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  1. binibikini

    binibikini supposed to be working!

    Hi everyone,

    So I was thinking a bit more about Sunshine Singer's thread about her bestfriend's concern about diet messageboards such as these - and while I do not agree with her particular concern i.e. it forces others to lose weight etc - for me there IS a little problem with messageboards....

    This is strictly my own experience so please no one take offense, but whenever I join a group for a program I start with it begins to feel too much like a DIET or a PROGRAM that I am 'on' and so logically, will eventually be 'off'.

    Once it begins feeling like that my mind and body just want to rebel and be 'normal' again.

    I know this is probably my own f-ed up behaviour patterns :) - while I dont intend on coming off this board as I genuinely find inspiration and knowledge and support here - I do find that relaxing a bit more about CD or whatever program helps me - like think of a messageboard as a community of lovely people on their own journeys and me being relaxed and normal being on my VLCD journey.

    I dont know if that makes ANY sense... what do you think??
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  3. Watergirl

    Watergirl Rock Solid

    I can understand that point of view definitely.
    I think initially it can feel like that, but once you get to know people and there are people at a similar stage to you it changes.

    I now see this just as a place to check in with friends and the CD thing is almost secondary. Right now I can do CD on my own because my head is in the right place, so I come here to see how others are doing.
  4. Shopaholic

    Shopaholic is back to finish the job

    I think we all have to do what we must to get through this journey. CD isn't the easy option and so much of this diet is won in the head.

    I think this site is invaluable in the support, encouragement and inspiration it gives. I for one would be lost with out it!
  5. binibikini

    binibikini supposed to be working!

    You know I completely agree with you there. That's how I am trying to see this post - different from every other time I've joined a community to help me along.
    I'm the kind of person who works best on my own but I've loved seeing everyone's amazing journeys on here, and that's the reason I will be staying :)
  6. EllieMellie

    EllieMellie Silver Member

    I think you make perfect sense. Psychologically, the best way to make someone want something is probably to tell then that they can't have it!
    I think the difference for me here is that everyone is in the same boat and incredibly supportive. No one has ever said 'you can't do that' - it's more about supporting me to make my own decisions.
    Good luck with your journey - sorry you didn't like the porridge! xx
  7. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Gold Member

    I think you speak a lot of sense, I think that being overweight is much more about pyschology than food, but have just pulled a sentence from your post if I might?

    The thing is, with CD, you most definitely WILL be off the diet and sooner than with other diets.
    The way I see it, is that this os a diet and thats all it is... CD is not a 'way of life' diet, However what it does do for me, is keep me motivated with these lovely fast losses whilst taking food out of the equation whilst i work on the head stuff...
    When I come off this diet, I will go back to eating normally, its just that before my diet, I defintiely wasn't eating normally or I wouldn't have got this fat, so I am learning what is normal, and then I will go back to eating as I should :)

    I think that many of us get fat without realising that all the extra food we consume, isn't normal or healthy.... it has just become normal because when we repeat something that often, we forget that there is a different path....

    So for me (and this is only my opinion for what it's worth) I have had to look really closely in my head and work out exactly what is and what isn't normal....
    For me, it has taken a while to accept that several takeaways a week, and sweeties on tap, and loads of junk food and processed food, just isn't normal....
    It's hard as it means turning everything that is comfortable to me on it's head, and that is really scary, but even more scary now for me is staying fat and uncomfortable for the rest of my days :)

  8. broxi

    broxi ButtErFly

    Wow Tillyfloss, well said. I agree totally. I need this forum to do this diet. But this is only a diet. I know I need to sort my thinking out regarding food so that I use it properly as so far it has controlled me. CD is a tool to get me where I want to be physically but I need a lot more to get my head round healthy attitudes to food. I'm reading Overeaters Anonymous books which are teaching me a lot.

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