Thinking about changing my goal weight


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Has anybody else changed their goal weight or is thinking about it?

I think I need a higher goal. Currently it's 10 stone 4, but I am thinking of upping it to 11 stone.

10 4 seems like such a long way off!

But then again I was trying clothes on yesterday in Asda and I still have rolls and rolls on my tummy and I think just a 2 stone further loss isn't enough (13 stone 2.6 on home scales this morning)

I'm sooooo confused!!!!!!!!!!
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I havent really thought about a goal weight i'd just love to be back in size 10 clothing!

Although i would have to be 10st 10lb to have a healthy bmi of 25 x


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My original goal was 10st 10lbs but i have upped it to 11st. If i still want to change it then then i will but i think it's right for me - it's seems a manageable weight to maintain and is slap bang in the middle of my healthy BMI range so i have a little wiggle room :) I don't see any harm in changing your goal and i definitely think you need to consider what would be feasible to maintain easily when you've finished the plan. Set it too low and you'll struggle to keep it there. Set it a little higher and then you can decide when you reach it! Although my goal is 11, i'm also using that as my indicator to stop me from putting back on weight in the long term. If i find myself at say 11.5 then i will be extra cautious that week to pull it back in check so i don't have to constantly gain and lose the same stone or more!


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Have a play with your BMI figures anything below 25 is "normal" so that should give you a reasonable "upper" figure. You can always do some adjustments when you get near. My goal has always been 150lbs - 10st 10, but my CDC wants it to be 11st7 and is really reluctant to let me move it. I would rather set it at its lowest and adjust upwards when I get near - but that is what motivates me - We have now compromised on 11 (but as far as I'm concerned its still 150 - I'll just have to finish off without her!). She says she is 2 inches shorter than me and that she looks to skinny at 10st7 so i will look to skiiny at 11 stone. But she has a much bigger frame than me - size 7 1/2 feet compared with my 5 1/2, her wirsts are 7 1/2 inches compared with my just under 6. My mum is 2 inches taller than me and is a size 10 at 9 1/2 stone, so it really does depend on your frame and what you are happy with.

If moving it about will help then go for it !


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I agree with the other posts.

A numerical weight plucked from a chart when we start is very abstract and can start feeling "a long way off" as you say. It is very hard to stay motivated towards that one point also.

I have minigoals... each time I reach one I set another one.. usually based around an item of clothing. I am trying not to focus on the numbers so much so I don't get so caught up in them (as I don't want to be ruled by numbers when I go back to conventional food). Plus I have no idea what I would look like or feel like at those weights so it doesn't feel like a real target as I can't visualise it. I can however visualise myself in the next set of jeans I want to get into :)


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I have always said I would love the scales to show me at 9 stone something, so my aim was 9 stone 13.5 ;) but I know I am a size 10 at 11 stone and would be over the moon with that x