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Think my bra has grown!!


No and I'm starting to get really annoyed. This probably isnt what you want to hear, but I'm starting to look stupid now. Bras still fit - although could squeeze into a smaller back size maybe, but I now have a fairly flat stomach, thinner hips and these big stupid F cups.

What size are your bras? If not ebaying them I would consider taking them off you?
Although my cup hasn't got any smaller my back has. i'm now on the tightest clip but when thats no longer possible i'm going to have to spend another small fortune on over shoulder boulder holders. which slightly miffs me because I had just bought a load from M&S a few months before I started CD.


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Mine have, it feels by about half - mind they were huge to begin with (GG). All my bras are on the last back clasp with the straps pulled as far as they can go and I am working my way through the ones I had pushed to the back of the drawer as they were too small. Husband is starting to complain a little but I can really feel the benefit on my back.

Don't think I continue being this happy if they continue to shrink at this rate though!
I am only a b cup and whenever I loose weight they shrink too, and yes my hubby notices straight away:sigh:
Its weird - as mine are pretty large (was a 36G/GG) I thought it would be the first part of me to shrink, but so far I'm moved down a back size but I'm still a firm G.

I really wanted them to get a little smaller too as I hate the attention (usually from older men!)... Sorry, don't think thats what you wanted to hear lol

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My bras have "grown" 2!! I was a 40DD - now I'm 36C (prob a smaller cup but wont admit it lol :) ) My OH not amused but he does like my new shaped bottom :kissass:
Mine have 'deflated' a little, but that is totally a good thing as all my sports bras were too small, putting me off exercise as I was putting on more and more weight!!
My boyf just pulls a sad face when I tell him I'm getting back into my smaller bars!! Even tho smaller is still a DD!!
Mine have definitely shrunk! Was only a D but I can see them disappearing...gutted! x
Glad mine have shrunk a bit, was a 38FF, now a 34GG. Whats that all about? I have certainly gone down in cup size, but it only seems to be showing in my back at the moment I am definately looking very deflated though. Can cope with them being smaller, but just not the sag factor. Oh to be 18!
Well said, passionflower. Although I'd be happier to be skinny with a bust! x

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