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Thinking about joining...but have a question...

I've done WW in the past, but I exercise a lot now, and am worried about bonus points and being hungry. I know you're only supposed to eat 12 extra points.

Does anyone know what happens if you exercise a lot? For example, I run regularly and taking this week for example, I would have earned around 50 points. If I only ate 12, I'd end up bingeing. Anyone have any ideas about this?
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If you're worried about being hungry, you really need to make positive choices about what you eat. Eat lots of filling zero point veg, don't snack on things high in point that won't fill you up for long, eat lots of filling meals, and you should manage ok on your points, even with all the exercise :)
I'm a bit like you, run 3 times a week (training for 2nd 10k) and cycle or gym 2 times a week and I was a bit worried about feeling hungry.
I tend to save my activity points up for one day as generally I know one day is going to be a bad one, for instance this Sat am going to a bbq, so have saved up my 12 extra points for then.
As for hunger, like the other peeps said, try and fill up on filling foods and drink lots of water. As soon as I come back from exercise I eat a banana within about 30 minutes and this also seems to do the trick :)
Good luck :)
How long have you been exercising since before ww or after?
You know our bodies get used to the exercise so we have to change it or do more to help us lose weight?
I did 3x zumba classes and 1combat aerobics class thus week and loads of walking and never have my AP and I'm only on 21 points with 4 stone to lose.I think it's unwise to just exercise to get extra food as like everyone says you shouldn't be hungry on ww if you have the right foods , if all the exercise is making you really hungry maybe it's best to cut it down, binging usually comes from emotions?
We have to do a certain amount of steps before you can count AP too xx
Sorry just reread how much running are you doing 50 AP is a huge amount?
I know my ww pedometer plus worked out me doing 30 mins running on treadmill was 4 AP x

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