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think ive blown it !


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if I get a craving for something chocolatey I make a scan bran cake, you could scoff the whole lot for 9 syns, guilt free.

As said before you haven't spoiled it. Its only 1 day. draw the line under it, get back on the wagon and rid your house of the evil little chocolate bars

Good luck xx


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You definitely have not blown it. You can start back on track straight away. I went away for the weekend last week must have had 100's and 100's of syns seriously in 2 days but was 100% for the other 5 days and still managed to loose 1.5lbs! Don't let a tiny slip up ruin your whole week. You can do it hun!
Hey, everyone has a day.. I'm allowed a "free" Sat. within limits on my diet... but for some reason today, I HAD to have a fairy cake, 3 large cookies, pasta and 2 glasses of wine... I feel like I'm going to pop... :( we ALL have those days, we just have to go to bed and start again tomorrow. Chin up. :)


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You have only 'blown it' if you decide to pack it all in and stop trying after today! If you've massively exceeded your syns take it as a flexisyn day, draw a line under it and see tomorrow as a new day! If you've totted up your syns and they come to in the region of 30, you can still pull it back by reducing your syns each day for the rest of the week! Try not to have an 'all or nothing' approach- it's all fixable- every good day you have counts towards your losses! Just keep at it and never give up! X


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I have those days too. I try to stay in control as much as I can and always draw a line under it so the next day I can start again. Just remember that this certainly does not mean that you have blown it!

I'm sure it'll all be fine x

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