling suffocated by my double chin and huge breasts

5) Being able to sit in the bath without my butt acting as a plug when I empty the water out! I can't wait for the time to come when I sit in there and my hips/butt don't touch each side!

6) Being able to get into size 4 shoes/boots again - I have to wear size 5's since putting on all this weight because my feet/ankles are too big to fit in size 4's anymore.

7) Being able to wear normal tops instead of tunics all the time that hide my belly and butt (they don't really, but I convince myself they do)

There are more, but my list would be 100 long. Of course I also look forward to the most common ones like being able to wear more fashionable clothes and buy from shops that sell nice stuff but don't cater for women above a size 18. Being more confident. Not always being the fat one. I want to look good in jeans again!!!

I have very low confidence but I find my weight is more of an inconvenience now more than anything else. Yeah being this weight makes me feel ugly and unattractive but mainly I just want to get rid of all the inconvenience of it, sometimes it just makes daily tasks more difficult which can be such a pain in the a**
Saving money on body lotion due to there being less body in need of moisturising!

Plus what everyone else has said...

... though I must confess, I'm also hoping (but not necessarily thinking I'm going to be getting) that my breasts are going to shrink down and I'm not going to look so top heavy any more. Yes, they are getting a little smaller as I lose weight, but not as fast as the rest of me and they're starting to look comical, especially now that my belly is getting flatter.

Of course, the OH loves it.


Of course, the OH loves it.


What are they like! argh :rolleyes: :D

and the water goes everywhere when I sit down... *sighface
:8855:I forgot to mention this in my post!

Thank god bathing is a rare occurance for me! (we have a shower unit at home, so we only bathe in hotels or friends)
I really wish we had a shower here. I moved here last year and it just has a bath fitted, my previous house had a shower and I miss it sooo much. Next house I rent is going to have a shower for sure, it's a must... although by then my butt will hopefully fit nicely into a bath lol.


I can haz cake?
Yeah and getting in and out of bath can be a chore when my arse causes a vaccuum!!! And the waters everywhere, and I feel really fat... ahh dear... not a great experience!

Another thing I'm looking forward to is being able to fit my face into glasses... I don't suit most glasses and its a wile chore having to choose a pair >_> And I have to have ones wide enough so they arent touching my face or else it gets sweaty and i break out in spots. gah.
LOL @ ass plugging up bath....I hear ya sista!!! it's like a bloody dam behind my backside

erm not being able to rest my tea on my tummy

not have the new in-laws look me up and down looking worried

having the confidence to buy clothes i like instead of just what covers me up

being the skinny one in my family....finally!!!!

not cringing at all my pics or tring to duck cameras all the time

the shopping trip my OH has promised me ....He's going to be paying off that bill for a looooong time when i'm finished :D

looking reasonable in my wedding outfit
I'm looking forward to spending time outside in the summer (when we actually do get the odd hot days!) usually I want to go for days out with friends/family but I get too hot and sweaty and just feel uncomfortable so spend most of the time at home with a fan on.

And having nice long hot baths using all my lovely Lush products.
If I have a bath these days there isn't usually room for me AND the water in the tub!!

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