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Things just keep getting in the way of my diet

Hi there,
If its not a wedding or a christening then its an anniversary or a girls night out.
There just seems to be so many occasions and i just lose sight of the diet with the old "one drink won't hurt me or one meal out won't make that much of a difference".
I swear that all these things have been planned cause people know i am on this diet.
This weekend was our 5th anniversary so we went away for the weekend.
We only ate out once and i had chicken salad so was well behaved. But there were a few alcoholic beverages consumed and i haven't lost anything this week.
But i can't help but feel i am making my OHs life a bit of a nightmare. He works away all week and at weekends looks forward to socialising with our friends but i have not been going out much recently cause of the diet and when i do go out i am really struggling to keep on track.
I really want to stick to it and lose the weight please help me. The compliments i have recieved from people are amazing and should keep me going but sometimes i feel like such a failure
I started again sunday and am back in ketosis but just don't know how long i can keep it up for.
words of wisdom needed please
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You may not be doing the diet the quickest way or even the easiest way BUT you are losing weight and nearing goal everyday so don't question yourself.

You are nearly 3 stone down since the end of April which is something to be proud of and by Xmas will be banging on the door of slimdon.

Take pride in what you have acheived and stick with it.

I know what you mean its exactly the same with me.....had hen nights then weddings (two of each) and then I am going to Scotland for a week end of August!!:wave_cry:

I seem to be still losing, but know that if I didn't have these distractions inbetween that the amount I have lost would be greater :sigh:
Feel like I am doing great monday thru friday and then all goes to pot sat and sun :cry:then trying to get back in ketosis is hard!!

well done on the loses so far! you are doing so well, i wouldn't be too hard on yourself, things happen. It was my wedding anniversary the weekend and we went out for dinner, it was fine and we had a lovely evening and i got back onto SS Monday. Life has to go on, my CC suggested doing something else to celebrate like a nice walk :( but we enjoy eating out so that what we did. Good luck and enjoy it x
Come on Peachy. You can do it. You have done so well so far it would be foolish to undo your hard work now.

Set yourself some small goals and concentrate on hitting them. You are nearly in the overweight category now so make it your goal to get there by next weigh in. Then make your next goal to lose the next half stone. The big picture can be too daunting sometimes and although you are over half way there Im sure it still feels like you have a long road ahead. having said that, if you put your mind to it and gave it 100%, you would be at target in little over 2 months.

You can do it. You just need to believe in yourself.
Have to agree, the same thing is happening to me, just had a phone call from a friend having a big op next week so wants to do lunch on Friday, my boss is having his 50th on Friday night and it's the plymouth meet on Saturday...........
However, i decided to give the diet 12 months and then reassess, despite my ambition not to close off my social life and some weeks i have lost next to nothing, two weeks i have have small gains but that is since the end of Jan, so overall i am still losing weight on the weeks i can be good but haven't been angelic. Yes i probably could have lost more in this time but had i stuck to it completely rigidly i would probably not be on the diet at all by now.
I firmly believe you still have to work the diet into your lifestyle, at the end of the day we have to maintain the loss eventually living "normally"
Whilst i have a lot to lose, i have lost 7 stone since Jan so it can still work for you, but it is the old story of everything in moderation, obviously if we cheat everyday we won't lose....:sigh:
I think as well, summer is much harder to stick to your resolutions because people seem to be more inclined to want to get out and about, come the winter we will all be stuck indoors moaning about the cold, consoling ourselves with a CD soup and it will all be so much easier again :eek:

So, sorry to ramble a bit, but stick with it, be good when you can, have an occasionally treat with DH or friends but most of all, enjoy life :D
Hi Peachy,
Have you thought about trying 790? That way you can still eat a small meal without the guilt?
It's worked for me, as I don't feel that my life is on hold.
K xxx
I am following 790 this week anyway and my life is still interfering.
I really just need to get my head sorted out and try to get my positivity back.
Cheers for all your help guys

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