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Thinking about going it alone?


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I have been attending classes for 4.5 months now and am seriously considering knocking them on the head and going it alone. I'm finding the weekly expense difficult to fit into my budget, my leader is pretty dreadful and hardly any one ever stays to meetings so Image therapy doesn't help or motivate me much. I can't get along to any other local meetings as they are at bad times for me and I often I can't even stay for more than WI so I'm basically paying £5 a week for someone else to weigh me. As far as I'm concerned, the only benefit I will miss out on is the online syns directory but I guess I could get round that by buying a food directory and using the syns forum on here. And I would get to do a morning WI instead of evening so no restricting food from 4pm on a Tuesday!! :D

BUT I'm scared of doing it 'alone' as it were as I think someone else weighing me motivates me. My husband does it with me and I have support both here and on another forum so I think I would be OK but I've struggled to do it alone before. I would hope that now I'm 1.5 stone down I have the motivation to continue (I've always started from scratch at home before) but I just don't know!

So I know there are lots of people on here doing it at home, does it work for you?? What would be your top tips for staying on track?
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I stopped going to meetings because I wasn't really doing it! I couldn't afford it if I wasn't putting everything into it.
I really missed the online food directory too at first when I stopped going to meetings but tbh you can just google anything and find the syn value and if you have support/advice from online forums too that's a bonus.
Good luck whatever you decide. x


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morning hun I am also thinking of doing wi at home.....I have all the books etc and sometimes I stay and sometimes I dont depending on if I have my little girl with me. Would be interested to hear from other home WI's too xx
Ultimately only you know what works for you. A few years ago I did SW alone at home, buying the magazine and using the internet to help myself. I did well, managed to shift 3st of the 7st I was aiming to lose. But then I let it slip and gave up :sigh:

I now go to meetings and personally want to stick to that, even if the image therapy often descends into gossip and doesn't always help!! For me, going to the group has helped because it breaks my diet into 7 day chunks. Before, losing so much weight seemed so daunting that it just felt like an endless challenge. Having a weigh in and chance to reflect every 7 days is good for me. I also suspect if I'd gone to the group first time round, I wouldn't have given up quite so easily.

However, without doubt it can be done alone if you think you can handle it, but only you know if you can do it without weekly support and guidance. Either way, don't give up, you've done great!!


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You'll never be going it alone as long as you're logging on to minimins. I find this place invaluable, particularly since I made a food diary and got a few firm friends/followers on there :) If you haven't got one that maybe an idea :) x


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Doing it from home works for me.... this time, and I think that's because this time I have my bf's support. I stopped going to my nearest for many reasons, one of them being that the class was so popular that it could take over an hour to weigh everyone and then she didn't have enough time to deal with everyones queries, nor was there enough time to really go into the body magic. Plus, I'm not very good at making friends and every week was just a reminder of how crap I am with people.

Everyone is different, and as others have said, only you can know if you can and the only way to find out is to give it a go.

By the way, if your weight falls into the obese range and you're on a low income, your doctor/health nurse may well be able to give you free vouchers to Slimming World.

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