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Thinking about trying Cambridge diet

Well I am quite new to this forum and have been on Weightwatchers for about four months and have done terrible. About 3lbs altogether. So I'm thinking about Cambridge but I think if I don't have the willpower for weightwatchers will I be any better on Cambridge. I know it's up to me but has anybody got any thoughts. Thanks very much.
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Hello.. I tried weightwatchers and I didnt do very well either but I have been doing Cambridge for 3 weeks now and I find it so much better than WW. I have so much more support from my consultant which I think makes it easier especially as its one to one so it sort of motivates me more to not let her down too if that makes sense!! This forum has also helped soo much as everyone is in the same position and lots of support is offered! I hope you can figure something out :)


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I did succeed once on WW and put all the weight back. So I guess the talk about "healthy" diets and no weight gain are just bullshit. A started ww over and over again and NEVER succeeded anymore. Now I'm on CD and I love it, really. I found my diet. It also keeps me away from my worst ennemy : sugar ;)
I don't know if CD is for you, that depends so much on everyone's body and personality, but I can tell your for sure it might be worth to give it a try.
Thanks for your thoughts. I am going to give it a go but I'm away for a few days in a week so I think I'll wait till I get back before I start.
Ive also done ww successfully twice and the third time i tried i messed about the whole of this yea.. until the 2st june and i took the plunge and here i am officially 15lb lighter!!

I LOVE this diet, although i will say you need willpower as its just too expensive to cheat.

I am going to work my way up the plans now for the next 5 weeks and intend to return to ww when i get back from holidays to lose whatever weight is left and then maintain...

Good luck x
Hi Mary MZ welcome to the forum, I also tried weight watchers and failed but I have been sticking to this diet and am loosing the weight. It can be a chore to stick to at times but there is tons of support from your CDC and all the amazing people on this forum. If you stick to the paln you will deffinately lose weight. :)

Good luck on the diet x


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I started ww earlier this year, and I loved it, but found I had so much weight to lose, I felt Id be on it forever, so I switch to cambridge, and am so pleased I did. Yes, it's expensive, but I personally see it as my priority after my rent. (I dont have kids) And in 3 weeks Ive lost 20lbs, compared to the 8lbs I lost in about 2 months on ww. Once Ive lost what I want to lose, I plan of maintaining with the ww plan.
Not that I go out for meals that often, but do you just go for the meal and have a day off, or don't you go for a meal. Problems!!! And I'll really miss tea and coffee with milk. but I've more or less decided to give it a try in a couple of weeks, but I'm not using that as an excuse to eat lots. I'm carrying on with cutting down and weightwatchers for the time being. Because so many times I've thought oh great off the diet for a while and then gone mad. This is a very long haul for me I've decided.
Getting into ketosis is the difficult bit, so I never have a day off, as I don't want to have to climb that particular mountain again! You could do SS+ and you can eat protein, which you could be a bit more flexible with and have some protein based meal if you went out. Also you could have coffee/tea with milk too.

I have chicken every day as my meal, and I put salt and a bit of mayo on it! Not that that's in the plan or anything, but it's fine. I also don't weigh my chicken and eat according to how I feel that day. Some days I just have a small plate, others I'll have two huge plates full! Anyway, it's not affected my weight loss. Also, I will have two cups of tea of an evening with skimmed milk, but the rest of the day I drink black coffee, which I love now. I always thought that there was no way I could drink black coffee, but honestly, I can't bear the thought of drinking coffee with milk in it any more!

I like Cambridge as it's a bit more flexible than LighterLife (and much cheaper) but it also has it's specific rules. I know that I bend them ever so slightly, but my weight loss is great and those little things I tweak help me stay on the diet and actually enjoy it. With LL I didn't eat a single thing for 20 weeks, so I know I have the willpower. Although when I did WW, I would have a 'weekend' off and then say I was getting back on the diet. It's so much easier to not have those treats on Cambridge, and the big losses also keep you motivated. That's not to say that people don't 'cheat' and eat carbs and stuff, as they do, but it's all down to personality I think. I'd give myself such a hard time if I 'broke' the diet, that I stick to it!

Definitely try it, you've nothing to lose. Oh, and someone commented about the cost - it's definitely not expensive to do as you won't be buying wine/takeaways/lunches in work, etc!
Just to add, that being in ketosis is fabulous as you don't feel the hunger and consequent obsession with food like you might experience while doing SW or WW!

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