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Things that have put a smile on my face!


  • Lovely elderly next-door neighbour (who always describes me as that 'lovely big girl') Stopped me this morning to say "goodness you've lost a lot of weight"!
  • Maltesers that were put on my desk....that I gave away without even thinking about it!
  • I have now moved the seat in my car as close to the steering wheel as it will go....and I don't have to adjust it to get out!
  • I no longer touch the sides of the bath and the water does'nt dam up behind me!
  • Found some hoarded Quality Streets in my desk from Xmas and gave them away!
  • When I gave away the above Quality Streets (and Maltesers) my colleagues attacked them like a flock of vultures!!
  • Have turned down birthday cake on 7 occassions over the last 2 weeks!
  • My gym kit is no longer stretched to its lycra limits and is loose!
  • I've made 3 new holes in the belts for my trousers!
  • My breath was absolutely 'RANK' this morning!
  • I've switched to green tea and mint tea....and I love it!!!!
  • My daily 'fix' of Minimins!!!
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People are beginning to notice my weight-loss. So much so, three of my friends are starting CD over the next two weeks.
wow it was lovely to read your post its brillant when you see such a difference and only encourages you to keep up the good work:D


Thanks guys :thankyou:
I think finding something to smile about everyday makes all the difference!
OFM...its such a great feeling when people start to notice...the people who have made positive comments to me normaly start the sentence " I hope you won't think I'm being rude/cheeky but....." So I take that to mean more people have noticed, but are not sure what to say!
Gemma1986...still a bit shy (won't even get the tape measure out:eek:) but my clothes are telling the story!
I've had my ups and downs in terms of mood and being tough on myself....but in the grand scale of things...I'm living, breathing and shrinking!!!
Thanks for your responses all!
Ogh My Gosh! I cant wait for point four on the list - not touching the sides of the bath! Its so funny when I lift my bum up and a tidal wave comes flooding down!!


I know Locana:eek:....and not worrying about chairs with 'arms' or cinema seats!
Thanks Sasha.....yes I'm doing good (don't mean it to sound smug) but I think we all need to congratulate ourselves more...it's just as good (if not better) as positive comments from others and we can recognise our own good efforts!
Ha ha, I went in the bath last night and was wondering what the funny 'gurgling' noises were, then realised its because the water behind me can squeeze through the gaps between my arms and the side of my body!!!! :D :D

What lovely list of what people refer to on WW website as NSV's - Non Scale Victories, hope some more come your way pretty face!

Theresa x
Well today I've got a pair of jeans on that haven't fitted in about 6 months, AND the thighs aren't like a second skin as they usually are!

:party0011:for little things that motivate us onwards:)
water damming up behind me in the bath .... I'd forgotten that used to happen. Yep, I enjoy my baths more now as I can cover my whole body in it now rather than having a bit of my belly floating up out of the water
I was once wetting my hair in the bath and when I surfaced there was a spider on my big belly floating up out of the water :eek: - you just reminded me! I had to have showers for a week after that trauma.
That's a fab inspirational post :)
On the bath subject I love having baths so much that when we moved house we had to get a new bathroom and we bought an ultra wide bath, I can even cross my legs in it...... it's lovely but doesn't do much for motivation .....hmmm

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