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Think I have messed up....

Never let anything pass your lips unless you know the syn value!

It's awful when you mess up, I did it a few times at the start too but just forget about it and start the day with a fresh approach, maybe have less syns today to make up for the mishaps and hopefully your weight loss won't have been affected :)

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i made loads of mistakes, it makes you feel terrible but there is nothing you can do about it now so start again and try not beat yourself up about it x
Did you have any other syns on those daya? If not i can't see how a 7 syn pack of noodles & some flora cuisine could take you far over 15 syns.

We all make mistakes when we first start. Don't feel bad about it. Chalk it up to experience & move on hun.


One day at a time, one step at a time
We've all done it sweetie. Alls not lost just continue on plan :) I once at a huge smash pizza on a red day :8855: in my head it was syn free. It was only when someone asked me about how to make it and I typed 'remember its free on green and EE' that I had the lightbulb moment, I was doing a red day :8855:
I didn't think Koka noodles were as high as that! I worked them out as 2 syns!

Even if they are 7 though, it won't ruin you! Just put it behind you and start afresh ready to go on :)


resident foodaholic
all isnt lost, i did this on my 2nd week with snack a jacks, the books said 3 per pack but when i tracked them online the syn values had changed and they were 5 now I think, and I'd had a pack every night as my treat.
I'm in shock that those noodles are 7 syns !! (and secretly gutted too because they're SO nice!)



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