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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Hala, 21 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. Hala

    Hala Member

    ok before anyone thinks I'm quitting diet I'm just thinking about changing CD

    I'm step two

    for the first week I felt a little bit dizzy but that's it, now I feel depressed and angry all the time, I started to think CD is not for me. everyone is getting annoyed at my behaviour and most importantly I don't feel happy I just feel sad all the time. I've tried diets before and some of them actually worked but I've never felt like this. so I'm thinking about starting a diet where I'll eat fixed amount of calories and maybe throw some cambridge products in it since it's low calories and I already paid for them. however I started to lose some weight and I'm afraid that if I changed the diet my body will not response well to it because it's already used on CD
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  3. Lizwhite29

    Lizwhite29 Gold Member

    Hi, sorry you not feeling too good. How long have you been on the diet for and how much have you lost?

    Total loss on cambridge - 2 stone 11lb :)
  4. Hala

    Hala Member

    I'm on the third week and I lost 8.5 lb
  5. Lizwhite29

    Lizwhite29 Gold Member

    No diet is worth making you feel like that. I felt a bit down at the start but not as bad as your explaining. If you stop the diet suddenly you will put on weight I stopped for 2 weeks and gained at least 6lb, stopped weighing myself after 10 days. Maybe a few weeks on step 2 or 3 may help you? Do you have much to lose? Or if you feel this is completely not for you and you would be ok with the gain swap to weight watchers or slimming world. Obviously the weight loss would be a lot slower but nothing is worth feeling unhappy. Just make sure you don't think sod it and binge then do nothing as you'll be back to square one. You need to focus on why your doing it and break it down, I broke my weeks down into 2 week blocks as 12 weeks at the start seemed way too long. I'm now in week 15 and only a bit more to lose. Good luck in whatever you decide. X

    Total loss on cambridge - 2 stone 11lb :)

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