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Think I will have gained this week ...


...And to be fair, it will be all my own fault! I dont know what it is but as soon as the weekend comes around, it all seems to go out the window! Does anyone else have this problem?? Ok, so this week Ive stuck to my points and been swimming 3 times which is good, however..last night a gang of us went to the comedy club and i devoured a whole bottle of wine and on the way home had a chicken kebab!!! In theory, the wine should be ok as over the week, i have saved 8 points however, the chicken kebab is not! (Ok, so it was grilled and on pitta..which is better than a large donner and chips which is what i normally would have had..but still!!:()

Also, I am off to my hometown (Wolverhampton) this afternoon and will be there until tea time tomorrow..whenever i go down, its the norm to spend the sat night at my bro's with his OH and we order in take-way and have a few drinks. So..the plan is, to have a few vodka's with soda water and for food we will be going to the indian..I have decided to have the following and have pointed it at around 16pts..can anyone tell me if im right or completley wrong:

8x chicken tikka pieces (8) 1x poppadom (1.5) mint yoghurt sauce (2) salad (0) and half a naan bread (4.5)

Then we have sunday...I was thinking having my usual cereal for breakfast but will need to have some kind of convenience food for lunch..am i right in thinking a 6inch turkey sub from subway is around 7points??

My weigh in day is Tuesday..with all this crap eating and the fact it is my TOTM..dont think i am gonna like what the scales have to say this week!!

Sorry for the rambling guys, hope someone can help/advise with the above queries..

Thanks in advance..Lozzy x x
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Heya hunni i wouldnt worry to much youve been swimming 3 times and saved 8 points so u may even it out even if you STS or loose 1lb its better than putting it on keep going you may be suprised
I wouldnt have thought the chicken kebab would have been more than about 7 points last night... A pitta is about 4 chicken breast 2.5 and then if you had sauce or anything a few extra so wouldnt worry too much about that.
I quite often go a bit mad at weekends but then my weigh day isnt till thursday so get the whole week to make it back! Your indian choices sound good though. Maybe get a big side salad aswell to make sure your full and not tempted to pick at anyone elses more fatty choices! I have personally stopped weighing in at totm as I can gain seriously like 4 pounds with water retention! Too depressing! Its always gone plus some the next week though! :) have a fun trip and try not to worry too much and just enjoy yourself! You sound like you have it all worked out. And the subway points are about right too. Their chicken and club salad bowls are delicious and only 4 points too! X x x
awww, thanks for the replies girlies! It has made me feel a little better i must admit.

As i say, its the weekends that usually do me in..im v good during the week but all kind of goes to pot when Saturday comes around!

The other thing I worry about (which i know i prob shouldnt even be thinking about yet) is that when I do lose weight and have to lower my points, how i will manage. Im on 21 points at the moment and tend to save a few pts each day towards my drinking at weekends so that I dont feel guilty..but god knows what I will do when its gets lower:confused: Think maybe I need to focus on now..and stop being so negative..at the end of the day, if and when I reach my goal weight of 11 stone..,it will all be worth it, right? :D

Thanks again for your words of support, it really helps x x
I feel exactly the same as you the weekends are a killer! My WI in also Tuesday and I was waaay over my points last night and feel disappointed with myself but just have to draw a line under it still a few days to make up for it, your doing great and all the hard work and effort during the week will balance it out have a nice weekend :) xx
Thanks Lindsay!!:D It's nice to know I'm not on my own with the weekend thing..I always feel guilty about it but then i suppose i counter act that with what i would normally be eating (b4 starting WW) and its a definate improvement on that..also, i suppose (in "MY" head anyway) i think we shud have the occasional treats as it keeps u motivated..i know in the past that has been my downfall when i feel like im being deprived and cant have something..just like a typical rebel..i want it all the more!:eek:

Ooh so we both have Tuesday as the dreaded weigh in day? You will have to let me know how you get on..and vice versa! Have u joined the meetings or are you going it alone?? Hopefully we can support each other x x
Yes i know exactly what you mean demon alcohol also has a lot to answer for! lol

I have been on and off weight watchers for the last few years and have found it successful but since xmas those lbs have been creeping back on so I rejoined the meetings i know what to do but i just have zero willpower to go it alone! lol my first weigh in was last week.

I'm Tuesday 6pm how about you? We can be weigh in buddies! :) lol xx
join my club my weigh day is a saturday morning i do it at home thou so as i know saturday and sunday is hard for me so if i do go slightly over i have all week to make up for it ;);)
Thanks guys :eek:

Well I am just doing it by myself and I weigh in at home first thing Tuesday morning, this week will be my 3rd weigh in.. so far these are the results i have had:

Starting Weight: 13 stone 12 Ilbs :eek:
First WI: -2.5Ilbs
Second WI: -3.5Ilbs

So 6Ilbs in 2 weeks..I was really very pleased with that! Woud be over the moon if I could lose another 3 but as u know from my downfalls this last week, im likely to STS...just 1Ilb would be fab as that would be total loss of half a stone in 3 weeks! Wish me luck peeps!

Awww yeh, i like the idea of being weigh in buddies :eek: Lots of luck to all of us for the next one x x
You have the same goal as me too hun! 11stone! Last time I was that weight I was in a size 10-12 and was quite happy with myself. Lets get there together!! Im 12.1 I think now and was just on 14 when I started,so another stone to go! Hopefully by mid may but we shall see. Enjoy your weekend hun. XXx
Hi there Billiebob!

Ooh yeh, we have the same starting weight and goal weight :) OMG, big congrats on the weight loss so far, thats fantastic!! Will be over the moon when I get below 13 stone..I have another half stone to make that happen! you have done so well in such a short time, go you!!

Can i be cheeky and ask what your secret is?? lol. Are you exercising aswell, or just sticking to your points allowance?? Weigh in day for me is Tuesday..what day is yours hun??

Hope to stay in touch with you over the next few months..you are my inspiration :) x x
Hello hun!
Aww thanks, how sweet are you?! I dont think ive ever been anyones inspiration before! Ha :)
Yeah we should def stay in touch and support each other, we have the same goal and everything!
I dont exercise at all really I have been really ill the last two years(i am ok now:)) so I get tired really easy.
I just really stick to my points and spread them out dead even over the day. Like I have oats so simple for breakfast then about 11 a banana or special k bar, about 4 points for lunch like soup and salad or small jacket spud and tuna with a yoghurt, then fruit or 2 ryvita with cheese triangle at 3 then a dead healthy tea with loads of veg and either fresh fish, chicken, lamb steaks, low fat sausage etc followed by sugar free jelly or skinny cow icecream or 2 milky way then somethin little like 1.5points about 9. So im never hungry! I also drink loads of water. I cook everything from scratch instead of ready meals so that prob helps! Then after being so good all week ill have enough points saved to treat myself to a bottle of wine and a takeaway at the weekend and its so worth it you enjoy it loads more!
I hope this helps a bit and I am not rambling on! Ha ha!
Oh and I weigh in thursday night!
X x x
Hiya Hun

Sorry to hear you have been ill..but great news that its over with now! You didnt ramble dont worry, thats helped actually..I will see how i get on tomorrow with the scales and if its bad news, I may try and give your way a whirl! I have heard ppl say that eating small and often is the key and you seem to have got it working well for you..so maybe thats something I could try next week if the result isn't so good!

With me having 21 points at the moment, my general rule is to use approx 3pts for breakfast, 4pts for dinner, 9pts for tea and 2/3pts on snacks so that im left with atleast 2pnts a day to carry over for that wonderful drink and take-away treat of a weekend!

You are absolutely right about appreciating the treats now though hun..before, I would have had a take-away, ordered far too much, scoffed it down and not even give a second thought to how many calories etc were going in my mouth! This weekend when I had the indian, I really enjoyed it plus I felt good because I had stuck to the healthier options and at the end didnt feel so full i couldnt move. I find its something to look forward to aswell throughout the week and that keeps me motivated!

That said...I am having a rather lazy day today. Would normally go swimming on a monday morning but had a really bad nights sleep and feeling quite tired so will go tomorrow instead!

See...and you thought you could ramble..i am unstoppable when i get started! lol :)...ok, so i will be back on this post tomorrow to let you know how i've got on with my WI...eek! Awww, i love it that I have someone to keep in touch with now and its great that we can support each other! Speak soon hunni x x
Thanks sweet! How did you get on with Saturday WI?? Ive only just noticed you are from the West Mids..whereabouts do u live hun?? x x
Hey lozzy! Sorry im only just getting back to you. Been at the hospital all day, just for scans and stuff they have to keep an eye on me. Coincidence that it was today when I mentioned bein ill yesterday! Anyway I had to fast for 8 hours before hand thats including no drinks at all untill 5.20pm. I swear to god by the time we got out of there I could have eaten my mum! Ha ha. Got in the car and knocked back 2 bottles of water straight away was so thirsty! Then got a hot and sour soup on my Way home to have whilst tea was cooking I was so hungry!!
Then I attempted to watch my soaps and fell asleep on the couch and just woke up now when the boyf got in from the match! Ill be up all night now. Grr.
Anyway good luck with your weigh in let me know how you get on ill be on here all day in work tomoro. Hee hee. Hard worker! ;)
Fingers crossed for you!
Love, jo.xx
Hey Jo!

How u doing today?? Hope you managed 2 get a good nights sleep last night and were'nt up all night as dreaded?

Bloody hell girl, that 8 hrs of fasting doesnt sound too great..but arent you good going for the soup..i would have probably had a chocalate and crisps for the convenience.... and pure greed of course! lol. The comment about eating ur mum cracked me up :)

Well, its good news my lovely..just hopped on the scales and have lost 1.5Ibs, yay! Am v pleased..I have officially lost just over half a stone in 3 weeks now..if i keep at it could well be a stone in a few weeks..that would be ace! Its funny tho, but i really cant tell any difference yet really..were you the same hun? When did you start to notice?? Im thinking after a stone maybe then??

So, other than the hospital, how was ur weekend sweet? x x
WELL DONE YOU!!!! See I told you you could still lose after having a mini blow out!!! Aww you must be made up!!! :O)Im ok ta hun, just had to have my "back to work chat" with my manager, honestly its like school this place he is now sitting next to me so I am taking ages typing this!! ha ha. I'm like an undercover minimins spy!! Weekend was good, me and Ben (the boyf) did our garden saturday with the help of my mum, then we had a chinese and a drinky in the night and watched that piers morgan thing on kym marsh. Then Sunday we went to his Mums for mothers day with all his family for a roast. They were all having lamb which was dead fatty so she had done me a chicken breast and some mediterranean veg which was nice of her!! I hadnt seen them for a while and they were all saying how different I looked, I can only in the last few weeks notice it myself!! Ben says it all the time but he's a real sweety so will say anything to make me feel better!! Was your weekend good??I am starving today though!!! Off to fine some elevenses!well done again chick!!! xxx
lol, the undercover spy! It does sound like school tho..bloody hell, you spend all those years being treated like a child and told off at school..why is it we think when we r adults and go to work, we will be treated any differently..its just pants!(haha..just read that back and its sounds so childish). Ive actually been out of work myself since December when I was made redundant, boo :-( but have FINALLY found a job which im starting in 2 weeks...am so looking forward to earning my own money again. Like you, I have a sweetie for a boyfriend (Liam) and he's been really supportive while ive been out of work..he's a little gem, bless him :)

So yeh, this weekend was top..I went to the midlands and spent it with my family which was nice..had my indian on Saturday night and a few cheeky vodka's :) Sunday was a bit of a shitter though with it being Mothers day..I lost my mom last year, she was only 55 and it was all very sudden, still trying to get my head round it as it doesnt feel real..so, this was my first mothers day without her which was hard..but having Liam and keeping busy with the family kept my mind off it to a degree,

Anyway, back to happier stuff...yes, i am well chuffed with the loss again this week..im just hoping it will continue like this for the next few weeks to get me to a stone off, that would be fab :)

Oh and another thing, I commented on your post yesterday to say big WELL DONE for your 3lbs loss, that is amazing girly..see, this is why u are my inspiration :) got a bit confused tho as didnt know if our conversations had crossed over the time you did your weigh in?? What day is it again that you WI? Sorry hunni, think uv already told me once but have a memory like a goldfish at times, lol

Speak soon chick x x x
Aw I am really sorry to hear about your mum honey. That must be so awful. :( and here I am banging on about mothers day I am so sorry chick! Sounds like we both had a terrible year last year. Know what you mean about the boyf having to support you financially I work for the government and once you have been off sick for more than 6 months you go onto nil pay so I wasnt getting anything and if I am ever off now I dont get paid and I am still off quite a bit cos I pick up infections etc dead easy so some months my wages are like half so poor ben has to pay all the bills! Bless him.
Congrats on your new job though chick! That must be a relief!!
I have come home on I half day holiday cos I was fed up! Me and ben work together aswell as live together (must be love! Ha) and he was taking a half day to go and watch the boring horse racing so I took myself off to newlook and got a lovely new blazer and a little nautical top. Its my birthday next week so ben said he will give me the money for them. :)
Home now and cant decide what to eat!
I weigh thursdays at half 6 at the meeting!! Ha ha. Speak soon hun. Sorry again for putting my foot in it!
X x x

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