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Think I may be broken!!

Well after reading some positive comments on here I bought the Davina Power of 3 DVD. Now bear in mind I have been allergic to all forms of exercise for as long as I can remember, I threw myself into with gusto and managed to do it from start to finish...... think I may now have broken myself, lord knows how it will all feel in the morning. But I am chuffed that I have finally got off my a*se and done something!!!

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LOL! At least you've taken the grand step an done something! Yesterday I bought the dvd strictly come dansersize. There it is in all it's glory still in the cellophane outer pack! Be interesting to know when it will come out of that and into the DVD!
Good on you Georgie for getting up and giving it a good go ---- I'm one of these that sadly buy them and never use them so you're 1000% better than me.

And tomorrow if there are any aches you've just got to console yourself with the fact that that means it's working :D

Lil K

Addicted to Minimins
Hi Georgie

I know exactly where you're coming from. The first time I did Power of 3 it was 3 days before I could walk in some sort of normal fashion and about a week before I could attempt it again! But believe me, it does get easier and you do see results. I've now go all of the Davina ones (except for the pregnancy one) and would recommend all of them.


Gone fishing
Teehee. Love the thread title :D

I did power of 3 during Cambridge. It's one of my favs. Really ought to search it out again :clap:
Thanks for your encouragement gang, I am planning on trying it again on Wednesday.... watch this space I may not be able to move by then!

Good for you georgie, my exercixe dvds are still in their cellophane lol.

ps if you take a brufen tablet and a plaster you will soon be mended

Well thats all our drs ever give out for anything LOL

I can hardly sit or stand and going to the loo is a nightmare!

Lil K

Addicted to Minimins
Sorry to hear you're suffering :(......you need a nice long soak in a hot bath to take away those aches and pains!

If you can bear to give the DVD another go at some stage, it will get easier, and the results are worthwhile! :character00116::character00115:
Hi Lil K

Definately not defeated, sore but still defiant!! I will prevail and still plan to give it another go on Wednesday..... wish me luck I'm gonna need it!!



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keep with it georgie, it was the same for me when i started training last year (and when i returned this year!) it definetly gets easier! plus one day ull happen to catch a look of urself in the mirror and be like 'ohh whats that lump on my arm?'and then ull realise its a MUSCLE!! and then u think kelly holmes has got nothing on u.....
At least it distracted you from the pile of rubbish behind me!! lol

I noticed that too Linda - just worried that Georgie might have since fell through the gaps in the floorboards :rotflmao:
PMSL, I wish!!!

UPDATE - Day two post Davina and the pain just gets worse!!!!!!!

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