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Think Im gonna quit


Wants to be a yummy mummy
I have been going back and forth in my mind over whether to quit Atkins.

The reasons for wanting to quit are that I am not enjoying ANY of the food I am eating anymore.
I feel like the constipation etc is not good.
Its costing me loads
I cant face the thought of any of the food.
My husband is not liking it and wants me to quit.
I dont like all the fat etc

I am worried tho that I will pile on weight really fast if I quit and come out of ketosis, does that happen?

Also its yet another diet failure to add to a loooooooooooong list :(

Just so confused.x
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xx Cathy xx

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Sorry you're feeling down about it hun. Its your choice at the end of the day but just gunna let you know that after being in Ketosis a while you do seem to lose interest in food sometimes as you won't be feeling hunger like you used to. I know, I'm the same I've really not felt like having anything at all today as there was nothing I fancied but at the same time I'm not craving carbs either I've just lost interest in food.

If you do decide to come off atkins I would build up your carb intake gradually for least impact on blood sugar levels and to minimise any gains x

xx Cathy xx

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Wants to be a yummy mummy
the weird thing is, ive only been on it a week and a half and I already cant really imagine eating "normal" food again!
I think what has put me off is that in week one I lost 5.5 lbs and then the next day I gained 0.5 lbs and have stayed at that ever since! So in 12 days I have lost 5lbs, which isnt that great is it??
Actually, 5lbs in 12 days is great going as the medically recommended healthiest weekly weight loss is 1-2lbs. Perhaps you would be better doing a different plan like WW or SW where you don't have to exclude food types and just follow the plan?
Whetever you decide, I wish you luck and hope you find something that suits you xx


Mines a V&T Please
get a plastic bags and put a bag of sugar in ie 2.2lbs you have lost over two of them try walking around a while with soon get heavy, go for a walk around the block holding the bag.Better off than on


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I know what you mean hun, I haven't thought about quitting, but I have felt demoralised and demotivated this past week. At the end of the day 5lb loss in 12 days is really quite good. I have also not had a great week this week, due TOTM, so don't think that helps with water retention. I also agree that atkins is slightly more expensive - but then you are eating fresh produce, which in the long term is better for you. Maybe upping the exercise slightly and reducing some of the fat will not only give the weight-loss a boost but also make you fancy food again. Why not start from tomorrow, Monday and really go all guns blazing for a week and see how you go. If, by next Monday you seriously can't be dealing with it, then quit. I hope it's just a blip for you, hun. :)


Carbs are Evil
Sorry you're feeling that way hun, what about trying it for another week or so? Then the weight might come off. I've stopped myself from weighing everyday otherwise it would drive me crazy! x


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I nearly quit this weekend as i've been terribly naughty this weekend and put on 4lbs by eating the way i used to. Then i thought about my losses on this diet towards ww in the same about of time and it soon gave me the motivation to carry on. I know i should be able to get those 4lbs off by weigh in day which is in three days if i just start again afresh tomorrow. My advice would be to stick with it. If it was easy we'd all be thin and wouldn't have these problems. It's hard but all worthwhile in the end. Xxx
im sorry but i could open an atkins weekly meeting im so bloody positive about it lol

i HAVE however been on diets that i have struggled with and quit in the end, Atkins however is the one for me,

Whatever choice you make, make sure its your choice and good luck xx

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
get a plastic bags and put a bag of sugar in ie 2.2lbs you have lost over two of them try walking around a while with soon get heavy, go for a walk around the block holding the bag.Better off than on
I use an old savings account and I pay £1 in for every lb I lose then when I get to goal there should be £80 plus in the account for me to reward myself with.

Think you need to see physically what you are losing. Whatever diet you do the first week is always the biggest loss as its mainly water but the losses that follow are fat. 5lb is a fantastic loss and you will have weeks where you don't lose anything or even gain (personally I'm on week 3 and I'm waiting for the scales to go down rather than up!) but you need to just hang in there and they will come x


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Well folks I have got on the scales this morning and have gained 2lbs again! In a day where I hardly ate anything!
So I think thats gonna be it for me, I dont feel like its working for me. Thank you all sooooo much for all your help and support over the last few weeks, I really thought this was gonna be the diet for me and one I could stick to, but its not worked out like that. Ill be over on weight watchers, huge amounts of good luck to you all over here. xxx
Well folks I have got on the scales this morning and have gained 2lbs again! In a day where I hardly ate anything!

you are not eating enough then , i eat loads on this diet

i was like you , i lost , i gained , i sts , was getting fed up , but it will work for you , your body is getting used to it

good tip is too eat fat , like the fat on a steak or some mayo , to burn fat you need to eat it

the scales can lie , you should measure yourself , i have dropped a dress size but hardly lost much

you should give it longer , you WILL see results xxxxx


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I'm so sorry your feeling down about it hun,

My first advice would be to eat a lot more, look at the recipe sticky to get some more inspiration so you have a varied diet and dont get bored oh and dont weigh every day because you can gain and lose up to four pound in a day from water weight alone and if it's a gain it will dishearten you.

I only lost 5.5 pound in the first two weeks. I've been losing about a pound to a pound and a half every week since which isn't a great loss but it is a loss and it's more than I've lost on any other diet/eating plan.

I also know how hard it is when your loved ones dont support you and want you to quit. I've been there myself and nearly quit because of it but in the end I had to say thanks for your opinion but I'm ignoring you because this is for me.

If you think it's not for you then try something else hun because it's your choice but please make sure you do it for the right reasons and not because someone else doesnt like it.

Good luck with whatever you decide xx

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