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Thinking about Du-kanning...


Just started on minimins a week ago. I've been CC'ing and previously I was on Lipotrim (few years ago). I've heard of Dukan and I went on the site to get my true weight which it came out as 14st 7lb.

Can someone explain what my "true weight" means?

What is Dukan? I've heard a lot of people on about yogurt and bran and then meat! Is that basically it during the "attack" stage?

Should I invest in training on the site? It seems pretty expensive but I like the idea....


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Firstly, hi and welcome!

Your true weight is the weight Dr D thinks you can easily maintain based on your past weight history (lightest and heaviest) and on how many diets you've previously tried, bone size, etc, etc (questionnaire on his site). It may or may not give you a 'healthy' BMI or be the weight you want to be, but apparently it's the correct one for you. I wouldn't bother personally with the training - we're much more help! Up to you though, Jo has done it, so will know what it entails.

As for the rest, read the book before starting is the best advice. Attack is the hardest part, I find. You'll really miss veg while that is going on. I did 3 days, depends on how much you have to lose. You can eat loads (not just prawns and cottage cheese - DON't read the recent Daily Mail article which is very inaccurate about this diet) and the oatbran is 1 1/2 tbs during attack, 0% dairy is unlimited, lots of meat/fish/eggs (two yolks per day) allowed - the food list increases once on cruise as does the bran allowance.

Will post later with a more detailed list of allowed items during attack. No time just now...


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I wouldn't advise that anyone starts a diet like Dukan three weeks before Christmas, but since you're already on Lipotrim/CC (?? Cambridge?), Dukan will be easier over the holidays than shakes, I'd have thought...).

Having been coached myself on the French site, I'd not recommend it but I would recommend buying the book. It's only a fiver or so these days on Amazon and although you'll find a lot of info on this forum, the "science" is explained much better in the book...

See here (£6.50):

and the recipe book, if anyone's interested, is now about the same price...
The Dukan Diet Recipe Book: Amazon.co.uk: Pierre Dukan: Books
Thanks for the replies.

I thought the "true weight" still seems a little high but it makes sense that your history should be taken into account. I could NEVER see myself as being one of these guys weighing 10st!

CC is calorie counting, after doing lipotrim and then gaining back nearly all the weight I don't think I'd want to try TFR again.

I'd definately leave it till after christmas before I start though! I want to be able to have christmas eve and day off!!
Good that give you lots of time (ha i know no one has free time this time of year) to read the book and have a think about whether this diet can fit your lifestyle, if you like the food etc etc

Have a look at our menu thread and the recipe thread.

The diet is (officially) no alcohol during the first 2 stages which can be very hard for socialising, depending on your lifestyle. Eating out can be difficult at times. And theres little in the way of instant/quick food.

As youre someone who won the diet, lost the maintenence (there are many here for that reason) previously I'd say take a look at the conso diaries too. They give you an idea of what you need to do to keep your weight stable after the loss.

We're very lucky to have a few sharing that info at the moment and its increadably useful/hopeful to have.

Good luck and hope we see you here in the new year (no need to disappear before starting though ;) )


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I've only been on Dukan less than two weeks but I've found it to be really positive so far. You don't really feel like you're denying yourself that much to be honest, and you certainly don't go hungry which is a nice change when you're on a diet. I've done weightwatchers and slim fast and jason vale's juice diet in the past, and lost a lot on all of them, but it's easy to slip back to old habits and regain the weight. I like that this diet is a long term plan so you feel motivated to keeping up with it as you know that one day you'll be be able to maintain your weight loss easily.

I would definitely recommend reading the book first, the science behind it all makes a lot of sense, and it gears you up for getting started.


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and I'm sure there'll be a lot of us having a re-start post holidays so we can all be miserable getting into ketosis together in January! <did I say that?!)

Stick around though - feel free to join in anywhere - get your menus sorted, your oatbran in - have a go at making the galette perhaps - most of us had trouble initially...

and we're a nosey lot so anything you wanna tell us, we won't tell anyone else!

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