Things to say to others when you don't want to eat...


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I was writing my blog, and started compiling a list of excuses to get out of eating (as I haven't told many people I'm on LL).
LL include a list in the book, which are fairly dull:
If you're on LL, and don't want to eat but don't want to 'fess up to being on this diet, try:
  • I'm on a medically supervised diet so can't have that
  • I have toothache
  • I'm not hungry
  • No thank you (!)
  • I'm making lots of lifestyle changes
  • I had such a big dinner last night, I'm still feeling full
  • I'm eating out later
  • I'm losing weight and don't eat anything til after 6pm
  • I'm driving so I'm sticking to water
  • I've already eaten
And here are mine (not in the book)...

  • I'm having an operation tomorrow so have to abstain from food for 12/24 hrs before (bit extreme!)
  • I've just had root canal surgery and it REALLY hurts! Liquids only please!
  • I have IBS and the doctor has advised me to fast for 24 hrs, so that then I can test my tolerance levels of certain foods.
  • I can't eat 24 hrs before my period, it makes me feel really sick (useful for blokes - they never want to ask questions about that!)
  • I had such a big night out last night, I feel sick at the thought of food!
  • I've got an upset stomach.
Okay, so most of mine are downright lies, but they're more believable than some of the LL ones... (of course, it may be easier to just come clean, particularly if you're going to see that person regularly!)

Anyone got any others to add?
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If its an alcohol thing. Antibiotics excuse always works!

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A new one today - a friend asked me out for lunch and I said..."No, sorry, I'm happy to join you but won't be eating, I'm on a crazy diet!", and I said it in such a dismissive way she didn't ask a single question about it...and normally she interrogates me! I felt very relieved as she's a huge gossip and everyone would have known then...


Excuse: Feeling constipated and not eating and only drinking water until I feel better

No-one wants to go into it further than that! lol :p


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I love the constipated one! It'll also put the other person off their food...might try that this weekend!


Or, you could tell them that you are suffer from Dysphagia, a condition where the tongue and neck muscles seize up and make swallowing food almost impossible; "pure" liquids (basically, water with no contininants in it such as juice) are easier to swallow and still possible.

The cure? wait until the swelling stops. could take a few weeks.....

EDIT: Honestly, that's not made up, it's a real condition!


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I always tell the truth. I am of the belief that we should never need to lie because we also don't need to explain ourselves. So I tell people the truth - I don't eat - I'm on a food replacement programme to lose weight.

I have been lucky and had almost universal acceptance and support - perhaps if I hadn't it would be harder but part of the changes I'm making to my life include being proud of who I am, and what I am doing for myself.


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I'm with Andy. From day one I've told everyone I'm doing LL. It makes life so much easier. Especially at work. They know not to even bother offering me anything to eat. And are lovely enough not to put the biscuits and muffins at my end of the table in meetings!

If it's strangers, I just tell them I'm on a diet, they ask what I'm doing, I say 'not eating anything' and they think I'm joking. But it's never gone any further than that so I've never had to lie.

I do know that I've been icredibly lucky and had really supportive people around me so I can understand why you may feel you have to


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when i was on a vlcd and had lost enough weight for it to be noticable i used to say "i don't eat anymore" in a jokie way and no one ever questioned it

particularly love the TOTM reason at the top of the thread - it's so true if you're talking to a guy they'd never ask a follow up question